Firstly what do you think about strenx? You played against him and you watched him. Do you know he was that good?
I saw his game at French ESWC 2008 qualifier and little bit online. He is probably one of the best aimer in the world right now. I don't know why he didn't play so well in San Jose but... I mean he was good. Top 2 is a good achievement.

It appears that young quakers seems better than older ones. Is it because they have more time to practice, they are more motivated, their reflex are better or is it a coincidence that cypher, av3k or strenx are so good?
I think motivation is a big factor but also you are faster when you are younger. Strenx is very young, cypher is also young. They both have excellent aim.

So you confirm that age and skill are linked?
Yeah, I mean a little bit. I think I aimed better five years ago... Probably.

Don't you think that switching between CPM and vQ3 decreased your game?
It's a little trouble to switch but at the same time, I got more computer time because I played in both tournaments. So I was a little bit more warmed up but I was sometimes moving really badly in vanilla.

What about you CPM achievement? Have you played in any tournament?
I haven't played in any tournament. I have played lot of promode ClanArena so that's how I trained some movements, aim and to switch weapon fast but that was only on DM6. So for this tournament, I learnt some promode maps.

At this DreamHack, you preferred playing CPM or VQ3?
I have more to train in CPM and I found in it a lot of fun because it feels fresh to me. It was easy to practice and to play a few games so that was more fun.

Let's talk about Johan "toxjq" Quick, we know you are good friends. He was at the ESWC Masters of Athens and he is not here now. He won't make a come back in Quake 3?
I think he is waiting for Quake Live but I'm assuming he didn't come here and play Quake 3 because he doesn't think he is good enough.

What do you think you will do in five years? Still playing Quake 3, another game or something else?
I shouldn't say too much because there are no concrete plans or anything. I don't know if I will be accepted but I'm hoping to become an air traffic controller. But I'm sure I will keep playing some FPS in the future.
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