right guys, ive just been playing a £30 freezeout at blackpool casino in the UK with about 100 runners. Now im fairly consistent in placing well in these tournaments and there are currently 20 people left in the tournament. I have 56000 chips and blinds are 1500/3000 so im good. Right anyway here is the hand, i really need your opinions!

I am in late position and there is the blinds left in the hand, I have A7 spades, i raise to 9000. 1 Guy calls

Flop 2s 3s 4 turn 5 and river 9

we check and by the turn I have a straight and a flush draw, i check and so does he for the 9h on the river.

I check he pushes all in, now this is were I want to know whether im a complete idiot or im just unlucky or both. Now after my 9000 bet and his call, I put him on A8 upwards or any pocket pair but i discounted pocket 66s as too unlikely. He could have been thinking An Ace thinking i was a fish i would fold for him to take the 20 k in the pot etc

I think about it??

9000 raise call,

56 unlikely, 67 unlikely as afterall its 1/6th of his stack.

anyway I call he has the A6 for the bigger straight,

he had 60k i had 40k with 20 k up for grabs in the pot, was I correct to call or should I of folded and given him the 20k in the pot?