Hi guys, could you first please introduce yourself and tell us about your Quake background.

United Kingdom deus: Hey well my name's David Alexander Kinnaird and i'm from Scotland, i play under the name "fnaticdeus". My background is a long story dating back to like 1997 with Quake2, one of my friends would never come out after football and i always wondered what he was doing which turned out to be Quake2 so after getting my own pc a year later i was hooked aswell. Quake 3 on the other hand it took me ages to make the switch from Quake2 to Quake 3, but once i did i found a great team in gunzoids which i stayed with for like 7 years. then onto Ironfist/4K/Fnatic etc.

France link1n: My name is Pierre-Emeric, i just turned up 23y old and i'm working as an editor / cameraman. I started Quake3 because of my big brother AppleSeed. I've been watching his games as much as possible and i wanted to try that game. So i've been practicing vs Bots at first, and then i had the opportunity to LAN with him. After getting a good level, i started to play online and i didn't really quit since then :)

After all those years, what keeps you playing and competing in Quake?

United Kingdom deus: Well i believe it's the players i have played with over all the years, Gunzoids was like a family so anytime i played i was always having fun winning or losing :). I just like competing with the best teams i guess....i can't really put my finger on it but once i do il let u know

France link1n: The love of the game at first. It's a shame we're lacking some good tournaments because this is for me the best FPS game i've ever played. It's also very cool to meet people you're playing with or against on LAN it makes you travel, see different cultures, taste different food and of course party everywhere you go! Competition has always been a big factor for me.

link1n, a while ago you said that you want to focus on your Duel game and compete in the major tournaments. It seems like you have abandoned that plan, what happened?

France link1n: Hehe, true. Well, i did'nt really abandon that plan, putting it on standby at the moment. It's just the map pool has been the same for almost 10 years now, nothing is new, everything is old and it doesn't motivate me. I want something new, something to happen. My work kept me busy, and for now, i don't really see the point of practicing my DUEL game. I've way more fun with my work so... But recently, they added one good map, Hektik (or whatever the name is), but still... it's not enough in my point of view :) I'd really like to focus on my DUEL game but maps & motivation are lacking atm :)

You are best known as a great CTF attacker, but do you actually prefer CTF over Duel/TDM?

France link1n: Well back in the days with Quake3, I loved tdm as much as i loved CTF. Thing is, QuakeLive kind of killed the CTF. Maps are weirdos, you can't kill yourself anymore, machinegun is useless.. This is clearly not the way CTF is supposed to be played. So i enjoy playing TDM better at that time, let's hope they'll make improvements in the near future. But to be 100% honest, I always prefered TDM than CTF a tiny bit :)
About DUEL, well i only played for fun, never really put my mind into it. I know that i could be really good at it, but as I said.. give us a complete new map pool :)

How much are you training at the moment, will you be prepared for the EMS/EC?

United Kingdom deus: Well fnatic really never practice we just turn up and use our experience and aim to win games. But with teams like metsu and 4K playing all the time we can't really get away with it anymore and the fact there is new maps out doesn't help matters.. It's very hard for us to have 4 on at the same time as i'm traveling alot and spartie works crazy hours.. Right now im mostly just playing on a random CA server to keep somesort of skill level up :),

France link1n: I'm not really practicing at the moment, i'm just playing a few games from time to time. I really can't tell if fnatic is going to be ready for EMS since they added 2 more maps into the map pool. We are also never 4 online at the same time for some practice action, so can't say, maybe we'll just rely on our experience and our aim :)
About the EC, fnatic is not participating. That's why you can find deus at iMmune, spartie at team alpha, and myself at 4K =)

Could you tell us what lineup fnatic will play with in the upcoming EMS and what kind of role each player has in your play?

United Kingdom deus: Yeah sure lineup is myself (deus) Spartie Strenx Stermy and Linkin.

Spartie - Reminds me alot of Vorv from Ironfist/4Kings he kinda takes it for the team. He doesn't get alot of item's really but still does a shit load of damage. If given Items he can run the map as good as anyone with his Aim. But sometimes when we are not in control can give away pointless frags. A true team player.

Linkin - The kind of player which can win you games alone. Only downside to linkin is himself, he can get pissed off to easily.

Strenx - To be honest we haven't played much TDM with each other but from what i know...doesn't fully understand TDM due to being a duel player...but with his Aim and movement around the map he can fit into any team. If he was to play more of TDM could be one of the best around.

Stermy - Again i'v not played LOADS of TDM with alex but he really is a team player and does whatever is best for the team. When our team is in control of the map hes probly the best player to have with his aim. When the team isn't in conrtol can be alittle lost of what to do but thats down to our bad teamplay as we don't play as much as we should. A true team player.

In a nut shell, If we are in control of the map we are probly the best team in the world But when not in control maybe the worst due to not playing with each other very much, but we are hoping to change that this year.

France link1n: Same as before, stermy/spartie/deus/myself and maybe a 5th guy that we didn't find yet :)
About the role of each player.. erm i really don't know how i'd describe my mates's style and even my own. Sometimes we don't really care, we just get a gun and kill everybody on our way. We don't have really rigid tactics but i think we'll come up with some in the upcoming EMS, otherwise we'll have some surprises :)

Fnatic were EMS champions, will you be able to win again?

United Kingdom deus: Yeah i believe so, But it's really down to us not the other teams. We need to start playing more as a team if we want to win. Last year was just messed up in the final vs 4Kings. Linkin had to go out to some party, i was in norway with my MSI laptop (thanx fnatic, Pug.) playing on my laptop screen with no mic and we had to ask noctis to play about 1 hour b4 the final. 4Kings didn't have their normal line up aswell and they just played better than us on that day so well played to them :).

