Scenario when I got the laptop:

Laptop, 1 Harddrive, 4 partitions. It looks as follows in the Disk Management:
Disk 0: OEM1 Partition , Parimary Boot, Primary, OEM2
OS: Vista

Formated C: and installed windows 7. I wanted to Partition C: further, but I couldn't because I am limited to 4 partitions per drive which were used up with the stupid OEM partitions. So I deleted both OEM partitions and I now have 2 unallocated partitions plus C: and D:

Now I could just use those Unallcoated partitions, but they are only 10gb (OEM1) and 3gb(OEM2) in size. So I extended D: and it merged with OEM2. However, I can not extend C: or D: any further leaving me with OEM1 just sitting there wasting space and taking up a partition slot. How do I work around this?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!