Ok, I've been reading alot of negative comments towards Q4 and Q3, and I'm fed up with it.

Q3 is not better than Q4 and vice versa!

They're both deathmatch games yes, but they're totally different! (everyone knows the differences by now)

Some like Q3, some like Q4, pure personal preference, that doesn't make the other game bad or fucked up. simple right?
But still we've got no-brain fanboys constantly commenting that the game they play is better. followed by so called facts that are just a matter of personal preference (if users even bother to type more than simply Q3 > Q4 or Q4 > Q3)

Why can't people understand and accept that different players like different games?

Now please stop posting useless comments in Q4 threads like "Q3 > Q4" or the other way around!

ps. There is a filter option on ESR, and it's there for a reason