having a hard time realising if its worth it to try to compete in gaming again! remember how funny it was to play 2 years ago, and how much i loved attending both eswc 2004 and 2005.
But today is a totally different situation. I could spend all my time playing quake 3, and hopefully be able to do well at some events.... but first you have to get a sponsor, secondly you have to get the motivation to practise, which makes some kind of problem for me.
Because i can only get the motivation to practise if i have a sponsor, and not the other way around. Games just arent that fun anymore, or well, they are fun, but its not fun to play 5-10 games every evening when you dont really know if you will get anything out of it.

Couldnt gaming just go back to the good old days, not all this business, just the good old fun with tons of people on tons of servers. That was what was fun, getting to know new people each day, always be able to play a better player than yourself and having playing pickups all night!

bwah, i have that idea that my small hope of being able to attend an event again never will come true. shit happens, maybe its time to quit esport, i kindda feel like all the fun is gone!