France link1n: Today i'd say no, and just because we are lacking practice. If we were able to pracc regularly, i'd say prolly yes. We have the potential to win this tournament again, we'll just see how it goes, but i'd say top3 this season.

Fnatic is not playing in the CB EuroCup, how comes?

United Kingdom deus: Purely just down to not having the time, we all have pretty busy life styles. Maybe next session.

France link1n: No money maybe ! Lol, we were too late to sign in actually and we didn't really care so.. we'll put our mind into the EMS i guess :)

In the ClanBase EuroCup you are playing for iM/fnatic. What is the main difference between how iM and fnatic play?

United Kingdom deus: Well the main difference is the team play, iM have very good team play without to much experience and the fact we are all english speaking helps loads. Fnatic on the other hand have the experience and crazy aim so team play isn't needed as much. If fnatic had iM's team play we would be 5x better than we are 2day.

France link1n: In the ClanBase EuroCup you are playing for 4K. What is the main difference between how 4K and fnatic play?
In 4K they have real tactics at least ! They don't just run and FFA around. In fnatic, we have more aim i think, but we go FFA mostly in the map, 'cause we just wanna frag people. We need blood! (faceblood, kiss!)
We should mix the aim from fnatic with the teamplay of 4K, would be nice :D

The Clanbase Eurocup is not what it used to be anymore, but still attracts a lot of top teams. How important is the Eurocup for you compared to the EMS?

United Kingdom deus: Just isn't the same at all, i don't even think of it as a eurocup. For me i don't care if we win or lose in it.
EMS is the new eurocup which im playing with fnatic which is all that matters.

France link1n: I don't really care about CB anymore. For me it's just a way for some decent practice with good teams. I'm just more into EMS because it's hosted by ESL, which managed to pull out some really great tournaments so far. Plus, there is some prizemoney. What else to say? :)

Lets talk about maps a bit. The big Quake Live Update brought a lot of change to the QL TDM scene with the comeback of some Q3 TDM Classics and the release of 3 new ones.
What do you think about each of the new maps - Dreadful Place, Purgatory and Leviathan?

United Kingdom deus: Pretty hard for me to comment on the new maps as i really haven't had the time to play em. The only new one i'v played is Dreadful Place which does seem a pretty decent map...no team really knows how to play it perfectly yet so it add's something new and maybe some upsets to happen. As for Purgatory i'v seen it being played on streamand it look's kinda FFA but thats probly a good thing for fnatic :). Leviathan i can't even think what map that is and i'v never seen it played so really can't comment.

France link1n: Actually i don't know them really well, i played Dreadful Place 1 or 2 times ; I think it's a decent map, but i can't say that much since i didn't play it enough; sorry :(
About Purgatory, i really like it, i played it a few times, doesn't know it really well atm, but i think it has a huge potential for the upcoming tournaments. And Leviathan.. lol.. piece of crap. Just ban this shit :)

Do you like the current Mappool (Campgrounds, Deep Inside, Dreadful Place, Grim Dungeons, Intervention, Purgatory, Realm of Steel Rats) or would you like to change it?

United Kingdom deus: The only thing id change is DM6 out and add the old style of DM7 with rail at Red. Deep inside and Intervention is great to have back. Grim Dungeons is just a classic so shouldn't go anywhere and really brings out team play. I was never a huge fan of cpm4 aka Realm of steel rats but i guess it's better than some of the others. Over all the map pool is decent not great but decent.

France link1n: Yeah it's a pretty decent map pool, but as i said for the DUEL, it's boring to have old maps coming back... they are really great maps, but we played them for 10 years or so, can't we have new ones? They did a good job with Purgatory, and i think they should keep up.
Other than that, yeah i like it :) I've always been a huge fan of ospdm5 !

What would you change or add to Quake Live if you had the power?

United Kingdom deus: To be honest i wouldn't change much apart from, /Kill on CTF which is needed if we are gonna play 5v5 and i find the Nailgun pointless shouldn't be in the game.

France link1n: Decent maps (we have a few already in every mods, but not enough to make a whole new map pool) /kill in CTF stop joking people around with those pro/premium accounts real graphics maps (if you using for instance a high value for mapoverbrightbits, you jus't can play in Clan Arena, it's just fuckin white same with T9 siberia etc..) - the old q3 lg style (cg_altlightning 1 the greenish one) real crosshairs (not with black borders) LAN server support for everyone GTV?!?!

Who is your favorite TDM player from the Q3 OSP, Q3 CPMA and QL era?

United Kingdom deus: Hmmm Q3 OSP is so hard to pick 1 il give 5 names. HaZZi from Vikings. Stelam from SK. Blokey from Ironfist/Unreal. Toxic from ic and Senti from QPO.

Q3 CPMA... fox, purely for the fact i like the guy as a person and hes one of the best TDM players ever.

QL Era, Crazy crabs and SKG from STR8 BALLiN.

Let me ask you one question about CTF: 4v4 or 5v5?

France link1n: I like them both, it's just a question about the mappool now and at the moment, 4v4 suits CTF way more.

United Kingdom deus: 5v5 would be better for my style of play but it really needs /kill and some better maps if it's going to work, But as of right now 4v4 is probly best.

Any last words?

United Kingdom deus: Huge thanx to fnatic and all the sponsors MSI notebooks, SteelSeries, Slappa, UGAME & Bigfoot networks!

France link1n: I'd like to thank you for the interview, of course Fnatic and all its sponsors for their huge support: MSI notebooks, SteelSeries, Slappa, UGAME & Bigfoot networks!

Thanks for your time and good luck!
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