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Community stream Friday, Jan. 18 (28 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 20:04 CST, 18 January 2019 - iMsg
There'll be no January and February patch

March update will only focus on performance and fixing bug, no new content

Also 2v2 is back
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PTS Update - December 17, 2018 (Balance change patch notes) (21 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 21:19 CST, 17 December 2018 - iMsg
More infos in the post


All Champions

Champion Roster now ordered in groups of Light, Medium, Heavy
Delay after abilities, 0.5 to 0.4 sec

1 hp Health Decay every 0.5 to 1 sec

Delay between Grapple Throw and Swing Activation 0 to 0.1 sec

BJ Blazkowicz
Dual Wield rate of fire 1.25 to 1.3x

Delay between Barrier Shield and Mining Drill Activation 0 to 0.25 sec
Mining Drill Radius 0.17 to 0.15

Death Knight
Fire Trail Duration 2 to 3 sec
Flame Strike direct damage 25 to 30
Flame Strike max splash damage 25 to 30
Delay Between Flame Strike and Converge Activation 0 to 0.125 sec
Friendly fire bug fixed

Scale 1.0 to 1.1
Head Hitsphere Radius 0.15m to 0.175 m
Shoulders Hitsphere Radius 0.14 to 0.20 m
Arm Hitcylinders Radius 0.1 to 0.15 m
Leg Hitcylinder Radius 0.175 to 0.20 m
Knees Hitsphere Radius 0.2 to 0.20 m
Sentry Turret 140 fov cone to sphere (360 degree targeting)
Sentry Turret rof 250 to 200 ms
Sentry Turret no longer blocks item pickups

Totem Damage 50 to 40
Enforced Totem Damage 75 to 60

Delay between grenade shots 500 to 400 ms

Telefrag 100 to 125

Dire Orb Telefrag 100 to 125
Dire Orb Splash/Explosion bug fixed
Up to 200 damage was possible (25 fly-through, 100 telefrag, 75 splash)
Delay Between Dire Orb Throw and Teleport Activation 0 to 0.125 sec

Bull Rush
100 > 320 ups
50 > 320 ups
75 > 400 ups
100 > 500 ups
Heavy Weight
100 > 320 ups
25 > 320 ups
50 > 400 ups
75 > 500 ups

Acid Spit Direct 15 to 18 dmg

Strogg & Peeker
Peeker Hyperblaster damage 10 to 15
Peeker Charge damage 50 to 75

Ability Activation VO is now heard in third person as a 3d positional sound


Heavy Machinegun
Zoomed Spread 0 to 0.009 m
Rate of Fire 90 to 100 ms
Damage 10 to 12

Bolt Damage 40 to 35
Rate of Fire 1200 to 1400 ms
Max Ammo 20 to 15

Rate of Fire 90 to 100 ms
Damage 10 to 12
Rate of Fire 110 to 100 ms
Beam Radius 0.13 to 0.12 m

Super Nailgun
Rate of Fire 110 to 100 ms

Lightning Gun
Beam Radius 0.13 to 0.12 m

Item Physics
All items that fall from dead players (shards, weapons, power-ups, flags, souls, stroyent, health) all have physics, falling outward from the origin of the dead player down to the ground.

Capture the Flag
Round Timelimit changed from 10 to 8 mins

Sounds Updates
We reduced the volume of map ambient sounds by half for a more enjoyable gameplay experience
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November Patch Update 17.11.18 (15 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 11:30 CST, 17 November 2018 - iMsg
(more in the article)

We’ll be deploying an update on 17.11.2018 that includes a new Champion: Eisen, a fresh rotation of weekly Arcade Modes, a ton of Champion + Weapon Balance Changes and Map Performance Optimization. We estimate the update process will take from 8AM EST – 2PM EST (11AM GMT to 6PM GMT).



Starting Statistics:
Health 125/100
Armor 50/100
Speed 310

Active Ability: SENTRY TURRET
Places an automated turret that tracks enemies and fires hyperblaster laser bolts

Passives: SALVAGE
SALVAGE - Reduce ability time cooldown by by 10% when collecting Light Armors & 20% when collecting Heavy Armor


Starting next week - get ready to start support Quake Esports with the Invitational Bundle! Available for a limited time, and comes with Quake 3 Plasmagun, 200 Platinum, 2 Reliquaries, and 7 Day XP boost. Allows unlimited purchases!

You guys loved UNHOLY TRINITY & HOT ROCKETS so much, we’re leaving them in the Arcade Playlist all month with the final slot being the weekly rotation of new arcade modes (listed below). Also, for all Sacrifice lovers, we’re adding Sac back to the November Quick Play! #SacIsBack


A brand new way to queue up and play! The Arcade is a weekly rotation of rule modifiers that shake up how you play Quake Champions in fun, different ways. This month we’re introducing three new modes (in order of appearance):

Instagib Classic:
Visor-only, no abilities

Insta Mystery:
Random Champions, Active & Passive abilities deal insta-damage

Mystery Sacrifice:
Utilize the random champions you receive to capture and defend the obelisks

Map Performance Optimization

Improved game performance on the following maps:
Corrupted Keep
Longest Yard

New Feature: Post-match Victory Animations

On post-match podiums you’ll notice that Champions now have new individual victory animations. More to come on this in upcoming updates…


Added Weapon Position game option, allowing players to force all weapons to the center or right of the screen, or choose to keep them at their vanity weapon defaults
Bot combat logic improved
Added two additional tiers of bot difficulty



Reduced damage of all damage dealing abilities
Cooldowns unified at 45 sec
All active abilities disable shooting for 500 ms
Walk speeds unified at 160 ups
All ability explosion radiuses unified to 3 m
All explosion min splash damage unified to 10

All Light Champions

Max AP 50 to 75
Overmax AP 125 to 150

All Heavy Champions

Max AP 150 to 125
Overmax AP 225 to 200


Max AP 50 to 75
Overmax AP 125 to 150
View Height 0.66 to 0.9
Crouch Height 0.38 to 0.5
Disable shooting after injection 750 to 500 ms
Disable zooming after injection 1350 to 500 ms


Collision damage while grappling 50 to 25
Max AP 50 to 75
Overmax AP 125 to 150
Disable shooting after grapple throw 480 to 500 ms
Disable zooming after grapple throw 480 to 500 ms

B.J. Blazkowicz

Walk speed 155 to 160 ups
Disable shooting after initiating dual-wield 0 to 500 ms
Disable zooming after initiating dual-wield 0 to 500 ms
VO updated, now using the voice of Brian Bloom, BJ from MachineGame’s Wolfenstein series

Dual-Wield Rate of Fires

Gauntlet 1.6x to 1.25x
Machinegun 1.5x to 1.25x
Shotgun 2x to 1.25x
Tri-bolt 2x to 1.25x
Rocket Launcher 2x to 1.25x
Lightning Gun 1.45x to 1.25x
Railgun 2x to 1.25x


Max AP 150 to 125
Overmax AP 225 to 200
Mining Drill rate of fire 52 to 125 ms
Mining Drill damage 7 to 10
Shield hide time 0.9 to 1 sec
Disable shooting after active ability expires 0 to 500 ms
Walk speed 150 to 160 ups

Death Knight

Flame trail duration after impact 6 to 2 sec
Flame trail direct contact damage 5 to 0
Flame strike direct damage 40 to 25
Flame strike max splash damage 40 to 25
Flame strike min splash damage 20 to 10
Flame strike radius 2 to 3 m
Fire Dot 5 to 10 damage per tick
Fire Dot 5 to 10 second duration
Walk speed 155 to 160 ups

DOOM Slayer

Cooldown 50 to 45
Hands raise time 0.4 to 0.8 sec
Walk speed 155 to 160 ups


Health 125/100
Armor 50/100
Speed 310
Cooldown 45
Sentry turret fov 140
Sentry turret damage 15
Sentry turret rate of fire 250 ms (60 dps)
Sentry turret projectile speed 40 m/s
Sentry turret projectile accel 20 m/s
Sentry turret health 120
Sentry Turret hit-sphere integrated (Easier to hit Sentry Turrets)


Cooldown 35 to 45 sec
Disable shooting after totem toss 430 to 500 ms
Disable zooming after totem toss 430 to 500 ms
Normal Totem damage 75 to 50
Upgraded Totem damage 50 to 75
Totem radius 2.5 to 3
Totems now remove all debuff effects, like fire and acid dots
Walk speed 155 to 160 ups


Max AP 150 to 125
Overmax AP 225 to 200
Cooldown 50 to 45
Disable shooting after grenade 0 to 500 ms
Disable zooming after grenade 0 to 500 ms
Grenade swarm delay between shots 400 to 500 ms
Grenade swarm min splash damage 15 to 10
Grenade damage 75 to 50
Walk speed 150 to 160 ups


Max AP 50 to 75
Overmax AP 125 to 150
Cooldown 40 to 45
Disable shooting after leaving ghostwalk 0 to 500 ms
Ghostwalk leaving ghostwalk fade out time 400 to 500 ms
Ghostwalk telefrag damage 75 to 100


Cooldown 25 to 45 sec
Disable shooting after throw 250 to 500 ms
Disable zooming after dire orb throw 250 to 500 ms
Dire Orb Fly Through Damage 100 to 25
Dire Orb max splash damage 100 to 75
Dire Orb min splash damage 0 to 10
Dire Orb telefrag damage 8000 to 100
Walk speed 155 to 160 ups


Max AP 150 to 125
Overmax AP 225 to 200
Cooldown 30 to 45
Disable shooting after Bull Rush 300 to 500 ms
Ability Knockback 125 to 100
Bull Rush Knockback Vertical Offset 0 to 8u
Heavy Weight Multiplier 1.25 to 1.0

Bull Rush damage:

75 > 300 ups
100 > 400 ups
125 > 500 ups
150 > 600 ups
200 > 700 ups

100 > 320 ups
Knockback increased

Heavy Weight damage:

50 > 400 ups
75 > 320 ups
100 > 500 ups
150 > 600 ups

100 > 320 ups
Knockback increased
Walk speed 150 to 160 ups


Max AP 50 to 75
Overmax AP 125 to 150
Crouch speed 160 to 272 ups
Crouch slide friction 1.0 to 1.3
Cooldown 30 to 45
Plasma trail max explosion damage 50 to 25
Plasma trail min splash damage 12 to 10


Max AP 150 to 125
Overmax AP 225 to 200
Cooldown 35 to 45
Disable shooting after first acid spit 750 to 1300 ms (500 ms after last spit)
Disable zooming after first acid spit 600 to 1300 ms (500 ms after last spit)
Spit direct damage 40 to 15
Spit direct knockback 5 to 10
Spit player collision projectile size 0.2 to 0.5 m
Acid Dot 5 to 10 second duration
Acid Pool lifetime 9 to 10 sec
Walk speed 150 to 160 ups

Strogg & Peeker

Cooldown 35 to 45
Peeker hyperblaster damage 20 to 10
Peeker hyperblaster rate of fire 110 to 125 ms
Peeker hyperblaster shot accel 13 to 20 m/s
Peeker delay before charge 750 to 500 ms
Walk speed 155 to 160 ups


Cooldown 50 to 45
Walk Speed 155 to 160 ups


Rocket Launcher

Projectile speed 27.5 to 25 m/s (1100 to 1000 ups)
Min splash damage 15 to 10

Lightning Gun

Damage 7 to 6
Rate of fire 52 to 48 ms (134 to 125 dps)
In-Air Knockback Multiplier 1.65 to 1.8
Ground Knockback Multiplier 1.25 to 1.4


Direct damage 45 to 40
Max splash damage 45 to 40
Min splash damage 4 to 10



Unified weapon ammo pick-up behaviors between modes, so the behavior you experience in FFA is also now present in Duel

Now all weapons will fill you to their starting pickup value if you are low on ammo. If you have the starting ammo value or greater for a weapon and you pick-up the gun again, it will only grant you +1 for low rate of fire weapons or +10 for high rate of fire weapons.


