Challenge Promode Arena v1.46


Challenge Quake 3 Windows executable v1.42

Challenge Quake 3 Linux executable v1.42

Challenge Quake 3 Linux server executable v1.42


CPMA maps (no changes, only download if you do not have them, required to run any kind of server)

Challenge Quake 3 executable v1.42 SOURCE CODE

The latest update of the Promode mod and Challenge executable are now ready for download. All players should upgrade to 1.46 and the executable is highly recommended but not required. Server admins should also consider upgrading to the Challenge executable, it offers fixed event handling that ensures MVDs are correctly recorded.

This is mainly a maintainance release with the noticable changes for players being the return of the old lightning gun styles for CPMA, sound improvements and a memory leak fix for Challenge Quake 3.

IMPORTANT: the partial fix to the sound memory leak means that sound megs are now taken from the com_hunkmegs allocation. You do not need to set com_soundmegs to more than 8 and with a com_hunkmeg value of 64 or more you should be fine, if you have an unnecessarily high sound megs value like 64 and only 128 or less megs in the hunk then the game will crash. Fix it by setting sensible values.

Full changelogs on the Promode website.