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I encoded and then uploaded on Stage6 Stage6 a bunch of entertaining Quake 4 duels, and a few cool TDMs too. All videos are 640*480 and 40fps DivX encoded at 4Mb/s.

Here's a snapshot taster :

You will need to install the DivX Web Player in order to play these videos.

So, here is the menu :
WSVG 2006 - Fatal1ty (POV) vs Toxic on Placebo Effect
WSVG 2006 - Cooller (POV) vs Stermy on Phrantic
WSVG 2006 - Fatal1ty (POV) vs Cooller on Monsoon
WCG 2006 - Toxic (POV) vs Fojji on Placebo Effect

ClanBase ECXV - FOE (POV fojji) vs qah on Over the Edge
ClanBase ECXV - Dignitas (POV r2k) vs DkH on Sandstorm
WCG 2006 - Toxic/Ztrider (POV toxic) vs Fox/Fatal1ty on The Fragging Yard

recently added:
-BatWagon has encoded and uploaded :
·two demos from the 40th 4q4 Cup, both being shoutcasted by ReDeYe :
Quarter final : ahzaz (POV) vs Hell on Monsoon
Final : GaRpY (POV) vs winz on Phrantic
·two demos from the recent WSVG 2007 Louisville stop :
Upper bracket's round 1 : GaRpY (POV) vs cooller on Ravage
Grand final, 2nd set : av3k (POV) vs Toxic on Placebo Effect
Note : these videos run at 30 fps and were encoded at 3Mb/s ; they weigh 290MB each.
-From me :
Toxic (POV) vs Av3k on Monsoon (WSVG 2007, Louisville' stop, finals set 2), with shoutcasters
Toxic (POV) vs Av3k on Phrantic (WSVG 2007, Louisville' stop, finals set 1)
-From f-jay :
·numerous ESWC 2007 demos :
Purri (POV) vs Forever on Torment
Cooller (POV) vs Winz on Monsoon
Winz (POV) vs Purri on Placebo
Av3k (POV) vs Cooller on Monsoon
Av3k (POV) vs Cooller on Phrantic
and also from the WSVG Dallas stop :
·Upper bracket final :
Cypher (POV) vs Toxjq on Monsoon
·Grand final :
Toxjq (POV) vs Cypher on Monsoon
Toxjq (POV) vs Cypher on Phrantic
·A bit of Quake 3 : czm (POV) vs Cooller - CPL Winter 2006
-klaasklapper brings some QuakeWorld !
·Reload (POV) vs Venom on DM2
·some air rox fun with paradoks (POV) and crazymac
-Drexciyian brings some quake 2 !
·DaHang (POV) vs Purri on ZTN2DM3 - QuakeCon 2007
-From f-jay some of the QuakeCon 2007 final matches :
·Toxjq (POV) vs Fojji on proDM6 (Quake 3)
·Toxjq (POV) vs Fojji on Phrantic (Quake 4)
·Toxjq (POV) vs Fojji on Monsoon (Quake 4, deciding map)
-At last some CTF :
·#quake4all (POV fojji) vs #spontanq4ctf on Ruiner
-f-jay on an WSVG toronto's encoding spree :
Finals :
·Dahang (POV) vs Toxjq on Monsoon (1st map)
·Toxjq (POV) vs Dahang on Monsoon (3rd map)
·Toxjq (POV) vs Dahang Torment (5th map)
Others :
·Dahang (POV) vs Cypher on Placebo
·Cooller (POV) vs Chance on Placebo
·Cooller (POV) vs Av3k on Monsoon
·Toxjq (POV) vs Av3k on Phrantic

-Aquashark brings two QuakeWorld frag movie :
·kyu one - by nylon
·Mortuality - by pez
-Another huge amount of videos by f-jay :
·From i32 (Nov 2007) :
Grand final : Av3k (POV) vs Toxjq on Monsoon & Toxjq (POV) vs Av3k Phrantic
Upper bracket finals : Toxjq (POV) vs Av3k Phrantic
Lower Bracket Round 5 : Cypher (POV) vs Dahang on Monsoon (map 2) & Cypher vs Dahang on Placebo (map 3)
Lower Bracket Round 4 : Dahang (POV) vs Chance on Monsoon
·From ASUS Autumn 2007 :
Grand final : Cooller (POV) vs Cypher on ZTN (map 1) & Cooller (POV) vs Cypher on ZTN (map 2)
Lower Bracket Round 7 : Cooller (POV) vs Jibo on Nodm9

Bonus :
Vitality (killat0n's Frag Movie)
Cooller's revenge (I didnt uploaded it in the first time because it's not a great match ; but it's still fun to watch.)
A shortcoolfragmovie from LuCky Lu

Thanks to AnthonyJ, Hemostick, and a bunch of guys on IRC who helped me for the demo encoding process.

Here is a quick cheap tutorial on how to make these videos.

Here is the hud I used ; unzip and copy zzz-modifiedHUD.pk4 in the folders of the mods which you want them to use this hud.