All power-ups, in all modes, now initially spawn at 90 sec and then respawn every 2 minutes afterwards. (Doing away with inconsistent rules between game modes. - - Previously power-ups spawned at 45 sec in Sacrifice, 80 sec in Slipgate, and 120 sec in DM/TDM.)

Health Pickups

All health pickups now remove all debuff effects, like fire and acid dots
Small Health can now be consumed when over max health, if the player has a debuff effect

Blood Pools

Blood Pools now remove all debuff effects, like fire and acid dots


Exit speeds are now based only off of your horizontal velocity (ups), no longer taking your vertical (falling) velocity into account
Exit speeds are now capped at 1000 ups

Armor Protection / Protection / Spawn Protection

Rate changed from 0.66 to 0.67 to address inaccurate health/armor split values



Abilities are still present but only deal normal damage
Only Railgun and Gauntlet deal insta-damage


Players can no longer join mid-round. Players & bots that join during the round will remain spectators until the next round begins
Fixed inaccurate Quad VO that could occur between rounds
Decreased round transition times in Slipgate


Increased Sacrifice capture time from 60 to 90 seconds
Increased Sacrifice Tourney capture time from 60 to 150 seconds

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October Patch Update 11.10.18 (Balance changes) (34 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 23:12 CDT, 10 October 2018 - iMsg
by Joshua Boyle


We’ll be deploying an update on 11.10.2018 that includes a new mode: Slipgate, a new Champion: Athena, a fresh rotation of weekly Arcade Modes, the Quake 4 Heavy Machinegun Vanity Skin “Annihilator”, Champion & Weapon Balance Changes and Game Hardening (performance gains). We estimate the update process will take from 8AM EDT – 2PM EDT (11AM GMT to 6PM GMT).




Choose any champion, all weapons have been removed from the map, however you spawn with the unholy trinity – Rocket Launcher, Railgun, & Lightning gun & NOW WITH A TEAM FULL OF FRIENDS! Armor and health are still present on the map. Practice your combos!

Everybody’s Scalebearer in a Free For All Deathmatch where Bull Rush is an insta-kill on your enemies. So, basically, it’s an Insta Scaletrain to ChooChoo town!

Put your keys in the bowl and… No, not THAT kind of party!!! Everybody’s Athena in a Free for All Deathmatch where a direct Grappling Hook shot on an enemy Athena is an insta-kill. So, basically, it’s a SWINGER’S PARTY.

Remember Sacrifice? Well, it’s that, but now w/ a shorter cap time - down from two-and-a-half minutes to just one minute!


Game Hardening
Quality Of Life

Hourglass pick-ups adjusted to reduce how quickly active abilities can be restored, reducing the number of available hourglasses and/or moving them to positions that favor the player out of control.
Awoken 5 to 6 (increased, but moved them from areas of power to areas of weakness)
Blood Covenant 10 to 6
Blood Run 7 to 6
Ruins of Sarnath 17 to 10
Tempest Shrine 15 to 13
The Molten Falls 9 to 7

Map Changes: Lockbox



All Champions

Adjusted View Heights to account for recent rescaling of player models - essentially this pass is updating all Champion in-game model sizes to reflect their hitbox changes that we have over many patches from Feburary to now
Unified Crouch Speeds
Light Champions increased from 80 to 160u
Medium Champions increased from 77 to 160u
Heavy Champions increased from 75 to 160u

*Slash’s changes noted below

**Scale = Model Scale + Hitbox

Raised View Height 0.65 to 0.66m

B.J. Blazkowicz
Lowered View Height 0.58 to 0.56m

Scale 1.175 to 1.15x
Lowered View Height 0.68 to 0.58m
Further Reduced Hitbox Size

Death Knight
Lowered View Height 0.555 to 0.52m
Flame Strike direct damage 50 to 40
Flame Strike splash damage 51 to 30
Flame Strike radius 3 to 2m (120 to 80u)

DOOM Slayer
Lowered View Height 0.75 to 0.6m
Hands Raise Time 0.3 to 0.4s

Scale 1.1 to 1.2x
Lowered View Height 0.62 to 0.6m
Further Increased Hitbox Size

Scale 1.15 to 1.22x
Hitbox size reduced (had too much padding after scaling)

Scale 1.15 to 1.175x
Lowered View Height 0.65 to 0.64m
Bull Rush Damages Adjusted from 50/75/100/150/200 to 75/100/125/150/200

Lowered View Height 0.78 to 0.6m
Crouch Speed 85% to 50% (272 to 160u)
Crouch Slide Friction 1.3 to 1.0

Scale 1.1 to 1.0x
Lowered View Height 0.7 to 0.58m
Bunny Hop Acceleration 0.02 to 0.05

Strogg & Peeker
Lowered View Height 0.58 to 0.56m


Lightning Gun
Cooldown 55 to 52ms (18 to 19 shots per second) resulting in a very slight DPS boost of 1 more hit per second

More in the link, I only highlight some
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Play all-new mode Slipgate and earn special rewards (52 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 19:07 CDT, 8 October 2018 - iMsg

October update:

A new game mode is on its way to Quake Champions, pitting players against each other in fierce 4-on-4 combat for control of the reality-smashing Slipgate! What better way to celebrate this fun new mode than with a special event?

Just in time for the October Update, we’re excited to announce the Slipgate Festival!


Starting October 11, players can log into Quake Champions and play the new Slipgate mode to earn special rewards for the whole community! The task is simple – complete Slipgate matches and work together towards the Festival’s milestones.

New rewards are unlocked as Quakers worldwide rack up enough Slipgate matches to reach each milestone. To be eligible these rewards, you will need to have at least played one match of Slipgate during the Festival before the event concludes October 31.


Kickoff: The Tentacle skin for your starting weapons! This reward will be automatically granted to all who log in and participate in the event between October 11 – 31, easy as that!

100,000 Community Matches: Shoot in style with the ANNIHILATOR!

500,000 Community Matches: Lead the way with your very own Scalebearer Lore Skin!

1,000,000 Community Matches: Help reach ONE MILLION Slipgate matches and you’ll earn the latest Champion: Athena!

That’s right – you can permanently unlock Quake Champions’ latest addition just by contributing to the Slipgate Festival! Though Slipgate Festival participants can unlock Athena permanently if the community achieves the one million Slipgate matches milestone, she will also be playable for free on a trial basis for the duration of the event.

Did you already unlock Athena through the Champions Pack? No sweat – you’ll still be rewarded in the form of her Lore Skin!


The more people joining in, the faster you’ll achieve the community milestones! Get your fellow Quakers involved by sharing your Slipgate Festival experience on social media using the #Slipgate hashtag.

Don’t forget to also follow Quake Champions on Twitter to keep up to date on all things Quake. Best of luck in the Slipgate Festival!

MortalEmperor explains the counting system:

Each player in a match played adds a point to the total, so 8 players in 1 match would be treated as "8 matches played," rather than 1 match played. The goal is ABSOLUTELY achievable if the community works together to reach it!
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September Patch Update 06.09.18 (51 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 20:35 CDT, 5 September 2018 - iMsg

We’ll be deploying an update on 06.09.2018 that includes a new map: Longest Yard, Arcade Modes, Quake 2’s Super Shotgun Vanity Skin “Trespasser”, Champion & Weapon Balance Changes and performance polish. We estimate the update process will take from 8AM EDT – 2PM EDT (11AM GMT to 6PM GMT).
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Longest Yard is coming (115 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 23:43 CDT, 17 August 2018 - iMsg
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August Patch Update 02.08.18 (80 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 22:01 CDT, 1 August 2018 - iMsg

New champion: Death Knight

Medium Champion
100 hp, 50/100 ap

Active Ability - Flame Strike
Summon a spread-fire of 3 fireballs from the swing of your sword that leave a trail of fire in their wake and engulf your enemies in flames

Passives: Charring & Forged Skin
Death Knight can catch opponents on fire with his flaming gauntlet and is resistant to fire & lava

And lot more updates in the link
Zoom sens, Hiding hit marker option, Tutorial update...
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July Patch Update 05.07.18 (110 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 20:48 CDT, 4 July 2018 - iMsg

- Added shiny "Q" logo on lootboxes
- Clutch's Shield got buffed again
- Seem like the playlists still there
- New map
- LG buff, faster RoF (58 to 55 ms)
- No Tribolt damage nerf, but slower projectile speed and longer detonate time (0.5s to 0.6s)

More update in the link
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JUNE PATCH UPDATE 07.06.2018 (157 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 21:23 CDT, 6 June 2018 - iMsg

pretty much the same as the pts patch
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PTS Patch notes 5/23/1018 (11 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 22:52 CDT, 23 May 2018 - iMsg
Credit to u/Alphastyle on reddit
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APRIL PATCH UPDATE 26.04.18 (71 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 19:46 CDT, 25 April 2018 - iMsg


We’ll be deploying an update on 26.04.2018 that includes the new duo Champion: Strogg & Peeker, a new map Awoken, a new Super Nailgun vanity weapon: the Disruptor, and many quality of life improvements. We estimate the update process will take from 7AM EDT – 2PM EDT (11AM GMT to 6PM GMT).



Ability Drone Strike: Strogg enters a camouflaged state and deploys his drone. He assumes control of the drone, which can fly around and shoot at players using its Hyperblaster. Using the ability again causes the drone to accelerate forward and detonate upon collision.

Passive Stroyent Cell: Gather Stroyent capsules from your corpses of his enemies that heal his wounds.


In the vine-choked valleys beyond Zar’s templed terraces, a monument to the Queen of Ciphers looms over what remains of the Temple of Forgetting.

Available in all modes with the exception of Sacrifice!


The QUAKE 3 Plasma Gun returns, upgrading your standard issue Super Nailgun with plasma nails that rapidly consume its energy… and your enemies.


