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Re: wrong ban, who cares?
Posted @ 13:27 GMT 27 Jul 2014
I don't know if you cheated Korn but even if you did, your bot looks like a stan
Re: FACEIT Fall Season Finale
Posted @ 09:04 GMT 14 Dec 2013
As stupid as ryanair policies are, and they are probably among the worst in the
Re: SOTHIS -vs- strenx
Posted @ 20:08 GMT 20 Nov 2013
Strenx will never be a good player. It's for the best that he retired.
Re: Cooller -vs- Cypher
Posted @ 20:35 GMT 15 Apr 2013
Would you mind sharing your HUD ? It looks really good
Re: Strenx My Rise In E-Sports.
Posted @ 18:05 GMT 2 Jan 2013
His story is indeed very interesting. As a member of the french quake community,
Re: How active the duel scene really is
Posted @ 00:28 GMT 30 Dec 2012
Indeed. Thanks for the quick answers, i bought the account. //marks
How active the duel scene really is ?
Posted @ 21:40 GMT 29 Dec 2012
Since a few days, and I really don't know why but probably because my brain must
Re: Strenx 2011 - The Movie - 3D
Posted @ 12:57 GMT 3 Jun 2012
Why are you even replying to this crap ? Sharpe actually is a movie maker, a
Re: Learn 2 Play series powered by QPAD
Posted @ 21:14 GMT 4 Apr 2012
I will allow myself to some criticism here and I hope it will be heard peacefull
Re: The Arena powered by AMD Sapphire
Posted @ 10:42 GMT 1 Apr 2012
sick map pool, sick player pool, sick caster pool. I'll be there.
Re: GD Studio pilot show
Posted @ 23:36 GMT 18 Mar 2012
I want full financial transparency on this. One does not simply buy a 1.5 mi
Re: Quake Live Update - July 19, 2011
Posted @ 20:21 GMT 20 Jul 2011
Is it just me or does someone else know feels like having 70/80ms while playing
Posted @ 22:06 GMT 1 Jul 2011
Who would win ?
Re: ESWC and IEM drop Quakelive
Posted @ 18:09 GMT 27 Jun 2011
I don't blame Carmack actually, I've been a "quaker" for 10 years but if I try t
Re: Quakelive at Lille Arena
Posted @ 10:53 GMT 21 Jun 2011
Strenx should go. This is at last a LAN event where he has a reasonable chance t
Re: Will you renew your subscription in
Posted @ 07:02 GMT 21 May 2011
Absolutely NOT Premium/Pro is a joke and is only usefull if you play leagues.
Re: Chronicles of czm 1/6: duel origins
Posted @ 23:23 GMT 14 Mar 2011
You probably done a good job about the content but honestly, you have an opportu
Re: Chronicles of czm 1/6: duel origins
Posted @ 23:20 GMT 14 Mar 2011
I'm sure he would say the same about you
Re: Basic Timing Guide
Posted @ 00:07 GMT 18 Feb 2011
If you type his name in google images, you'll see in the first results how he wa
Re: Basic Timing Guide
Posted @ 23:43 GMT 17 Feb 2011
On the last picture, you mention the "3 minutes window" but I dont think your de
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