kane and me (suffer1ng) are planning to create a Quake 4 Fragmovie which will hopefully be amazing. But we will need your help! We need amazing frags (e.g. (mutliple) airrockets/airnades, impressing shafts, maaany railhits, nice quadruns, nice flagruns, holyshits, and everything else that is nice), loads of. Keep in mind if you send us decent frags, then we will only be able to create a decent movie. So make sure you are only sending us amazing frags.

"What sort of demos can I send you in?"
We will only accept...
demos recorded in Q4MAX!
these gametypes: CTF, TDM, FFA, Duel, Tourney
EDIT: demos from any version of Q4MAX from 1.3 to 1.4.2
Again, make sure you are only sending amazing frags! Sending us decent frags will only waste our time which means that the movie will take longer to be released.

Please don't send us .txt files with frags + times inside, instead put them into the demonames!
Just like this:

So if I had a double airrocket on Heartless at 15:40min, I would name the demo like:

For the case I have more than one frag in that demo, I would just make the demoname longer then, like:

Please use timer counting UP for the fragtimes!!

You can email us your demos to: kaynekane@googlemail.com
(Keep in mind that there is a size cap, I think it's 20mb, so better don't put all your demos into one .rar file, split them instead)

The BEST thing would be if you create a short clip of your frags, e.g. via fraps, before you send us your demos, just for us to preview it faster. This would save us loads of time.
HERE you can find a trial of fraps. And you can find a tutorial on how to compress the videos HERE.

We're counting on you ;)

p.s.: YOUR DEMOS WON'T BE WASTED, you can watch previous movies of us: Adrenalin made by kane and sorrow made by suffer1ng

EDIT: We're gonna stop taking demos soon, by then we will only accept really über frags!

EDIT: We stopped taking demos! We'll only take really really really über pro scenes from now on