Daily Login Rewards
Updated Welcome Screen
Updated Battle Report
Spawn Protection
Optimized Weapon FX
Leaderboard Improvements
Weapon Stay Ammo Updates
Rune Book UI Tutorial
New Champion Balance



Increased the base movement speed for all Light and Medium Champions
Preserved the uncapped max speeds for most Champions but applied speed caps for Champions with special movement mechanics – sacrificing their max speed in favor of maneuverability
Increased the air acceleration for all Champions (except Visor), for improved dodging and strafe jumping
Anarki / Sorlag air control is more fluid, but gain less speed on initial jumps
Slash crouchslide is now more fluid
Ranger Dire Orb splash radius reduced
Health and Armor Decay rates unified for all Champions
Active Ability Cooldowns adjusted



Base Speed 300 to 310
Max Speed 2000 to 680
Friction 3.5 to 9
Air Acceleration 0.6 to 0.7991675

Air Control
Move Speed 25 to 35
Circle Strafe Friction 3.5 to 15

Duration 10 to 5
HP/AP Decay Rate 0.66 to 1.0 sec


Base Speed 300 to 310
Air Acceleration 0.8 to 0.8790843
Cooldown 45 to 40 sec
Regeneration Activation Delay reduced from 3 to 2 sec


Starting Armor 150 to 125
Max Speed 2000 to 800
Air Acceleration 0.6 to 0.8533334
HP/AP Decay Rate 2 to 1 sec

Cooldown 40 to 45
Hide Time 0.5 to 1.0 sec

Disallow Ground Dodge, now Air-Dodge only
Speed Cap 691 to 450
Power 8 to 9.02 (310 to 350 ups)

Forward Acceleration
Gear Shift Steps 380/440/500 to 350/400/450
Acceleration 70/60/50 to 50/40/30
Stable Time Before Shifts 1.0 to 1.25


Base Speed 300 to 310
Air Acceleration 0.8 to 0.8790843


Base Speed 300 to 310
Air Acceleration 0.75 to 0.8790843
Cooldown 25 to 30


Air Acceleration 0.6 to 0.9102222
HP/AP Decay Rate 2 to 1 sec


Base Speed 300 to 310
Air Acceleration 0.8 to 0.9057232
Cooldown 40 to 45
HP/AP Decay Rate 0.66 to 1.0 sec
Added Easy Strafe
Help Acceleration 0.1
Max Help Speed 400 ups


Base Speed 300 to 310
Air Acceleration 0.8 to 0.8790843

Dire Orb
Coldown 20 to 25 sec
Splash Radius 3.5 to 3.0
Telefrag Radius 1.0 to 0.6


Air Acceleration 0.6 to 0.9102222
HP/AP Decay Rate 2 to 1 sec
Added Easy Strafe
Help Acceleration 0.1
Max Help Speed 400 ups


Base Speed 300 to 310
Max Speed 2000 to 680
Air Acceleration 0.6 to 0.7991675
HP/AP Decay Rate 0.66 to 1.0 sec

Max Time 8 to 6
Friction 1.5 to 1.3


Max Speed 2000 to 680
Friction 6 to 9
Air Acceleration 0.6 to 0.8533334

Acid Spit
Acid Pool Lifetime 6 to 9 sec

Air Control
Move Speed 25 to 35
Circle Strafe Friction 6 to 15

Bunny Hop
Max Help Speed 500 to 400
HP/AP Decay Rate 2 to 1 sec


Base Speed 300 to 320
Max Speed 2400 to 2000
Air Acceleration 1.0 (unchanged)
Cooldown 40 to 45 sec



Splash Radius 128 to 120u
Projectile Speed 1200 to 1100 ups
Minimum Splash Damage increased from 1 to 15



Damage Absorption 60% to 66%



Fixed an issue where the crash reporter wasn't working
Fixed issue where direct hits on a moving target with projectiles may not deal damage
Fixed an issue where after long Join In Progress teammates markers were red
Fixed an issue where client could not launch on low preset
Fixed an issue where client could get stuck at Ready state if server crashed
Fixed an issue on the Battle report screen when medals appeared
Fixed an issue in Instagib, where armor shards were dropped from killed player
Fixed an issue in Instagib where environmental hazards were not damaging the player properly
Fixed an issue where vanity items were not fully visible when unlocked in Backpacks / Chests / Reliquaries
Fixed an issue where Map geometry did not load properly in Sacrifice areas
Fixed some issues where Multiple Players could spawn in the same spot on certain maps
Fixed various issues where Opponents could spawn near each other
Fixed an issue where Brazilian Portuguese localization was not showing up properly
Fixed an issue where Quad SVX had a very intense glow
Fixed an issue where Railgun did not penetrate through players
Fixed an issue where User was unable to change their Target Display
Fixed an issue with a disabled "Start Game" button when inviting another user to Custom Game
Fixed an issue where Vale of Pnath: Players can respawn within line of sight of other players near the Mega Armor
Fixed an issue where Vanity railguns will leave red decals around maps in various locations
Fixed an issue where Voice chat: Voice Chat Controls key bind is not reset when using the Default option
Fixed issues with champions jitter while moving
Fixed render issue with sparks on Ruins of Sarnath
Fixed server spike on players respawn


Fixed an issue where Ranked v: Spectator in game scoreboard does not match post-game scoreboard
Fixed issue where spectators see their own Level Progression Bar and Daily Challenges when viewing the Scoreboard
Fixed issue where Spectator Arrow indicators persist on players after x-ray is turned off


April Balance changes
Fixed circle strafe friction parameter
Fixed incorrect auto-hop behavior
Fixed issue where BJ's passive did not work as expected
Fixed issue where Clutch could abuse his dashing ability by using macro
Fixed issue where DOOM SLAYER jittered when jumping
Fixed issue where DOOM SLAYER's speed was capped if he activated his ability before picking up Quad Damage
Fixed issue where Keel’s Grenades were able to go through Clutch’s Shield
Fixed issue for Missing Grenade Swarm SFX in first and third person
Fixed issues with strafe jump not working as expected
Fixed issue where Ranger might teleport to map origin when attempting to use Active Ability
Fixed issue where Sorlag's Acid Spit lasted a shorter duration than intended
Fixed an issue where Anarki's Bone Daddy flame effects were always on and not treated as separate attachments
Fixed an issue where BJ's Duel Wield ability ended when weapon swap occurs, manual or out of ammo
Fixed an issue where BJ levitated above the pregame column
Fixed an issue where champions could become invisible in 3rd person
Fixed an issue where DOOM SLAYER had his weapons in hands when in active ability
Fixed an issue where DOOM SLAYER’s equipped weapon may change after using his ability
Fixed an issue where DOOM SLAYER’s Berserk ability might not work properly when enemies are close together
Fixed an issue where killing with Galena's totem In the Instagib mode, was not counted as a frag
Fixed an issue in Instagib where Keel was not able to perform Grenade Jump
Fixed an issue where Large sized champions are not always able to damage the small sized champions with the gauntlet
Fixed an issue where player did not see a hit-mark when standing in the Acid Pool
Fixed an issue where Scalebearer ability did not go into cooldown when he died during its usage
Fixed an issue where Scalebearer ability did not start cool down process if champion died while using it
Fixed an issue where Scalebearer active ability SFX persisted
Fixed an issue where Scalebearer and Ranger lack 3rd person animation
Fixed an issue where The Goroth Ansht rune did not increment after earning 'Denied' medals against Slash
Fixed an issue where Winning a match of Duel, Deathmatch, Sacrifice or Team Deathmatch increased multiple other runes incorrectly
Fixed low res textures on DOOM SLAYER’s helmet


Fixed an issue where Blue light appeared when a player entered a blood pool for the first time
Fixed an issue where Credits did not work
Fixed various text issues
Removed an empty drop-down menu


Fixed an issue for Sacrifice where Lighting may become very bright in the Pillar Room on Blood Covenant
Fixed an issue where player could get stuck on a ladder on Lockbox
Fixed an issue where environmental hazards did not damage users when in an Instagib match
Fixed grey SFX on Acid bubble burst
Fixed an issue for Burial Chamber where Players could easily spawnkill from directly above spawn-point near HMG Jump pad
Fixed various map collision issues
Fixed various issues related to the dire orb allowing access to out-of-bounds areas
Fixed various liquid texture issues


Fixed an issue where it took too long for the muzzle flash to disappear after a shot
Fixed issue where Smoke trails from projectiles may originate from the map origin
Fixed an issue where there were no scorch marks on surfaces
Fixed an issue where The Constructor Nailgun would stop animating for a second when Quad Damage is picked up or expires
Fixed an issue where Tri-bolt Projectiles appeared inconsistently in third person
Fixed issue for Tri-bolt projectiles sometimes persisting in the world


Fixed issue where contact list wasn’t sorting properly
Fixed an issue where there were no Battle Reports after placement match
Fixed an issue where Weapon and Armor Shaders did not display rarity on the popup
Hit-marker art updated
Fixed an issue where there were no Champions on Death Screen in ranked Duel
Fixed an issue where doors in tutorial did not have proper indicators
Fixed an issue where the red cross tint for a dead Champion was not very visible
Fixed an issue where Sacrifice Tourney players in the spectator list become, “WWWWWWWWW” once the pre-match sequence starts
Fixed issue when Rune Challenges did not appear on scoreboard
Fixed an issue where Weapon Shader thumbnails appeared blue before they were fully loaded
Fixed an issue where arrow indicators persist on players after x-ray is turned off in spectator mode
Fixed an issue where the post-match podium did not appear in TDM
Fixed an issue where Users didn’t receive a notification of low funds when attempting to rent a Champion in the store
Fixed an issue where Rounds won did not show in Sacrifice
Fixed an issue where Some Champion's Health and Armor stats are incorrectly listed in many of the game's menus
Fixed an issue where Map geometry does not load properly in Sacrifice areas
Fixed an issue where Players could still spend their currency on Loot Boxes even if they owned the maximum amount
Fixed an issue where Arrow indicators persist on players after x-ray is turned off
Fixed an issue where there was no scoreboard on Post Match Ranked TDM in Custom games
Ping color coding added to indicate playable datacenters
Fixed an issue where Main Menu animation could continue to play in Customization screen
Fixed an issue where Daily Rewards screen could be closed by pressing Esc without getting any rewards


Fixed an issue where player received multiple identical challenges
Fixed an issue where Switching to another weapon while shooting from Railgun may result in a blank shot from Railgun
Fixed an issue where Super shotgun did not animate when reloading in first person
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Strogg Champion (99 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 21:16 CDT, 7 April 2018 - iMsg
i'll try to analyze the new champ, since no one does


Armor: 100

On kill, a small health pack is dropped (25hp)
Can be picked up by the enemy's Strogg

Active: Peeker (!?)
Strogg becomes invisible (still glowing red), immobile and still vulnerable

Summon a big drone that can be controlled
The drone can fly freely around
The drone shoots projectile, deals 10dmg per shot, has very high rate of fire and can kamikaze to deal burst dmg
The drone can "spot" enemy team, allow your teammates to see them through the wall

If Strogg died the drone will die too
The drone can be get shot down
Visor can see Strogg but not Peeker
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Community Livestream Summary for March 23 2018 (33 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 19:46 CDT, 23 March 2018 - iMsg
Thanks to u/divide on reddit

.A new champion will be coming in the next patch! It will be revealed at PAX East in Boston on April 7.

