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Rating: 9.2 (37 votes)
The movie contains 13 minutes of free style tricking edited so that it would be enjoyable to watch these amazing trickers do their work. I tried to synch the movie as well as I could since it was the main goal for me.

The movie contains both first person and 3rd person views and I tried to add as much first person as I just could. It's just so damn boring to edit first person footage in a trick jumping movie.

Trickers: Ebola, Detinu, ElvisUptown, Dem0oo0N, Breach and piki_

All in all, you'll find incredible tricks made by talented trickers with a nice soundtrack (mixed by voxel).

Some of the tricks are timescaled or scripted.

Video: 720x400 XviD @ 25fps. 248mb.