Yesterday there was a class reunion of my mates in elementary school. I was happy to see most of them alive and enjoying themselves. After drinking two beers and a Jägermeister at a local pup we got to the Bienenstich in Tragwein. That's a big club that enables kids from the region to drink their brains out and approach the (mostly) opposite sex. I had 4 B52's and a Cola Rum and two more Beers and something that's called a "Golden Nigger".
After some autonomous dancing we headed home with a taxi. We invited people to hop in. I can't remember correctly, but i think i said something like "You stink!" and "As you got in here it began to fucking smell like anus." to the people in the front row.
Two of them immediately responded to my provocation by pimping around. I sting into a wasp's nest. We got out of the car and they didn't want to let me go. They wanted a fight as bad as I needed to get hurt. But i didn't want to fight with them, because these two were people who have no control over themselves when drunken. I knew that when one of them goes too far i would fuck them up badly. My best friend Michael 'sur' Anreiter sucessfully calmed me down and pushed me to go home. They followed us and tried to get some more action by throwing insults. After inconclusively kicking my friend from behind they let us go. He was the clear winner that night.
We talked about the incident on our way home. As we declared them being stupid I began to think about weapons. If those guys had a knife with them that encounter would have turned out to be a big mess. And i saw them waving around with handguns and shooting people.
I wanted to fight, yes. But i definitely could not kill someone. Those guys could. Because they are stupid.

Do you have any experience on that topic you want to share with me? Thoughts about aggression?