I thought it would be nice (prompted by a few people) to explain what I am up to now I have left iTG. Let's also be clear here, I have left iTG and NOT gaming in general. I just had an opportunity to earn some real money and that was not unfortunately with iTG.

I would also like to explain that I did not leave iTG for any malicious reasons and that I remain close to many of the staff there and I also have great affection for what iTG have achieved and I have no regrets from my time with them. iTG gave me an awful lot to be thankful for.

So what am I up to now? Well, I am busy working on a much better version of the World Rankings for GGL, including a fully blown interactive version. It is well under way and in a working form of sorts, although I cannot disclose it fully right now, I do hope to show it off early in the new year.

I was also asked to head up a new casting (video and audio) company, which is also something I am looking into, with nothing confirmed or proposed right now.

I do have a couple of UK based TV series to record in the New Year, based around gaming, although as ever with these things, neither is set in concrete right now and I cant reveal anything anyway.

My main focus will be on my trip out to Australia (Melbourne) this week. I leave on Friday and have a fairly heavy 3 flight route to encounter (London - Dubai - Singapore - Melbourne) and arrive there early Sunday morning, ready for Monday to start work.

Basically, I will be fliming and recording for a new TV show, which as with most of these things, I cant reveal much about right now, especially with all the confidentiality agreements I have signed. What I can say is that it is not based on an existing game and the deal came about thanks to Larry Shapiro, who got me the role. Larry heads up the Video Gaming division of a company called Creative Artists Agency based in Hollywood. If you watched movies, you may have heard of these people before as they look after some of the most famous stars in Hollywood such as Tom Cruise, Van Diesel and Keanu Reeves amongst many others.

I am happy to working with CAA to get me TV work and the first opportunity has come with a company called BigPipeMedia in Australia. The idea is, I go out and learn the game on the first two days, spend a day in a TV studio filming the vision parts and then a recording studio on the last two days to record the majority of the commentary.

I cant reveal the game or the format right now, but hopefully once it has all been put together (editing takes place between xmas and new year) and is screened to CAA, we can start to reveal a few sneak peaks at both the game and the show.

Sorry I cant really explain too much right now, but as you will appreciate, I have a reasonable amount of money coming to me for this project and it is subject to not revealing any of the secrets.

I will try and take some pics while I am away and update my journal for those interested in what I am up to.

Who are CAA : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_Artists_Agency