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We gave you Anti-Conformist a few days back but we don't feel like stopping :)

Five months after the trailer Chip 'n Dale... err I mean fei and cristal of Shaolin Productions have finished Unity, a Quake 3 team trickjumping video featuring a total of 27 trickers from around the world.

From the readme :
Some of the greatest team tricks you have ever seen. Lead by iT_raTe, many less famous yet highly skilled trickers took up the task of filling in the hole left by Team iT after the dishearting cancelation of "iTeam" which was going be edited by mrks (the demos got leaked, care-level dropped to zero).

Many of these demos shown are high ping (200+) and are some very complex timing, so please apreciate the skill involved, hopefully cristal and I have shown the content in a way that improves the look and feel of Q3 vq3 tricking. There is a balance of weapons and maps, cams and effects, that should please even non Q3 players.

Duration : 17 minutes 05 seconds
Codec : x.264, XviD

Note - The x.264 HD version requires a very good CPU for proper playback due to its high resolution (1280x720). Most people would be better off downloading the x.264 HQ version which looks very good anyway. Download the HD version only if you are sure that your computer can handle it (usually atleast 2.5ghz and higher)

For those who prefer something a little more 'chilled out' than the psy-trance track, there is an alternative available in the same file itself. You can switch to it when using a player like MPC or VLC. (Right click the video, Audio -> 2nd track is how you do it in MPC)