Sweden Andreas "Kenchu" Ehnbom



Razer Abyssus

Steelseries qck heavy

Das Keyboard Ultimate

Sennheiser PC 360
“I've been on a shopping and configuration spree lately, preparing for this event and trying to maximize my performance. People say you can only get as good as your hardware allows, and I think that's true for any sport - including esports. So I decided to leave my old faithful Logitech G1 behind to get some new gear. I did a lot of research and testing before finally choosing the Razer Abyssus, which is perfect for my fingertip grip. Since the sensor works best on cloth surfaces, I decided to get a new pad too - the Steelseries qck heavy. I chose the thick one (heavy) becase I think it's more comfortable.

Also, I've been playing around with a lot of different sensitivities and FOVs lately, to find the best one for me, so I wanted a big pad for those experiments. Ultimately I chose to go with 27 cm / 360, which is 9 cm longer than I used to have a couple of weeks ago.”

Tournament experience and achievements:
3rd place CB 2v2 TDM 2v2 Autumn Hosted cup 2006 div 2
1st place CB 2v2 TDM 2v2 Summer cup 2008 div 2
3rd place in JeeSports Open - UT2004 1v1 Cup #3
Came pretty far in ESL UT 2004 1on1 Summer League 2011
Predicted winner:
”No denying Scrmz and Frantic are the two favorites. Two fantastic players who I think lie at least two levels above everyone else attending the LAN. Frantic does seem to be in pretty good shape, but I have just such respect for Scrmz that I'm gonna go with him. But Frantic might take it just as well. ”

Personal expectations for the tournament:
”Of course I'm aiming for #1, but concerning the competition it's gonna be tough to say the least. I don't wish to guess where I'll end up. Focusing on getting as far as possible is the only thing that matters right now.

Unfortunatly it's gonna be hard to find any time to practice before LAN because of work, my cousin's wedding and the fact I don't have my computer at the place where I live and sleep atm. But I've been playing almost every day for 3 weeks during holidays so hopefully that had a positive impact. That and the love of lozZz should be sufficient for me to make it quite far in the tournament.”
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