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Rating: 5.4 (67 votes)
A great film, showcasing an amazing Dutch Quake 3 Arena Player Netherlands Mike "RazorX" Jeurissen.

After a few weeks of work RS zeroql officially released frag movie of the 2nd sexyest qcg player, bringing out the best from his last 3 years of gaming.

The Video is captured at 50fps and contains frags, quadrun, flag captures from DUEL, TDM and CTF on OSP and CPMA vQ3.

Creator: zeroql
Game: Quake 3 Quake 3 Arena
Type: Frag Highlights
Length: 7m25s
Size: 270 Megs
Resolution: 800x600
Codec: x264
"I prefer to keep first person pov actions, because I don't like cams and other matrix bullshit, and its much better to keep the in-game feeling. I had some problems with rendering so I apologize for issues with video quality.

I hope you will have fun watching the video, thanks for downloading. :*** (hugs and kisses) :D

I would like to thank sch4 for support and suggestions, pulz and auri for assisting me, exp for movie cfg, Joe Williamsen for credits (hunter's dance) and Krz, doz3r, Legie, Hawr1x, OHO, niko for being there for me."