GGPO stands for "Good Game, Peace Out" and it is an online matchmaking system for fighting games.

GGPO has a lag-free netcode algorithm specifically tuned to frame-based 2D fighters, making the PC a viable platform for such games and taking things even further.

The latest updates bring a lot of improvements such as:
- in-game chat
- spectating
- widescreen support
- new playable game, Marvel vs Capcom
(alongside with the previously supported Street Fighter Alpha 2)
- demo recording (works only while spectating for now)

To get things going follow the few easy steps in this Installation Guide.
(DirectX 9.1c and .NET Framework 2.0 are required for WindowsXP)

Signing up isn't required at the moment. At the login prompt of the GGPO Client, simply type any available user name and a password (the password doesn’t matter) and the server will let you in.

Future updates will bring more games and more features (such as rankings and an easy to set-up tournament system which will help the competitive nature of the games).

Screenshots: 3 matches, 4 specs, Marvel vs Capcom, paused demo, world map

Some VODs: @ (or @