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Registered:  31 Jan 2002
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Full Name:  Jonas Wennberg
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Location:  Stockholm
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Timezone:  Europe/Stockholm
Country:  Sweden
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Homepage:  www•qpo•nu
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I'm a quake 3 lamah playing in clan QPO. Earlier I have been playing _ALOT_ of q2 and mostly in clan prime( I have also participated in swedens national team in team deathmatch as well as in the ra2 team. Greets.

Great games for:
Game boy: Tetris
NES: Double Dragon III, Shadow Warrior and Duck Hunt (zapper rewls)
SNES: NHL'94, F-zero and Street fighter II
PSone: Tekken 1/2
PC: Soppan, Leisure Suit Larry and ofcourse the quake series.


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Re: EYE for an EYE
Posted @ 15:43 GMT 21 Sep 2003
910 kb/s works
Re: EYEBALLERS Q3 Movie teaser
Posted @ 12:39 GMT 13 Nov 2002
constructive cristisism... love to see it!
Re: XSU: Gold
Posted @ 20:44 GMT 19 Sep 2002
zulg is lettgibbad
Re: M19*LeXeR -vs- cha0ticz
Posted @ 01:07 GMT 17 Aug 2002
this is lol :)
Re: QPO -vs- EYE
Posted @ 10:17 GMT 15 May 2002
This feels quite rediculous... :( The reason for me even replying was that i
Re: QPO -vs- EYE
Posted @ 08:26 GMT 13 May 2002
hahaha starcrow
Re: QPO -vs- EYE
Posted @ 15:53 GMT 12 May 2002
ah now i get the point, better change the result to loss on
Re: QPO -vs- EYE
Posted @ 15:32 GMT 12 May 2002
So you mean, due to the fact that they where playing with a new guy the demos is
Re: QPO -vs- EYE
Posted @ 10:59 GMT 12 May 2002
losersbracket final eye vs dye was a thriller. I won't reveal the scores but it
Re: Frag or Die - a bds Counter-Strike m
Posted @ 11:32 GMT 28 Apr 2002
I am the only one with problems watching this? I have no idea what it might
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