I've seen quite a few mouse sensor/button swapping threads in hw forum, with the most recent one being the "Franken mouse".

Currently I have an intellimouse optical 1.1, IME 3.0, MX 518, razer deathadder, salmosa and 2 Fatal1ty 2020s. I'm using the salmosa right now, but I would really love to swap the sensor from anyone of the other mice into a 2020, which I think has the best shape out of all the mice. The 2020 sensor degrades from mediocre to unplayable after 3 to 6 months' of usage. The buttons, although terrible in their own rights, are not nearly as bad as the crippled sensor.

For those who have experiences in mouse modding, is it possible to mod the 2020? The shape of the mouse is definitely a significant departure from the other ones, it's fat and short and possibly cramped with the big weight slot occupying the upper part of the mouse. I have doubts about whether the other mices' boards can fit in there. Replacing the buttons would also be a nice addition to a 2020, provided the sensor is new. Beyond that, I also have no experiences in modding electronics, I didn't even build my custom computer. If it can be modded, I will most likely take it somewhere and pay/ask other people to do it for me. What kind of places/people would be able to modify a mouse?