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InDepther Do you want Clan Arena in Quake Champions? No
InDepther Quake Champions Beta Impressions Generally Favorable
InDepther ESReality Development Leave things the way they are
InDepther Which site will you be using? ESR
InDepther DHW13 - Best Unexpected Performance plazma
InDepther DreamHack Summer 2012 winner Weird
InDepther Best 2011 movie? Cooller 2010/2011
InDepther DreamHack Winter 2011 Duel winner strenx
InDepther DreamHack Winter 2011 Gametype(s)? Capture The Flag
InDepther TZAC ANTICHEAT for QL? Yes
InDepther What mouse do you use? Logitech MX518
InDepther Favorite Dreamhack competition Duel
InDepther Increased Hitbox size Good
InDepther Zotac QL Cup Mappool Campgrounds
InDepther IEM 5 EU Finals Playoff Recommendations strenx -vs- Cypher
Coller -vs- av3k
InDepther QuakeLive CTF 4v4 or 5v5 ? 5v5
InDepther Which would you Spectate? Duel
InDepther Which comeback would you rather see? Makaveli
InDepther Most suitable QL duel map [1] DM6
[2] T9
[3] ZTN
[4] T7
[5] T6
InDepther Who will win QuakeCon '09? AMD.stermy
InDepther Does kgb cheat? No way! Shut up clan519
InDepther Favorite gameplay based on Q3? OSP vq3
InDepther GameGune Top 3 Predictions [1] Av3k
[2] fojji
[3] magic/Nike
InDepther ESWC Masters was :D
InDepther eSport coverage site: Your Pick ESReality
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