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I am currently retired from competitive gaming and entering my 4th year in Electrical Engineering.


I started online PC gaming playing Rainbow Six and R6 Rogue Spear before moving to UT99 when it was released. I then played both for quite a while before hearing about a game called Counter-Strike that was all the rage in online gaming at the time. I went out and bought a copy of HL just for CS and downloaded beta 7.0/7.1 and was a public server hero for about a year before moving on to DoD when it was released. I started playing competitive DoD in early 2001 (beta 1.3b) with TWR. I then moved on to SOE who were the undefeated top UK team, and also top eight in Europe.

The DoD team ruined the game when they released version 1.0 and the only reason I continued to play was because it was fun to play with friends in a top team. After SOE folded there was no reason to continue playing a flawed game and since that coincided with moving into University halls for first year, I quit DoD.

After moving out of halls in my second year I decided to take up competitive CS. It was a large shock going from EuroCup level DoD to newb UK CS to try and get somewhere. The first serious team I joined in CS was M3 where I stayed for a long time. I then moved on to firesomething for the summer and that was great. After fs folded I moved to imagine.

Now I’ve retired from competitive CS but I still play Quake 3 Promode for fun.


29/6/02 – Started my trial for SOE.
15/2/03 – Released my first DoD frag movie. It features MG and kar/garand kills from DoD 3.1:
18/6/03 – Merged with #ClanONE to become ONE.soe.
04/9/03 – Became UK DoD Team Leader for ClanBase Nations Cup.
~/11/03 – ONE.soe folded, as the enjoyment of the game had gone.
~~/4/04 – SOE reformed under new leadership.
~~/5/04 – SOE folded after being knocked out of EC for several reasons.
~~/6/04 – Quit DoD clanning.
20/9/04 – Started playing CS again due to having an internet connection at University.
09/6/05 – Released my second frag movie (1st CS):;47...einfo.html
16/7/06 – Retired from competitive gaming to focus on University.

DoD Clan History:-

#TWR – (August ’01 – July ’02)
#SOE – (July ‘02 – July ‘04)

CS Clan History:-

#M3 – (October ’04 – May ’05)
#Firesomething – (May '05 – October '05)
#img (ImaGine) – (October '05 – July '06)
Retired – July '06

LAN Achievements:-

1st i15 DoD competition with SOE
2nd i15 CS Amateur competition with SOE
3rd Harrow Arena LAN 1 with Firesomething
8-12th Infinity Gaming LAN 2 with ImaGine

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Why on a thursday? :(
Posted @ 17:23 GMT 9 Sep 2012
Please fix the rules for the next cup. Negative picking is not fun because you
Re: The Contenders 2
Posted @ 11:44 GMT 12 Jun 2010
Excellent movie entik. Not many frag movies make you laugh.
Re: CPM 1v1 KTGA Tourney - Finished!
Posted @ 13:07 GMT 8 Nov 2009
Glad you enjoyed it. Funny game. My apologies to bsr for my connection.
Re: CPM 1v1 KTGA Tourney
Posted @ 18:47 GMT 28 Oct 2009
I hope my flatmates don't hog the internet on that day.
Re: CPMChallenges CTF And Duel Tournamen
Posted @ 17:56 GMT 21 Aug 2009
"- In cases of high difference in pings, players should try to find a location t
Re: The downward spiral
Posted @ 12:41 GMT 23 Jul 2009
The fundamental problem is game developers are in it to maximise profits (reason
Re: The downward spiral
Posted @ 12:31 GMT 23 Jul 2009
Don't you mean y = x ? If skill and aim are both square functions to represent
Re: CPM22: A Bulgarian Odyssey by Nzr0
Posted @ 10:24 GMT 23 Jul 2009
Nice video and frags. Given the map I was expecting to have been owned in it mo
Re: What Makes a Competitive Game?
Posted @ 12:54 GMT 27 May 2009
There is one criteria for a good competitive game: large 'skill depth'. This i
Re: What Makes a Competitive Game?
Posted @ 12:51 GMT 27 May 2009
You're right, the recoil PATTERNS themselves are not random. However, what IS
Re: Challenge Promode Arena 1.47 Release
Posted @ 12:27 GMT 23 Apr 2009
Would have been more practical to not change anything. Nice argument vamp.
Re: Challenge Promode Arena 1.47 Release
Posted @ 18:56 GMT 22 Apr 2009
I don't like altlightning 3 with 1.44 rendering system. Is it impossible to hav
Re: Cpm Tdm Nationscup GRAND FINAL
Posted @ 07:47 GMT 27 Mar 2009
Because fox is their weakest player. Sweden will rape Poland in 2 maps, no co
Re: United Kingdom -vs- Poland A
Posted @ 10:40 GMT 24 Mar 2009
I'll save all you the trouble of wondering. On cpm21, that example accurately r
Re: GGL 1v1 CPM Challenges Tourney
Posted @ 17:53 GMT 1 Mar 2009
Revon yes I read that. But lol ok: I say UK server for map 1, I win, he says US
Re: GGL 1v1 CPM Challenges Tourney
Posted @ 08:59 GMT 1 Mar 2009
So this is open to European duellers but it's just one NA based cup? I don't fa
Re: CPM TDM Nationscup: Week 4
Posted @ 18:27 GMT 23 Feb 2009
I was also very ill with a high fever for the game vs Icemark.
Re: CPM TDM Nationscup: Seeds and Groups
Posted @ 18:00 GMT 27 Jan 2009
Thanks. :) Fancy a bo5 duel?
Re: cg_xerpclients 1 in VQ3 CPMA gamepla
Posted @ 22:26 GMT 9 Mar 2008
Basically, the whole xerp situation is like this: You've given one arm back t
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