Marty is posting on the QUAKE Live forums:

Blood Run was built for Duel competition, but we're also enabling it for play in Free for All and Team Deathmatch.

Speaking of TDM, we used the QUAKE Live down-time last night, adding duel map Blood Run, to also make a change to the Team Deathmatch server configurations for higher skilled players.

We've had a number of requests to have weapon respawn times in Team Deathmatch set to 30 seconds. This creates gameplay that is difficult and frustrating for newer or lower skilled players, but we understand the value for players and teams that are higher skilled and particularly understand the nuances of TDM strategy and gameplay.
To accomodate both types of players, we've set our higher skill matches to use the requested 30 second weapon respawn times (these matches will be labeled 'pro TDM'), but left lower skill matches unchanged (these will continue to simply be labeled TDM).

This is good news ESR readers!