i fancied this while watching the Guitar Hero episode from South Park.

let's say we have a set of defrag maps ranging from easy to medium that need basic movement tricks to get through.

when the player crosses the start line, a visual indicator shows the correct button sequence and mouse movements you should perform in order to advance. not complying with these buttons = fail, like in GH. there is no room for personal style in this basic tutorial (since a beginner doesn't master the movement yet), so a single enforced sequence of buttons is the way to go.

also at keypoints of the map if you don't have the necessary speed you are returned to try again. if you are in the good speed range the visual indicator should be green, otherwise red and having a timeout to allow you to gain speed and regain green status.

the mouse movement indicator should be something like a pointer that moves along an arc as the mouse is moving. the length of the arc should depend on the mouse movement required (longer for more ample movements, shorter for smaller ones).

also a defrag-like pre-recorded ghost would show you how to complete the map.

as for the hard part of the tutorial the player has to do the medium maps without any visual aid. after doing so another set of harder maps will unlock.

a good tutorial is crucial and appealing to n00bs as it will give them a chance to play and learn the game offline.. and eventually getting it and remain hooked.

think of Defrag + Portal + Guitar Hero.

this is not meant as to show you how i revolutionize game design.
the ideas presented are common sense.

just discuss bla bla bla