Cevolved a well established league and respectfull, is looking into quake4 to mabye host in the league.

It is currently host games such as Counter-strike, Counter-strike:source, Call Of Duty2(S&D), and Warcraft3(DOTA) and could have quake4 as another pay2play-game in the league as long as we have enough support.

The way the league plays is you enter the league with 15$(USA) and you get to play a whole season which is 8 weeks. It scheduals your opponents(you pick the time) for you based off CPI and schedualing abilitiies. Once the 8 weeks are up they will deside to have a tournament with the top competitors of the league based off record and the winners will get the cash pot. For example First place 1,000 Second 640 Third 240 and so on.
From their if we have a successfull season they will open a two divisions One Amature and One Proffesional(The winners of Amature will be moved up to Proffesional)
It also provides servers, and has a ANTI-CHEAT client Called CMN3.

Please if your interested Put it in this format.

Name: Bryce Blake
Handle: B2
Conference: West
Countrey: USA

**If you dont live in North America, and your Interested put your country.
Handle: polizia
Country: Italy