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Rating: 9.4 (36 votes)
In 2002 Dav & dud4 decided that they create a Q2 movie, what shows their style. The plan was: Dav edit the movie, dud4 do the recams, and give ideas. They wanted to do something unique, something different. Unfortunately Dav died in an accident on his motorbike in 2005.08.23. Dud4 decided that he want to finish with that movie in 2007 by himself.

Creator: Hungary Dav & Hungary dud4
Featuring: Hungary Dav & Hungary dud4
Game: Quake2 Quake 2
Type: Frag Highlights
Length: 17m27s
Size: 420 Megs
Resolution: 640x480
Codec: XviD

Overall: Its a Q2 fragmovie in memoriam to Dav.

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