.Awoken. New duel map coming in April patch. This tweet and reddit post suggests it will also be open to TDM/FFA.

.New Plasma Gun skin for SNG. Coming in April patch.

.Quake II Rocket Launcher and new Tri-Bolt skin will be coming BEFORE the next patch. They wanted to test a new system where they can put something into a build without it showing up in the client immediately. These new skins will be unlocked "very soon".

.Quake II Rocket Launcher will be in reliquaries to start. [It sounds like you won't be able to unlock it with shards, at least right away, but this was unclear.]

.Speed changes are being tweaked continually. They want to retain the more strategic pace introduced with the speed changes, but they definitely want to make it feel more fluid. They are experimenting with different speeds and accelerations. Experiments will also probably be taking place on the PTS.

.They are also experimenting with rocket speed changes to improve dodging ability.

.Making changes to Slash's crouch slide so that it's not necessarily faster, but it's more fluid and smoother.

.Reducing radius of Dire Orb explosion. Especially in Instagib it was too powerful, and right now it is larger than it looks visually.

.Looking at potentially giving all champions the same HP/AP decay rate.

.Clutch's crab-hopping behavior, where you could hold crouch and spam dodges, has already been fixed for next patch.

Awoken could be open for DM
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MARCH PATCH UPDATE 15.03.18 (99 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 20:55 CDT, 14 March 2018 - iMsg

We’ll be deploying an update on 15.03.2018 that includes a new Instagib mode, Ranked 2v2 Team Deathmatch mode, a bunch of Champion and weapon balance changes as well as a ton of new cosmetics for our Spring Celebration! We estimate the update process will take place from 10AM EST - 2PM EST (2PM GMT to 6PM GMT).



Instagib is a fun, casual mode

In Instagib mode, every shot is a one-hit kill. Players start with the railgun and gauntlet, and there are no weapon, health, armor, or powerup pickups. Champions can use active and passive abilities, and cooldown hourglasses spawn on the map


2v2 TDM is a ranked mode where teams of two players face off

First team to reach 50 kills or the team with the most kills after 15 minutes expires wins


No Abilities

Ranked Play Updates

SR is now displayed on Ranked Nameplate
SR is now displayed in Profile/Main Menu
Rank icon hidden in unranked matches
Player level is hidden from other players in Quick Play

Play Incentives

Players will earn additional XP for their first match in each mode daily

Shorter Warmup Sequence

The warmup time before the match begins has been shortened. Additionally, players can now press the Escape key during the pre-warmup Champion screen to skip directly to the warmup

Weapon Stay

Weapon pickups on the map no longer have a cooldown only in Unranked & Quick Play


The Spring Celebration comes with new content players can unlock during the season of Cthalha:

Profile icons
Champion shaders – Pastels
Weapon shaders – Pastels

Spring headwear:

Unicorn Hat
Flower Crown
Eggshell Hat
New Life Branches
During the Spring Celebration, cherry blossom petals can be seen floating in the Main Menu
Players can find—and break!—Easter Eggs hidden throughout Cthalha's domain: Ruins of Sarnath and Tempest Shrine. (Ruins of Sarnath also has a more spring-like feel to the map!)



Max Armor 50 to 75
Base Speed 310 to 300
Max Strafe Speed 600 to 2000
Air Acceleration 1.1 to 0.6
Injection Speed Boost 1.25x to 1.20x


Base Speed 310 to 300
Max Strafe Speed 560 to 2000
Air Acceleration 1.0 to 0.8
Bunny Hop removed
Forward Acceleration removed


Scale 1.25 to 1.3 (Larger model & hitbox)
Starting Health 150 to 125
Starting Armor 100 to 150
Max Armor 175 to 150
Base Speed 290 to 300
Max Strafe Speed 320 to 2000
Air Acceleration 1.0 to 0.6
Forward Acceleration Gear Shift Steps 400/440/550 to 380/440/550
Forward Acceleration Gear Shift Time 0.5s to 1.0s
Dodge Min Time Delay 0 to 125 (Cooldown after a dodge. Prevents stair-dodge abuse.)
Dodge Min Cooldown 0 to 300 (Cooldown after landing. Prevents stair-dodge abuse.)
Dodge Soft Speed Cap 0 to 690 (Prevents dodging when moving over 690 ups.)
Dodge Forward/Strafe Power 10 to 8
Dodge Up Power 0.3 to 0.2
Mining Drill Rate of Fire 50ms to 58ms (Lowers DPS from 140 to 120)
Mining Drill Range 8000u to 1200u
Mining Drill Radius 0.10 to 0.15


Base Speed 310 to 300
Max Strafe Speed 520 to 2000
Air Acceleration 1.0 to 0.8
Forward Acceleration removed


Base Speed 310 to 300
Max Strafe Speed 600 to 2000
Air Acceleration 0.8 to 0.75
Bunny Hop removed
Forward Acceleration removed


Starting Health 175 to 150
Max Strafe Speed 480 to 2000
Forward Acceleration removed
Air Acceleration 1.0 to 0.6


Base Speed 320 to 300
Max Strafe Speed 640 to 2000
Air Acceleration 1.0 to 0.8


Base Speed 320 to 300
Max Strafe Speed 600 to 2000
Air Acceleration 1.0 to 0.8
Wall Jump Forward Impulse 0.2 to 0.35
Bunny Hop removed
Forward Acceleration removed


Starting Health 175 to 150
Starting Armor 25 to 50
Base Speed 290 to 300
Max Strafe Speed 480 to 2000
Air Acceleration 0.8 to 0.6
Forward Accel Max Strafe Speed 520 to 500
Forward Acceleration 1.0 to 0.85
Increased damage from Bull Rush from 25 to 50 dmg @ 300-399 ups from 50 to 75 dmg @ 400-499 ups


Starting Health 125 to 100
Base Speed 310 to 300
Max Strafe Speed 600 to 2000
Air Acceleration 1.0 to 0.6
Crouchslide Friction 0.8 to 1.5
Plasma Trail Speed Boost 1.35x to 1.20x
Forward Acceleration removed


Starting Armor 50 to 25
Base Speed 290 to 300
Max Strafe Speed 520 to 2000
Air Acceleration 1.1 to 0.6
Crouch Jump enabled (jumppad ledge grab)
Air Control Maximum Move Speed 35 to 25
Air Control Circle Strafe Friction 5.5 to 1.0
Bunny Hop Acceleration 0.1 to 0.02
Bunny Hop Drag Speed added at 400u
Forward Acceleration removed


Base Speed 310 to 300
Max Strafe Speed (2400)
Air Acceleration 1.2 to 1.0


Client side hit registration for Sorlag Spit
Client side hit registration for Keel's Grenades
Client side hit registration for Clutch's Mining Laser


Fixed the issue where champion movement was affected by FPS for all champs
Fixed issues where all champions with bunny hop got speed increases when crouched while jumping
Fixed Champions Animations where Hitboxes became misaligned through problems with idle animation

Fixed an issue where Sorlag could be attacked with hitscan weapons when she was behind the enemy player
Fixed issues where Champions in the menu were loaded for a long time when switching between them
Clutch's overall speed cap is 1000 ups (though he can still strafe jump over that) and his dodge speed cap is 690 ups
Fixed a crash with B.J. Blazkowicz when swapping from Gauntlet to slow fire weapons near the end of his ability while shooting
Fixed issue when Attacking while Berserking with DOOM Slayer might not work properly when enemies are close together
Fixed issue where Slash would lose speed on Blood Covenant when Crouch-sliding through the blood pool



Damage 8 to 9


Knockback 1 to 2


Reload 75ms to 100ms
Knockback 13.5 to 5
In-Air Knockback 15 to 5
Self-Knockback 22.5 to 30


Reload 200ms to 150ms


Knockback 3 to 4


Knockback 12 to 5
In-air Knockback 10 to 5
Self-Knockback 22.5 to 30
Splash Damage 14 to 15
Splash Radius 0.3 to 0.5


Reload 1100ms to 1000ms
Splash Damage 120 to 150 (40x3 to 50x3)


Splash Radius 3.3 to 3.2


Knockback 9 to 8


Zoomed Damage 90 to 100
In-Air Knockback 68 to 80


Pentagram of Protection

Previously absorbed 75% of damage received to carrier, now absorbs 60% of damage received


Fixed issue where exceeding 200+ fps caused Players keyboard/mouse input to be duplicated or repeated


Fixed numerous issues with Ranger being able to reach 'out of bounds' areas by using the Dire Orb
Fixed various corrupted Keep collision issues
Fixed an issue in Ruins of Sarnath where the lighting at Heavy Armor section appeared too dark
Fixed issue on Burial Chamber where invisible collision would stop Ranger's Dire Orb in midair


Fixed the issue preventing Players to cycle Chat Channels at the end of the match
Fixed the issue causing chat at the end of the match to print in Global Chat
Fixed the issue in Chat after the Party Host left, other party members weren't able to type in Party Chat
Fixed incorrect notifications in chat when player was added in the ignore list


Driver check window added on launch
Ranked and unranked modes separated in UI
Battle report has been centered
Scroll bar color changed to red
Fixed issue for Keel Ability HUD not updating properly
Death column has been removed from Unranked modes
Fixed issue when Friends in Player’s list have Follow button next to Invite button
Added 'Matches-left' by the Player in the Match Statistics
Fixed an issue where Rank icons were not shown within matches
Fixed issue after login when players had no DC checked
Fixed issue where Spectator hint list was missing the Killer camera mode command key
Fixed issue on Scoreboard where a flag might overlap the ping value
Fixed issue in Tutorial where instructional text reverted when the Player picked up Heavy Machinegun while in the Firing Range
Fixed various misspellings in the UI


Fixed issues for Players spawning in the same location multiple times in a row
Fixed issue when Player briefly spawns into the origin of all maps during JSIP
Fixed issue in Burial Chamber for respawning too close to Heavy Machine Gun
Fixed issue where champions could move while in respawn animation


Fixed issue where Players became stuck on the "Connecting to server..." screen
Fixed issue when Play button is greyed out when a Player attempts to join a session in progress multiple times into the same match
Improved Nvidia driver crash logging
Added client side hit detection updates


Added Client hitreg for Tri-bolt
Added Client hitreg for shotgun
Rocket launcher with low ammo now has proper unique animation
Railgun Through-shot is now client hitreg
Added Client hitreg for Machinegun
Added Client hitreg for Gauntlet
Lag compensated projectiles added with client hitreg for Nailgun
Fixed Crash which occurred when swapping from Gauntlet to slow fire weapons near end of BJ's ability
Fixed issue when Direct Rocket hit may deal no damage
Fixed issue where Explosion effects, damage, and knock-back could be de-synced for Keel's Grenade Swarm or the Tri-bolt


Fix added for Crash to Desktop issue while loading into the game
Fixed crash for when Player switched to RL on the end of BJB active ability
Fixed other misc. crash issues
Fixed a crash which occurred after Closing or force quitting the game
Fixed crash after being Alt-tabbed for an extended period of time
Fixed issue where Server may crash after extended play in sacrifice


XP system updated to make earning levels significantly easier
Fixed issue where Low health audio persisted on post-match lineup
Fixed issue where Gore floats when a Player is killed on certain maps
Fixed issue where Player Gore had weapon collision
Fixed issue when Spectators will not load in until 1 minute has been reached in the match warmup
Fixed issue when Players can become stuck on loading screen and crash after they quit a match
Fixed issue when Spectator could get stuck in coordinates after loading into the game
Fixed issue when Player has been spectator in lobby but loaded into the game as a player
Fixed issue in Ranked where Players would receive a loss when teammates and enemy teams quits ranked match
Fixed issue where Usernames or Passwords that included special characters were unable to link accounts
Fixed issue for Bundle Codes where some Players didn’t receive all intended items after linking accounts
Fixed issue where Medal progress was saved even when players quit mid-match
Contacts are now sorted by Online and Offline status
Fixed issue where Long Fall scream audio is faint or nonexistent for Ranger
Fixed issue on Post-Match Sequence where not all teammates appear on the victory podium
Fixed issues where Champion item previews had issues when using the zoom function

Reload time means Rate of fire
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[PC Gamer] What's next for Quake Champions (43 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 05:19 CDT, 14 March 2018 - iMsg
By Evan Lahti

Tim Willits talks about Quake's next patch, new players, and what characters would be fun to add to id's arena FPS.

