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Re: Mercurial
Posted @ 05:11 GMT 14 Jan 2006
very good movie...too many jumppad frags and too little ctf are my only complain
The MX 518 thread
Posted @ 06:05 GMT 16 Apr 2005
Who's got it? How is it? can anybody give us a true-gamers review?
Re: ParadokS versus CrazyMac
Posted @ 06:13 GMT 7 Apr 2005
hehe.....OLD!!!!!! What makes me want to download it still tho is to see how th
Re: PCF responds to plea
Posted @ 21:14 GMT 19 Aug 2004
I know little about pk, but I think this is great. Why is id doing very little
Re: QuakeCon04 Grand Finals & Awards Vid
Posted @ 00:43 GMT 17 Aug 2004
video was a let down...crowd didn't seem into it at all. The best part was see
Re: Best Cooller Quote
Posted @ 22:50 GMT 16 Aug 2004
polos is rules
Re: GGL CPMA 4v4 Promotion
Posted @ 01:03 GMT 22 Jul 2004
you gotta agree that carmacks been adding bits of realism in his games after q1
Re: GGL CPMA 4v4 Promotion
Posted @ 23:22 GMT 21 Jul 2004
bahaha..yeah, cpm movement isn't the hardest out there, but it's 5x times harder
Re: Mouse Lag and Motherboards
Posted @ 05:11 GMT 19 Oct 2003
Does the nforce 2 mobo have probs with mouse lag? gonna get one with winxp. th
Nobles -vs- K9
Posted @ 21:32 GMT 30 May 2003
Very close game, watch the rat pov at the end. Little things cost the losing te
Re: Styles Unknown -vs- Nobles
Posted @ 23:30 GMT 10 May 2003
nobles just beat d|s on cpm4, get their cpm4 demos here. get behind them euros!
Re: CPMA DM - my 1st year outside the bu
Posted @ 15:46 GMT 8 May 2003
good read, would have been better if you mentioned me tho :< "dist was my cpm p
Re: FDE2
Posted @ 18:33 GMT 11 Jan 2003
reply to nielson. I dled some of the demos from fd2, the demos are much more imp
Re: FDE2
Posted @ 21:48 GMT 4 Jan 2003
fde2 is so old compared to DDE2, a lot more tricks were learned by that time.
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