The second Stickrunners season is about to take off! The schedule is set to start on Sunday 19 April and finish on Sunday 17 May. It's only five match days because we noticed that it requires a lot of organization to keep things running smoothly. Since the exam period is starting in June, we'd like to finish in time. This means that we will only accept 18 teams in 3 divisions. We will look at the recent activity and time of registration to select the teams. Those who finished the previous season will automatically be accepted for the new one (except one perhaps, if all 19 teams wish to sign up). We are sorry that some will be disappointed, but we simply can't handle more in our free time. Good organization is what made last season so successful, we need to keep it manageable to continue providing a great league.

If you want to participate in this league check our site for more information!

Game: Quake 3 Quake 3 OSP/CTF 5on5
IRC channel: #Stickrunners
Homepage: Stickrunners
Servers: We will be using the same servers like last time, Netherlands XS4ALL.
GTV: Netherlands

We at Stickrunners really hope that you'll sign up, frag some dudes/dudettes, cap some flags and just have fun, see you soon!