I'll make this simple. Since we know Starcraft IS the greatest RTS (don't we?!) I'd like to hear opinions on WC3. How does it fare vs other RTS games as a competitive platform? Let me break down an introductory list:

Dawn of War 1 or 2?
Company of Heroes?
Supreme Commander?
Kohan 2?
Rise of Legends?
Command and Conquer?
Armies of Exigo?
Age of Empires III?

Armies of Exigo was an utterly fantastic game in my opinion and TOTALLY over-looked. Nothing original, but just a strong RTS product with wonderful gameplay.

We all know the criticisms of WC3. Big lumps of players just going from place to place with little macro. Stupid concepts like "upkeep" and POP limits that even make palsied tards LOL. The bad concept of heroes. The list goes on and on...

But, despite all that... it's still here. People are still playing the game, and a lot of them. Why? Is it just because it's a Blizzard game that was slapped together with at least some semblance of game play? Or maybe it's something else?

How does it compare and why does it still bare?