This Thursday, one of my favorite shooters is adding one of my favorite modes: instagib, the railguns-only, one-hit-kill format made popular in '90s arena FPSes like Unreal Tournament. Instagib is a great fit for Quake Champions' speedy movement. I loved the simplicity of it when I played on Champions' test server last week, seen in the clips in this article. There's plenty of intensity, but it's also an invitation to turn your brain off a little, level the playing field, and not worry about competing for powerups and pickups.

More's on the way in the March 15 update: 2v2 ranked team deathmatch, a 'no abilities' custom game mode for players who want the purest Quake possible, and some fresh, spring and Easter-themed cosmetics. I called up id studio director Tim Willits to chat about the near term changes coming to Champions, and on id's approach to making its skillful FPS accessible to newcomers without sacrificing the spirit of Quake.

PC Gamer: What's the appeal of instagib in 2018?

Tim Willits: One of the great things about instagib is it’s a single shot, a single kill. Everybody can get frags. Players don’t mind getting killed. What they mind is not getting frags. They want to get their kills. And one of the fun things about Quake Champions is that we have active abilities for all the champions. On its surface, you may say, “Well, that’s not going to be fair [in instagib].” Galena can throw out a totem and it can kill somebody. Keel can throw a grenade and it can kill somebody. But that’s actually the really fun part of it. We’ve played instagib without abilities and it wasn’t as much fun. You have these abilities that really add a lot of fun, over the top excitement to a really simple game mode. You spawn in, you get the rail, you run around and shoot.

And I know when you say everyone has a rail and it’s one shot one kill, it makes people worried. "Well, I’m not very good. That may be too much for me." But the exact opposite is true, because everybody can click the button and shoot. You will hit somebody, and especially with the abilities. Like Keel. Just throw some grenades out and hit somebody and you’ll kill them. It’s actually a ton of fun.

How do you continue to make Quake Champions welcoming for newcomers while keeping its DNA as a high-skill game in tact?

Your question is the big question. That’s the thing we’re most focused on. Because yes, you’re right. The wide range of players that games need to appeal to today is very vast … When we first announced the game, that we were going to have abilities, and people were freaking out—but everyone was like, “Yep, this is good, we’re happy with this, we can see this, we understand the meta.” We have the hardcore Quake players. One of the reasons that we’re still in Early Access is we’re working on ways to help everybody else into the game. And of course a game mode where you can jump in and run around and shoot people [instagib] is a step in that direction. That’s not the whole step. Doing things like some spawn protection, some help system stuff, that’s there. But we are working on a—for lack of a better description, a new player experience. It’s still kind of early. We’re still kind of figuring out exactly what that is, so I don’t want to get into it too much.

But we understand that if we’re to be successful, we need to make Quake as inviting as it can to new people. Because once you fall in love with Quake you’ll love it forever. But to get over that initial barrier, sometimes it’s challenging. We’re working hard to make it as easy as possible. That’s, like I said—the game modes that are easier to play, changes to the champions and balancing them to make them more accessible—for instance, we added an acceleration to some of the champions that can get you up to top speed without having to strafe jump. Now, the pros already strafe jump, and they never knew that we added it. But the people that can’t strafe jump as well can still get up to that speed. They’re like, “Whoa, this is nice, this feels good, this feels like I can compete.” It’s game modes. It’s systems like that. And then we are working on something that can help feed people in that we hope to finish and that would be a great way to exit out of early access.

One way of doing that might be getting more Bethesda characters into Champions. You've got B.J. Blazkowicz in there. Who's next?

We are in a very unique position in the Bethesda family to leverage some of the greatest IP in the video game industry today. We do have things planned. I don’t want to announce anything. But we’re very fortunate to have some really cool characters from all the games that we work with. And the great thing is, the other studios and the other teams have been really supportive and encouraging.

It’s really been kind of fun, in the Bethesda family, to talk to the guys about which champion we should get in, and their active abilities. Everyone has some cool ideas. “Oh, it would be fun if this guy did that. It would be fun if she did this!” So yes, look forward to it. We’re really excited. And we still have a lot of great champions that exist in the Quake franchise that will soon be making their way into the game as well.

Completely unrelated: who owns Commander Keen in 2018?

Ah, that’s us. That’s still id Software. We’ve actually talked a lot about Keen and what his active ability would be. Who would you like to see? In the whole Bethesda family, who would you like to see and what should their active ability be?

...The Dragonborn?

With dragon shout. Oh, yeah. People would die if we put that in. For me, Corvo and Emily are good characters because they already have so many different abilities. It would be hard to pick which one would work well. But we have Nyx already. Emily has her Blink, which is really cool. It’s tough to figure out. But yeah, there are some cool characters that we have in the Bethesda family.

Will Quake Champions leave Early Access this year?

Probably? Again, I honestly don’t know, because I want to make sure everything is as good as it can be. Remember, we leave Early Access and everyone jumps in the pool. We want to make sure that when people jump in the pool, the pool is correct. It’s hard to say. But that’s definitely what I’m targeting.
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JANUARY PATCH UPDATE 25.01.18 (111 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 21:43 CST, 24 January 2018 - iMsg

We’ll be deploying an update on 25.01.2018 that includes: Phase 1 of our new hit detection system, many quality of life items and Champion balance changes. We estimate the update process will take place from 8AM EST - 3PM EST (1PM GMT to 8PM GMT).

Phase 1: (NOW LIVE) Weapon hits are now detected client-side on our new capsule based hit skeletons, validated server-side. More details in our upcoming Dev Diary video

Phase 2: (TBD) Move Champion Ability hit detection to the new capsule skeletons

Premium Weapon Shaders added
Private Messaging added
Voice chat voice activation added
3rd person spawn animations added
Champion Difficulty Visual Indicators added
Fixed issue for Keel’s ability which caused FPS drops
Fixed issue when sometimes DOOM Slayer was missing punch animations

Starting Health 100 to 75
Max Armor 75 to 50

Cooldown 40 to 60
Duration 8 to 10
Health Bonus 1 to 3

Max Speed 560 to 600
Air Control Acceleration Reduced
Enabled Crouch Ledge Grabbing
Removed Forward Acceleration
Removed Bunny Hop Acceleration

Max Armor 75 to 100

Dual Wield
Increased Weapon Rate of Fire
Cooldown 48 to 45
Duration 5 to 7

Mining Drill
Damage 5 to 7
Drill Radius 0.12 to 0.1

Targeting Range 1.4 to 1.5

Unholy Totem
Cooldown 30 to 25
Damage 75 to 100

Base Speed 300 to 310


Grenade Swarm
Self-Knockback 1.0 to 1.5


AirAcceleration 1.2 to 1
Bunny Hop Added


Dire Orb
Explosion radius 3 to 3.5m
Damage 100, with falloff


Bull Rush
Increased damage from Bull Rush & Heavy Weight
25 dmg > 300 ups (Bull Rush Only)
50 dmg > 400 ups
100 dmg > 500 ups
150 dmg > 600 ups


Air Accelerate 1.1 to 1
Forward Acceleration 0.7 to 0.5


Acid Spit
Acid Spit Damage 25 to 30
Spit Knockback 0 to 5
Acid Pool Damage over Time 7 to 10


Piercing Sight
Cooldown 43 to 40
Duration 5 to 7

Winter holiday décor removed
Fixed issue on Blood Covenant where player could get stuck on jump pads using high speed movements
Fixed more issues for falling out of the map after using Ranger's Dire Orb on multiple maps
Improved issues with incorrect respawns on Blood Covenant in TDM
Fixed issue when time zone was incorrect for sent messages
Fixed mouse sensitivity only being able to be adjusted by increments of 0.25
Fixed misaligned PiPs for Clutch vanities

Fixed an issue that caused some players to crash to desktop when launching the game
Fixed issue where closing client using the exit button resulted in an error
Fixed issue when Spectator experienced a jittery camera if the player they were spectating was running very high fps.
Fixed issue when the ‘Play Now’ button could be locked when a player left a match
Fixed Premium shaders that appeared low res in main menu
Further traffic optimizations
Fixed spike on victory podium screen
Fixed issue where player could experience extra inputs moving champion with high FPS (phantom jumping)

Fixed issue when players who completed placement games had rating in all scoreboards
Nameplates now have SR rating on them
League icons are now synchronized with what’s shown on post-match sequence
Fixed issue where player could receive negative rating for a win in Duel
Leaving from ranked warm-up should now work correctly

Fixed issue when weapons with shader applied did not have quad vfx
Fixed issue with broken sfx when player first spawns into training

Fixed issue in Leaderboards where the Game Type: Duel was not capitalized
Fixed issue when Leaderboards button did not work if player was in the first page
Fixed issue while changing league there was no correct change sequence
Increased the amount of leaderboard pages supported
Removed blank last page from leaderboards

Fixed issue where Brazilian-Portuguese was not localized on Steam and displayed only in English
Various Localization fixes made

Removed snowfall vfx in Main Menu
Fixed issue when the one player who left the duel would see empty post-match podium
Fixed issue when Play button may become grayed out and block consecutive matches for several minutes after completing a match
Fixed issue on Steam: While being in the queue after linking an account, the user could still click the Create Account button
Fixed issue where Confirmation pop-up icon went out of bounds
Fixed issue for the number of Tokens collected was not displayed in-game or on the Training Completion screen
Fixed issue for Blacklisted user receiving inconsistent messages when attempting to Follow, Invite, or Private Message
Fixed issue where some weapon names under Weapon Statistics were inconsistent
Fixed issue where incorrect champion was shown on the profile screen. Post-match statistics are now assigned to the correct champion
Spectator in Free Camera can now use teleporters

