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Posted @ 21:07 GMT 30 Dec 2011
at least there's one legit ru8
Re: CPM 1v1 Kenya Maps Cup Over!
Posted @ 14:29 GMT 15 Nov 2011
You can climb a wall below SG if you press against it. If done right you can use
Re: CPM 1v1 Kenya Maps Cup Over!
Posted @ 02:59 GMT 15 Nov 2011
Fix the spiderman bug near SG, please. :p Quite a fun map. The area near MH i
Re: Feedback on IE 3.0 & Logitech G1
Posted @ 17:30 GMT 6 Oct 2011
Actually it's a normal QCK. But I'm getting some jitter even with my G1 on it, s
Re: #cpmduel Cup 4
Posted @ 12:57 GMT 3 Jun 2010
Why aren't you? :<
Re: LCD vs netcode ?
Posted @ 19:01 GMT 26 Mar 2008
I've tried that a bit and it looks smooth, but as swing says it produces some na
Re: LCD vs netcode ?
Posted @ 15:07 GMT 23 Mar 2008
I've got the same problem with my ViewSonic VX922. I found the best online playa
Re: Claw & Order 2: Bad Juju
Posted @ 16:54 GMT 25 Feb 2007
I bet you whined so much for some astronomy promotion that he had to add it. Goo
Re: I hate hitscan weapons
Posted @ 09:56 GMT 11 Jan 2007
And here I thought the need for prediction made aiming with projectile weapons m
Re: ESReality MouseScore 2007
Posted @ 16:57 GMT 13 Dec 2006
I run my mx300 at 500hz and I can't get it to skip or produce negative accel. I
Re: koddy -vs- rokky
Posted @ 19:27 GMT 17 Aug 2006
True, I don't think I've beaten koddy on that map before the day of the tourname
Re: The CPL Chooses Quake 3
Posted @ 23:11 GMT 22 Jul 2006
They better choose CPM so you'd have to learn some new skills besides +back with
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