Just a short news post to make people aware that stats are now back in QUAKE LIVE, they havent worked since the beta has been "open".
"We took the site down for about an hour today to implement changes that allow us to now re-enable most statistics reporting. The one element of stats that we are not re-enabling immediately is the specific data tied to each individual frag (i.e. what weapon was used, what items you were carrying, who you fragged, etc.). We do however intend to re-enable these frag specific stats very soon after evaluating back-end performance. The only side effects of this specific set of stats being disabled is that you won't see weapon specific frag counts in your statistics page or in the individual game details views, and we've temporarily hidden about 25 of our more than 80 awards - these 25 relate specifically to individual frag statistics. If you had earned an award (prior to us disabling stats) that is now hidden, when we start reporting those stats again, your award will re-appear and you won't need to re-earn it."
For the full announcement you can read the news on the QUAKE LIVE site.