Added: INDIA, Mumbai
Added: USA, Ohio; Removed: USA, Iowa
More Coming Soon...
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[December 14. patch] quick recap! (38 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 22:28 CST, 8 December 2017 - iMsg
copy straight from reddit, recap of the community stream

- upcomming video of patch
- no hitboxes in the current patch (currently testing it, it will likely come out in January)
- gauntlet range reduced by 25%
- tick rate slower on gauntlet
- stack changes; +25HP stacks global, +25 MAX armor global
- crosshairs and fps lock
- new duel map Vale of Pnath
- all of hp and armor pickups will be 30 sec (maybe light armor 15 sec)
- new breakables
- new railgun trail
- guaranteed rarities, chests at least one rare, reliquary at least one epic
- festive map skins
- character specific vanity items
- character animations also festive
- free rewards to anyone who logs in on december and january (different rewards on dec and jan)
+ in december winter 2017 icon / nameplate, 5 backpacks
+ in january different winter 2017 icon / nameplate, 5 backpacks
- all items and icons and stuff can be collected in backpacks also
- new server in Mumbai (live somewhere next week)
- trying to optimize server locations
- more south american servers
- upcomming later; experimenting with a lot of different duels
+ have 3 champs or play for time limit
+ or 1 champ per round
- at least one elder god in festive mood
- upcomming later; test servers
- doom range nerf in this update
- Slash max speed 640/600?
- speed on anarki and slash, bit less accel, top speed down by a bit (didnt drop that much)
- thickness larger on light characters upcomming (hitbox)
- "LG feels really good" this patch
- tribolt not changed in this patch
- upcomming later; replays
- Visor fans will be happy with the new update
- maybe moving items around in Lockbox/ upcoming changes to Lockbox
- new champion is KEEL

p/s: put more important stuff in bold
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Rocket Jump: Quake and the Golden Age of FirstPerson Shooter (7 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 22:22 CST, 5 December 2017 - iMsg
Based on interviews with the developers, Rocket Jump explores the making of the Quake franchise, the culture that simultaneously shaped and fractured creator id Software, and other developers whose creativity defined an era.

130,000 words. 250 pages. 24 chapters by David Craddock

p/s: damn character limit, had to delete the "-" in the title
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Recap of the Dev stream on 17/11/2017 (12 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 04:42 CST, 18 November 2017 - iMsg
Twitch link: (1hour)
- Ranked Duel (Bronze, Silver, Diamond, Elite)
- X-ray outline for teammates
- Max FSP cap
- New music stuff
- 40 custom crosshairs
- Third person spawn animation
- New champ (Grappling hook or Grenade launcher maybe)
- New Duel map with Lockbox theme
- More health/armor for all champions
- Working on hitbox
- Some champs can hold W to increase walking speed (Scalebearer, Clutch, Galena)
- Anarki, Slash speed nerf
- Doom punch range get nerfed
- Gauntlet: -25% range, slower fire rate
- LG buffed but not like before
- BJ dual RoF buffed
- Small item respawn time adjust (longer)
- Instajib (new game mode) (not on Dec patch)
- New Duel is coming
- Lore finding method changed
- Tri-bolt turns into Mine launcher (explode on touch)
- Game now remembers your Starter weapon and Datacenter
- CA and CTF is being worked on (2018)
- Ranked 2v2 TDM
- Seasons, holiday events are coming

just read this one instead
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Screenshot on QC twitter reveals new groundbreaking features (63 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 00:15 CST, 17 November 2017 - iMsg

-FPS display and FPS cap
-Custom crosshairs
-See teammate's outline through-wall

-Ranger health/armor increased from 100/75 to 125/100
-New map with Lockbox theme
-Maybe new champion
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All new info from the latest Community Managers stream (10 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 21:44 CDT, 30 October 2017 - iMsg

Friday, Oct 27, 2017 Live Stream Session

Quake Champions Community Managers
Andre 'MortalEmperor' Carlos
Joshua 'TokyoPunchOut' Boyle


Bullet Points of Discussion:

Q2 Railgun
Q2 Railgun corkscrew trail effect will become blue in color (currently green) as it is not finished yet. (Was not supposed to be released yet, and is green by default, but long story short, it will become blue soon.)

Oct 26 Patch
Oct 26 Patch has the 'Terror Billy' skin and hype for the release of Wolfenstein: The New Colossus out now.

Oct 26 Patch has fixed the 1 FPS loss that occurred per each player in a match. It was most noticeable in TDM, DM and Sacrifice (as Duel only has 2 players obviously). Also, the initial dropped frame at the start of a match seems to be fixed too.

Majority of players are reporting on reddit, discord and bethesda forums that the Oct 26 patch has improved the game performance for them. However, if a player is still having issues with the above frame issues, then please continue giving the feedback. It is greatly appreciated

The devs and the issues
The devs and the staff know about the issues - from the feedback they receive in submitted reports, forums and discord. The devs also play the game daily and experience the issues themselves firsthand. Thus, the issues are always being worked on.

The staff have daily meetings to discuss the issues, the feedback, the game play, the roadmap of development and so on.

It will take time to get the game optimized to end result goal. The analogy of the netcode being a 'bucket' of things still applies. The 'bucket' has holes and the holes are patched with the patches and updates.

Quake Community
The Quake community is amazing and the devs appreciate the patience and the feedback. The Quake community is one of the strongest gaming communities - it is like a family. Together, this family working together will get there!

Live Streams
Planning on doing Live Stream Sessions every-other-week on Fridays.

Today was the Community Managers first time doing a Live Session (previously, only the devs were doing Live Sessions.)
So in two weeks, there will be another Live Session.

The plan is to alternate who does the Live Sessions - maybe the devs will do the next one, etc. They want to get different people in the Live Sessions too. This means that the Community Managers will be doing more Live Sessions along with other staff members from time to time.

Official Discord
There is now an official discord channel at
Check it out, talk to other players and talk to the devs there too.
Make friends in discord to play the game and have fun!

Last Weekend
Last weekend (Oct 20-22) was busy with TwitchCon and DreamHack Denver. 'MortalEmperor' was at TwitchCon while 'TokyoPunchOut' attended DreamHack Denver.
Both events were great fun and very happy with the attendance and participation and viewers.

It is great to see 'new faces' in the Quake tournament(s) final results for top finishers - so far at QuakeCon and DreamHack Denver.

Upcoming Events & Announcements
Next up is ESWC and Italian Open - both tournaments in the first weekend of November (Nov 1-4 date range). 'TokyoPunchOut' working on a forum listing section for tournament announcements and results - so all this information will be handy and available in one place.


'TokyoPunchOut' then played two TDM matches and one DM match while 'MortalEmperor' and he were answering Twitch chat questions during the Live Stream.

in-game mouse sensitivity -
'TokyoPunchOut' currently uses in-game mouse sensitivity at .375 with 3200 DPI while 'MortalEmperor' (who did not play today) said he currently uses in-game mouse sensitivity of .9 with 800 DPI. Everyone is different and must find what works best for them. (Sidenote: I hope I caught the numbers correctly - especially the DPI numbers - as they spoke fast in this section.)

Hit boxes -
Hitbox changes are coming as everyone knows. The new hit boxes will be a 'blanket' style (like a static mesh) to shore up holes in the pixel perfect hit detection.

Hit boxes will still be different sizes per champions but ALL hit boxes will be increased in size along with the new 'blanket' style of hit box. (Thus, heavy champions will still have larger hit boxes than the lighter champions.)

The hit box changes will make hit registration more 'consistent' than it is now.

IMPORTANT: Hit box changes will NOT be in the November patch / update. There will also probably NOT be any new content changes in the November patch / update - as the goal for November is a continuation of the Oct 26 patch for more performance improvements.

Friends -
It is more fun to play any game with friends. If you need in-game friends, hang out at discord or the forums and participate with the community.

More on the Quake Community -
Again, the community is amazing. The community tutorials and videos are great (such as those done by ZenAku, Rocket Jumping Ninja, zoot and his casting of events, Noctis and his rocket shooting tips - he goes more by prediction than just always aiming at an opponent's feet, etc etc etc)

Again, the devs play the game and are very aware of the issues. They experience the issues first hand. Even in today's Live Stream, it was possible a quick boot-to-screen crash occurred, but 'TokyoPunchOut' was able to re-join the same TDM match in a matter of moments. He also stated it may have been his own user error - as he may have escaped/quit by accident. Just an example of things that the devs experience themselves and are always working on.

The community is a vast asset of help. Mostly because there are only so many 'test' pc's being used in house. The community will find and expose so many more issues by the volume of players and pc's playing the game. So again, keep up the feedback.

Nowadays, players are more connected to a game's development than in the past - whether they realize it or not. This helps the development because there are so many things to discover and report.

Gauntlets -
The gauntlet range is based on the bigger (heavy) champions hit box size and is currently carried over to ALL the champions. Thus, the devs are looking at adjusting the gauntlet range to be associated with each champion's hit box when using it. For example, Anarki's (light champion) gauntlet range will be lessened than what it currently is now. This is still being discussed for a future patch, etc.

Net code -
Always working on - as everyone knows.

Game balance -
Always monitoring, with tweaks being done - as everyone knows. As new champions are brought into the game, the balance will change. This is a good thing - it shakes things up. At the same time, new champions possibly trigger balance tweaks - as balance is constantly monitored and tweaked, etc. Things that are 'over powered' are part of balance (tweaks).

Cross Hairs -
One of the 'quality of life' things that are coming.

Roadmap (4th quarter - end of 2017) -
A communication on the roadmap (4th quarter - end of 2017) is being planned. Stay tuned.
Tentative plans and goals, etc.

Game Play Tips -
Have fun first and foremost. Winning is nice, but have fun - and it is easier to have fun playing with friends (see above on discord, etc).
Pick your battles. Quake is about not dying. Don't always engage every single battle with a plus-forward mentality.

Ranked Mode -
Ranked mode planned for end of 2017, so it is coming soon.
Currently, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Elite are ranks, but this is subject to change!

Seasons -
Seasons are something being discussed and are pending, but no news on it yet.

Tutorials -
An advanced movement tutorial is being planned.
The current tutorial (balloon shooting) is being improved upon too.

Matchmaking -
It is based on skill level. However, to get a player in a match as fast as possible, the system 'expands' the search after a certain amount of time to include more players in the search. This can sometimes match a player in with higher skilled players, etc. Obviously, as the pool of players grows, the matchmaking gets closer to matching.
The devs are aware of how uneven matches occur and are always looking at improving the system too.

Note: XP is not skill level, as most already know. XP is just the number of matches and the time played. A 1-XP player with heavy FPS experience can (and does) dominate a 30-XP player who plays very casually. So do not let high XP numbers influence your thinking too much on matchmaking (good or bad) in every match.

Defrag -
Once again, nothing being planned for it at the moment.

Once again, Capture The Flag mode is being planned.

Mods -
Instagib, community maps, other modes (FreezeTag) - once again, NOTHING being planned for any modding allowed right now. However, in the future, modding MAY be welcomed and allowed - as mods have always been a part of every Quake. Once again, thank you for your patience as the game has a lot of things to be worked on first.

