Due to popular demand we have chosen to release the entire article at once earlier today as we feel people were getting tired with the waiting. This of course means you will be given quite a lot to read all at once about Magnus Olsson in Quake 3 and Quake Live as well as how he thinks the future of Quake looks like.

On top of that there are some general questions as well who deal with Quake and his short time in Team Fortress 2. Most of the events of 2008 are dealt with in detail and what he felt about his performance.

To close things off, this also means the competition will go live now with a total of five questions asked for you to figure out (some answers will be found in the interview somewhere and some will have to be found on the world wide web):

Week 1: How tall is Magnus "fox" Olsson (in cm)?
Week 2: Under which team did fox and proZaC play together in TDM?
Week 3: How many times did fox place top5 in all Quake IV 1on1 events he attended?
Week 4: What is the full name of Magnus his girlfriend?
Week 5: Out of which Swedish players did the Swedish national team exist when they won ESWC 2004 gold (nickname+full name)?

The three people who answered the most questions correctly will be given one of the following three prizes:

1. ATi RV770 Pro
2. GeIL Evo One DDR2 (4GB)
3. Sennheiser HD515 Headphones

So be sure to check out the final part of the interview as well as further instruction as to how to partake in this rewarding competition right here: LowLandLions.com