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Have been playing since Q2. Originally played RA2 and then moved over to Q3 when it came out. In Q3 spent some time playing TDM but then moved over to CCTF and have been happy playing that ever since. Occasionally play a little CPMA but can't get the silly speeds everybody else can so die more often then not.

Did RTCW:ET for a couple of seasons with CGA and tried some Doom3 CTF which was good fun, shame that nobody else wanted to play it.

Also run Lazery Attack which offers premier clan servers aimed at UK players although most euro players seen to get good latency too.

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Re: Mirror's Edge...
Posted @ 19:18 GMT 17 Apr 2009
[q]I represent the same people who want to take your toys away, so you naturally
Re: Mirror's Edge...
Posted @ 17:48 GMT 17 Apr 2009
My addiction? I've already said I don't download game ISO's, my entire coll
Re: Mirror's Edge...
Posted @ 16:09 GMT 17 Apr 2009
You should really check your facts before posting instead of trying to make an e
Re: Mirror's Edge...
Posted @ 15:19 GMT 17 Apr 2009
So did you turn this into a piracy argument because you couldn't see a way to wi
Re: New Q3 CPM movie: TV by xan
Posted @ 19:43 GMT 24 May 2007
Absolutely stunning, best one I have seen yet 11/10 :)
Re: Why I sucked at ESR Invite.
Posted @ 08:04 GMT 20 Jan 2006
I'm not saying that his keyboard wasn't screwed, just wondering what would drive
Re: Why I sucked at ESR Invite.
Posted @ 02:20 GMT 20 Jan 2006
After seeing what you did to that mouse i'm going to have to say it. There is
Re: Razer Copperhead
Posted @ 15:52 GMT 10 Jan 2006
I'm using a Copperhead at the moment and I would have to say that it is the best
Re: First and best FPS ever?
Posted @ 12:00 GMT 9 Jan 2006
+ for sheer cheesy old skool l33tness :)
Re: Quake 4 16:10 widescreen CFG
Posted @ 23:33 GMT 21 Oct 2005
Very useful, i'm getting 60FPS all the way in all maps but one which i drop to 4
Re: Quake 4: Worst FPS ever
Posted @ 19:36 GMT 10 Oct 2005
Re: As requested by Drex
Posted @ 22:38 GMT 3 Oct 2005
As requested by Drex
Posted @ 12:55 GMT 29 Sep 2005
osp < cpma There you go :)
ARGGG Full Screen Installers.....
Posted @ 08:58 GMT 28 Sep 2005
Why do so many games/application manufacturers insist on using a full screen ins
Re: Best player to NEVER go "pro" ??
Posted @ 23:27 GMT 25 Sep 2005
Q50 (Previously 4K) As far as i'm aware he didn't go pro because he didn't li
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