Hi, so yeah. I've been thinking. One day I might end up with loads of money (say I win the lottery or something similar) and I wouldn't know what to do I figured I'd make a list of things. I will keep adding things to this list and if this website goes down or i stop visit it I'll just move the list elsewhere, but for now this is the place to be.

Here goes.

* ALWAYS and i mean ALWAYS wear suits. Nothing but suits.
* I would buy a sports car of every big car producer.
* I would never ever use the same towel more than once. (this includes washing, i want new towels every day).
* I would never ever use the same underwear more than once. (same rule as above)
* I would go down to 3 work days a week. Tuesday, wednesday and thursday.
* I would always eat heahtly food from my private chef so I don't get ill so often.
* I would visit a spa or a massues (spelling?) at least once a week.
* I would design and let build my own house designed by me. Mostly funny stuff in it, nothing too serious. I could afford it.
* I would buy my own lake and get speedboats so i can wakeboard.
* I would for at least one month a winter visit the alps or aspen to snowboard
* I would let build my own motocross track and i would race it in suits. I would also get the a helmet copied from "The Stig" when i race it.
* I would tour the world with different bands i currently enjoy, not to play or anything, just enjoy their tunes until i get bored. and then move to next.
* I would quit playing computer games as I know it today.
* I would get myself a personal teacher who taught me different stuff im intrested in, such as history of a certain country or economy or whatever i feel like.

This is it for now, I'll bump when updated.