Community Help and the Low FPS related to Low Fire Rate bug -
As stated in the Bethesda forums - a perfect example of the community feedback and discovery helping with the development of the game. Also, as stated in the Bethesda forums, the problem has been identified and the solution is now in the works and will be released in an upcoming patch.

Another example of the community help was the bug for Canadian players who could not fire their weapons. With their feedback (KSVIA numbers, IPs, bug reports), the devs could isolate the problem and were able to resolve it.

There are too many examples to list - of all the community help so far. The devs thank you and appreciate it very much.

Quake Art Contest -
A quick Quake Art Contest going on right now - until Halloween night Oct 31!
More information here:

Next Live Stream -
In two weeks (Friday, 11-10-17).
More talk, more game play, more prizes - which MAY include some Quake Caps. They will check into that!

Note: This Live Session was about 1 1/2 hours with a peak viewer total of 650.

Video Replay here:


Extra Message Below From 'MortalEmperor'
(from Thursday, Oct 26, 2017, in the Bethesda Forums)

Q. "Why does vanity content come out when there are still issues with the game? Does this mean vanity is more important than fixing existing problems in Quake Champions?"

A. So, this may not be evident to everyone, but not everyone on a development team works on all aspects of the game.

Dev teams have different departments for different game design disciplines: programmers and game designers build the architecture of the game; people on the backend team work on netcode and other services; artists make maps, UI, models and textures, and yes--vanity items.

And these are all tasks that are working in tandem on a daily basis. The art team, for example, doesn't stop making art because the netcode isn't working properly. UI folks don't get to go home if a bug arises that needs to be addressed.

To put it succinctly: the people working on vanity items don't work on network code. Our artists work on building and texturing maps, they work on creating the Champions, they work on building the upcoming gore system, which btw is REALLY awesome.
They work on things that aren't related to the netcode. They don't touch the netcode, they don't fix bugs.


Q. "Ok, I understand that, but even so, why release that stuff at all when there are problems with the gameplay?"

A. As I said, work doesn't stop for any department based on what's going on in other departments.
While the backend team and the game design team are working on improving the overall experience for players, our art team is able to concentrate their creative energies on other things.

With The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein II both releasing this month, we thought it'd be really cool if players who purchased either of those games could also get something fun in Quake Champions.

This decision did not hold up any efforts to work on netcode. It did not impede us investigating bugs or figuring out solutions.
(In fact, we're releasing a patch today that includes some fixes.) These vanity items were ready to go, and it made the most sense to tie them in with the release dates of TEW2 and Wolfenstein II.


Q. "Alright, you've convinced me. But I still have issues, and I'm upset. Do the devs even listen to us?"

A. The team IS listening. I'm not "just a PR guy," despite what you might think. My job is specifically to relay your honest, unfiltered, uncensored thoughts to the development team, and we have DAILY meetings and conversations about game direction, about the biggest issues our players are facing, and most importantly: what the heck we're going to do about it!

And I get that it's frustrating when your game experience isn't as fun as you'd expect. I completely, wholeheartedly understand. I can even understand where you're coming from with wondering why we've got cosmetic items going out into the store, and I hope I answered that questions to your satisfaction.
And we're making real efforts to become more transparent with what we're working on, how we're working on it, and how it benefits YOU, the player.

That's been the crux of our discussions recently, and everybody on the Quake Champions team is onboard. The proof is in the pudding though, and I hope we can prove that to you. We do ask, though, that you give us time.

I know that's not everyone's favorite thing to hear, but things will get better with time. We intend to make sure of it.

Thanks again for your posts and allowing me to clear up some things.

MortalEmperor (Quake Champions Community Manager)


-Bit late, but here it is
-Can someone explain what is a "blanket" hitbox?
-Also the art contest have country limit(!?) Only some countries are allowed to participate "because of the laws"
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New images inside QC .pak files (13 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 23:39 CDT, 25 October 2017 - iMsg
u/13800ip found a bunch of images inside the .pak files and put them together, maybe there're even more

New one:

Old leaks:
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Patch Notes - Early Access Update - 5.10.17 (138 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 10:50 CDT, 5 October 2017 - iMsg

Hey everybody,

Maintenance is now underway. We’re in the process of deploying a major update for Quake Champions today that will resolve the following issues:

Game Balance

Small Health and Light Armor now grant a consistent value of +25 HP/AP respectively
Improved issues with predictive spawns in Duels

Game Options

Added Auto Weapon Swap option in Game Settings. Players may now automatically switch to a weapon upon pick-up.

Projectile Updates & Fixes

Numerous issues resulting in Rocket Launcher miss hits resolved
Addressed issues when Rocket Launcher might have miss hits after player used active ability
Resolved desync for the projectile that was shot in midair right before players death
Rocket Launcher client-side hit prediction and server-side validation have been improved
Deterministic shot simulation for rockets implemented
Fixed issue where Rocket Launcher projectiles could fly sideways, such that the projectile would be sidewise, not the trajectory

Game Client Fixes

Various memory leaks fixed
Outgoing client traffic optimization improved
UI can now show more than 20 friends in friends list
Addressed issues where users sometimes were unable to fire weapons and lost other functionality, such as only being able to shoot the machinegun (mostly reported by and affecting Canadian players on certain ISPs)
Fixed issue when client could freeze when user changed target display
Load on demand memory optimization support added

Champions Balance

Hero Lighting updated to colorize teammates and enemies at a closer range
Auto-outlining enemies within 256u now instead of 120u

Updated animations to reduce lean while strafing

BJ Blazkowicz
Reduced Dual Wield cooldown from 50 to 48 second
Increased Dual Wield rate of fire for Shotgun, Tri-bolt, Rocket Launcher, and Railgun

+25 Health Points
Removed movement penalty while using the Mining Drill

DOOM Slayer
Improved Leap Strike while in Berserk

+25 max Armor Points

Plasma Trail can now be performed in any direction

Increased the weapon fire delay after Acid Spit from 600 ms to 1 second
Reduced Acid Spit damage over time (DOT) from 10 to 7, reducing a max of 50 damage to 35 damage

Changed Piercing Sight VO announcement from global to client-side only
Reduced the cooldown for Piercing Sight from 45 to 43 seconds

Weapon Balance

Nailgun (Starting)
Increased rate of fire, resulting in 100 to 133 DPS

Super Shotgun
Lowered spread from 800 to 750

Improved visibility of bolts
Bolts explode on impact with enemies (full 50 damage)

Economy Updates

Double XP Weekend from Thursday, October 5th to Monday, October 9th
Reduced price of Vanity from 600 to 500 platinum
Reduced the dismantle shards for vanity from 150 to 120
Increased the shards given for duplicate champions from 150 to 200
Increased the drop rate for icons & nameplates in backpacks
The following bundles will be removed from the store as of October 5, 2017:
Quake 1 Rocket Bundle
Quake 2 Railgun Bundle
Quake 3 Machinegun Bundle
Quake 4 Lightning Gun Bundle
El Diablo Shotgun Bundle
Vanity – Phase Projector
The following new bundles will be added to the store as of October 5, 2017:
Ranger Raider Complete Set
Ranger Shambler Head
QR3-LL Rocket Launcher
Starter Shader Pack

Vanity Updates

Added Flames head and torso attachments to Anarki’s Bone Daddy costume

Lore System Updates & Fixes

VO "Lore Found" will now only play for the player who reveals the Lore Scroll
Players can no longer earn lore scrolls without completing the match
Lore scroll fixes made to mitigate the farming of scrolls

Gore System Updates

Fixed issue where rag doll could clip through the floor
Fixed issue where no death animation would play upon certain deaths

Audio Updates & Fixes

Win / Loss music added to the post-match Victory Podium
Jumppads now trigger a sound when a player jumps onto the pad, in addition to stepping onto it.
Constructor (Q4 Nailgun) had an in-world audible hum, that is now client-side only

UI Updates

Home screen Champion VO and animations added
Both icons and nameplates are now present on the contact list
Visual update to the post-match Victory Podium, including nameplates
Invite to party now present in context menu in in-menu chat
Store tab art updated
Discounts are shown on price tags in the Store UI

Champion Fixes

All Champions
First person weapon animations are no longer missing
Lore sets can no longer be mixed with other costume sets
Fixed issue where some shaders could be applied to some lore sets including Ruby-Nyx
Active abilities can now be used while crouched
Active abilities issued immediately before a player’s death, no longer activate upon respawn
Enemies no longer collide with each other when both players are in motion

Should no longer float above his board while in the Match Lobby

DOOM Slayer
Added the Silent Protagonist passive ability to the UI
Fixed issue where Leap Strike would lock onto a moving enemy but the punch would fail to connect
Model should now be correctly displayed during Battle Report
Fixed the 4 second delay after Berserk ends where the player couldn't zoom weapons
Fixed issue where head and helmet could not be shot due to misaligned hitbox
Crosshair should now turn red when locked onto an enemy

Fixed issue where the screen animation was missing transparency on her hand

Fixed issue where Ranger could teleport twice during one Dire Orb throw in rare conditions
Fixed issue where Dire Orb would make no sound when thrown out or when flying through the air

Fixed low resolution textures in Main Menu

Fixed issue where enemy and teammate arrows sometimes were not visible
Fixed low-resolution textures in Main Menu

Weapon Fixes

All Weapons
Fixed issue where players received too much ammo when picking up weapons already in their inventory
Corrected weapon respawn times in newly released maps
Fixed issue where HUD overlay could disappear from zoomed weapons when weapons where switched back and forth while remaining zoomed

Fixed the DOOM 2 Super Shotgun reload animation
Fixed issue where sometimes the shotgun would fire without animating the hands

Rocket Launcher
Fixed issue with the Q3R-LL Rocket Launcher excessive bloom while power-up shader was applied

Lightning Gun
Fixed issue where LG could mishit with very fast mouse flicks.

Fixed issue where hit detection on enemies was inconsistent when shooting near the corners of geometry

Medal & Rune Fixes

Combo Kill and Headshot medals should now be rewarded properly
Economy Fixes

Fixed issue where duplicate items awarded inconsistent amount of shards
Fixed issue where some vanity Items were invisible when dropping from loot boxes
Fixed issue where prices on vanity items could appear in shards instead of platinum
Fixed issue where players could not purchase items with discounts

Map Updates & Fixes

Blood Covenant
Scrags now roam outside the map environment
Glowing effects removed near Rocket launcher pick-up locations
Ranger can no longer use Dire Orb to transport into a pillar near the jumppad at Obelisk A
Ranger can no longer use Dire Orb to transport under map and teleport inside of Obelisk A
Fixed various reported holes

Blood Run
Addressed issue where players could respawn too close to their attacker

Burial Chamber
Addressed issue where players could get into restricted Obelisk areas when not playing Sacrifice

Church of Azathoth
Corrected weapon respawn times
Addressed issue where players could land and stand behind the central jump pad
Various collision fixes.

