uhm, yay. x-mas is over =D. i decided to write this for boredom and i dunno have anyone wrote this before so u can just say f*ck you if someone already did this cause im idiot q4 fanboy lol (<3)


Why there have to be that damn stupid fight on every q3 and every q4 thread that q3 roxpox go home q4 boyz. same vice versa.
u ppl really act like some stupid 12 years old players on cs public servers o.O. u can fight now under this journal why q3 is better than q4 and again vice versa.

let me start:
imo q3 sucks (Q2 rocks !) o.O its boring and dead :O and only thing i like in q3 is nicer netcode and better working shaft

start flaming or argue maturely okthxnp?

lets go play tetris?

EDIT: made this look a bit nicer :>