GotFrag have kindly asked all you good people here at ESR to vote for your preferred player to attend the ESWC finals in Paris.

The poll is just part of a whole process and not the final decision of the entire process, but does play a part in it, so this is your chance to help the player you think has the best chance of doing well at the finals.

The list has been compiled by the players and respected Q4 people given to GotFrag and in turn passed to us to put up as a poll.

The closure of this poll is now extended to Friday (06/02) at Midnight.
Oh and dont forget, TWO people are sent for Q4 for USA, not just the top guy. :)

NOTE : These were the 8 people submitted by Gotfrag to us for the poll.

Original Thread:

Update: This vote is now over, the results are available on the following page: