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Title of this column may mislead you. I won't be analysing the utterly boring changelog of cpma since history of destroying VQ3 is in fact short and got a name.

His name is arQon.

I'm not yet another "anti-xerp" boy. In fact I believe any improvement of netcode is step forward to better online experience of the game. Honestly I find it pathetic that lbps whine about hpb having equal chances to hit. But that's not the topic of this column.

We all have seen ESWC Masters and I believe no one will argue that this game has changed. Many good players mentioned before that "this game hasn't aged beautifully". But now it has become clear that something is really wrong with the competition on the highest level. Some may say it's natural evolution process. But tell me, how come that while aim evolved to insane cs-like level winner of ESWC is not able to do bridge-to-rail? Nerves? I believe that if with this kind of pressure he is able to hit like an aimbot he should be able to do one of oldest jumps in this goddamn game.

Just take a look at OSP, run on dedicated server on dm6. Then do the same on CPMA. Can you feel the difference? Most of us do, anyway. Czm calls movement changes in cpma "lame" and I quite agree with that. These changes made this game cs-alike. Jumps are not "hard", they feel "random". Running fast doesn't pay off since smallest mistake may cost you a game. Moreover with 85fps physics forced it's not possible to run as fast as on OSP. Adding to this the fact that laghax, xerp and 50ms lag fix made lg aiming become point-and-drag more than prediction final result is: CSQ3.

Arqon is a nerd that completely forgot what modding is all about. It is about making the game better for the community, not for himself. He makes changes that everyone except his fellow promode cranks disagrees with, including to players like fox, czm, zero4, fooki etc. He is abusing the fact that he's got absolute power over the mod that most tournaments are played on and for many different reasons they won't switch back to OSP.

What can we do? I have no idea, honestly. I would suggest hacking CPMA code out and make proper changes and then say "fuck you" to this whole ludicrous "arqon-philosophy-vq3" we are playing now.