Fixed various reported holes

Tempest Shrine
A gap in the stair geometry allowing Ranger to Dire Orb outside of the intended play space has been closed
Players should no longer see enemy markers through walls
Fixed various issues where some FX created blinking or flashing lights

Custom Game Fixes

Lobby owner can no longer change custom game settings after initiating match start

Rematch Fixes

While Waiting for Players, partied players should no longer be assignable to different teams
Players should no longer see ‘Waiting for Players’ screen when joining into a rematch in progress
Rematch should no longer begin with uneven teams when an even number of players agreed to the rematch
Players should no longer get stuck on ‘Waiting for Players’ stage

Onboarding/Tutorial Fixes

Various collision issues on Basic Training fixed
Targets in the shooting hall should no longer spawn inside or too close to the wall geometry
Players should no longer spawn backwards, facing the gate in the starting room

Spectator Fixes

Fixed issue where spectators could not hear some sounds
Camera should no longer show players from third person when set to first person follow
Lagging should no longer occur when changing player while spectating

UI Fixes

Fixed issue where incorrect match results could be shown at the end of Duel Matches. It will now show combined results instead of last round results.
Fixed issue where Duel Scoreboard medals from first round wouldn't appear in latter rounds
Fixed issue where Rematch text persisted on screen after times expired
Fixed issue where visual artifacts appeared in the customization Picture in Picture item previews (PiP)
Fixed issue where some items displayed the incorrect PiP scene
Fixed issue where some epic costume sets could not be sold
Fixed issue where some epic costume pieces could not be sold if attachments had been unlocked
Fixed issue where some champions did not correctly fold their hands when previewing Vanity items customizations
Fixed issue where players could unintentionally move more than one slider at a time
Fixed issue where Voice Chat button would revert to default key binding when the game was launched
Fixed issue where camera would not rotate to display items on the back of champions
Fixed issue where Sorlag's egg vanity was not centered in the PiP thumbnail
Fixed issue where some champions' costume and vanity PiP thumbnails were misaligned
Fixed issue where DOOM Slayer's customization screen camera would show his side instead of his front
Fixed issue where player’s enemy in Duel could have their profile level incorrectly displayed as Level 0
Added a notification when the Custom Game lobby owner leaves and aborts the match lobby
Fixed issue where an extra digit could appear on the Sacrifice scoreboard
Fixed issue where some uncommon items were color-coded gray instead of green.
Fixed issue where some rare items were color-coded purple instead of blue
Fixed issue where some epic items were color-coded blue instead of purple
Fixed issue where the announcer would fail to announce the rarity-level for some epic drops in loot boxes
Fixed issue where tabs in customization were unclickable under some conditions
Fixed issue where key bindings pop up menu could not inform the user how to rebind or exit the pop up
Fixed issue where Voice Chat icon was present in game modes where voice chat was not supported
Fixed issue where many patterned shaders appeared in low-resolution
Fixed issue where many shaders appeared darker than intended
Fixed issue where unused search and filter UI elements were not hidden in the Store UI
Updated window when player declines legal documents

Steam Fixes

Fixed issue where Auto-login feature could not fail after accepting legal
Fixed issue where users received "Verify E-mail Address" pop-up when first launching Quake with a Steam account already linked to
Fixed issue where users couldn't use special symbols in password textbox
Removed email account confirmation from account creation flow
Removed "Automatically set, but can be switched manually" from account creation flow
Fixed issue where players could launch .exe from the game files folder structure and bypass the launcher

Known Issue

Enemy arrows may remain on the Champion Select screen after you die. These arrows only show the position of enemies at the time you died. Arrows do not update the location of enemy players while you are dead.
Clutches mining beam may remain on screen momentarily after death if it’s on when killed
In Custom Game, the selected map levelshot will not be visible after the lobby owner has begun the Match Start sequence
Tribolt God medal not rewarding properly
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Quake Champions: What Pros Love, and What Needs Work (13 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 06:49 CDT, 16 September 2017 - iMsg
Quake Champions: Hot Takes From the Pros

By Andrew Hayward

The legendary shooter is back with a twist, but what do the world's best players think?

With Quake Champions, id Software's venerable first-person shooter is back in action with its first completely new entry in more than a decade. But while the heart of Quake remains tried and true, with incredibly fast, arena-style gunplay, it has been augmented with modern twists for a potentially new generation of fans.

It's a free-to-play game, for example — or will be next year, once the current paid early access period concludes. And it adds differentiated champion characters, as the title suggests, each with its own unique stats and special abilities. That's a pretty significant change to a game in which player models have always acted identically, even if they looked different.

With the game's launch has come a renewed interest in competitive Quake, and as we saw with the Quake World Championships at QuakeCon last month, there's a lot of money on the line as id Software tries to plant its flag in the modern esports scene. But what do the longtime, battle-hardened Quake pros really think of Quake Champions' tweaks? At QuakeCon, we asked several players what they truly liked about the game, and what they hope changes before long.

The champions add depth

Quake players are a traditionally hardcore sort, and over the course of a few entries and more than two decades, you might think that they'd resist the kind of significant change offered by these ability-toting champions. But it's mostly the opposite: nearly all the players we spoke with were pretty positive about the various playable characters.

"I really like the champions system—it's pretty fun. It's a new thing to the game, because in past Quakes, all players were equal and they had no abilities. It was a level playground for everyone," said Kryštof "Krysa" Černý, player for The Defendants. "But now with the champions, there's a new element to the game which makes it more fun and even more interesting to the spectators at well."

Kyle "SilenceP" Mooren of Team 2Z, who won the Sacrifice tournament at QuakeCon and netted $300,000 in the process, was even more positive about the variety of play styles offered by the champions. "I find it amazing. You have so many styles, and so many compositions you can think of," he asserted. "You can be a bit creative in Quake Champions."

His 2Z teammate, Nikita "Clawz" Marchinsky—who also won the Duel tournament soon after—affirmed that perspective, and said it opens up the game in a way that the very old-school Quake Live (an updated version of 1999's Quake III Arena) just can't match. "There are a lot more situations that you can generate than in Quake Live, and you basically have more styles to abuse," he said. "If you're smarter than your opponent, then you can get out of any situation."

Anton "Cooller" Singov, the Natus Vincere player who finished third in the Duel tournament, particularly enjoys how the active abilities (or "ultimates," as he calls them) really amplify the strategy in Quake Champions. "It makes the game pretty interesting and unpredictable," he said. "It's not that you just run and control the map—you always have to think about who you play against in games of Champions, and you have to analyze what kind of stats he has and what kind of ultimate, and how he's supposed to use it."

Champions empower players, too

The Defendants player James "2GD" Harding, who has been competing in one version of Quake or another for nearly two decades now, believes that Quake Champions smartly represents the history of the series via different character play styles. That ensures that any fan of the series from any past version should find a good fit.

"There's a lot of fun mechanics in all the different Quakes—and they've added those mechanics back in on different champions," 2GD suggested. "So no one's left out if you've had a favorite Quake and a play style. You'll find a champion for you." He said that the speedy Slash plays like a Quake 4 champion, while Nyx is more like a player from Quake III Arena, albeit with less health and armor, not to mention an incredibly powerful invisibility skill.

"It's the game that you can inject most of your personality into as a pro gamer," said 2GD about Quake. "You could remove all the names of the people playing onstage, the overlays, and hide them behind the stage, and I could probably sit there and go, 'OK, that's Cooller because he plays like this, that's Toxjq because he plays like this, that's Rapha because he plays like this.' There's not many games where you can identify somebody in-game so well from their personality outside the game, so it's amazing for that."

And in his view, Quake Champions takes that even further thanks to the individual champions. "For some of the players, it actually embellishes their style. Someone who plays very slow and sneaky, and railgun-heavy like Stermy loves a character like Nyx, because it has an ability that helps you do that better."

But balance is a concern

When we spoke with studio head Tim Willits during QuakeCon, he told us that he believed Quake Champions didn't have a pro meta that favored certain champions, and that he saw it as a sign of a job well done. "No, there has not been any meta, which has been pretty awesome," he said."[That] means we did it, we balanced it well."

However, some of the pro players we spoke with disagreed with that assertion, and believe that there's still work to be done in the game. For example, Team 2Z told us they used the same champion lineup throughout the Sacrifice tournament with only a single exception.

"We play basically only one champion composition because we think it's the best right now. I'm switching the one hero on the specific map, Lockbox, but on all other maps, we are using the same heroes," explained 2Z's Dmytro "Xron" Sakharuk. "We were practicing this exact composition, but most teams were using this composition, so it wasn't mind games or something. Everyone knew who we would play as."

For player 2GD, champions are all well and good until an imbalance gives certain players a proper advantage in competition—or effectively forces everyone to make the same picks. "Sometimes when I watch these players play, I feel like, 'OK, this is the danger of the champions'" he said. He suggested that air control characters had an advantage in the game as of QuakeCon, and that players who were traditionally skilled with that ability in past games gained an edge in Quake Champions because of that.

"One of the players that's in the finals… is one of the best in the world at that. Those champions do happen to be the most powerful right now in Duel, and he's made it to the finals. And if they weren't as powerful, he might not have made it to the finals," said 2GD, without naming the player in question. "I prefer that the player make it to the finals, rather than sometimes the optimum champions. But if [id Software] can balance them perfectly, then sure—but that's a hell of a hard thing to do."

Since Quake Champions is out in early access, there's sure to be plenty of balancing ahead before the wider free-to-play release. But another option could be a ban/pick system like we see in hero-centric MOBAs. Multiple players suggested such a route, and Team 2Z's Xron said it would be a "really fun" addition to the competition.

Sacrifice is a great challenge

Quake Champions' new Sacrifice team mode had its big coming-out party at QuakeCon, as the four-man teams battled it out for a massive prize pool of $660,000 for that mode alone.

Sacrifice provides a new kind of challenge to Quake players. Each team must try to take control of the single soul on the map and then bring it back to an obelisk, at which point they'll need to frantically defend that spot until their meter fills to 100%. It's not team deathmatch, and it requires quite a bit of strategy and intense collaboration for success. And the teams seem eager to meet its challenge head-on.

"I personally enjoy Sacrifice. It's a very hard team mode, and we are having a lot of fun playing it," said Xron. "I think it's mostly because it's something new and we're still learning. And with new patches, the game will always become different, and we have a lot of stuff to learn and improve. That's why it's fun."

His teammate SilenceP chimed in, "Sacrifice is, for me, the hardest team mode I've ever played. It's always changing and it's so fast—there are so many things [happening], and that keeps it really interesting."

While the pros like playing Sacrifice, they concede that it can be difficult to track all of the chaos from the outside looking in. Even id's Willits admitted that it's tougher to follow, but suggested that the benefits of having a unique team mode were significant. Still, Krysa said that some improvements are needed: "It's great fun to play, but I know for spectators, it's a bit hard to follow because it's really fast. Even for the casters, it's quite difficult to catch up with what is happening in the game."

Quake is back

Other pro player requests ran the gamut, but most seem like things that can be resolved by the time the game exits early access. They want new maps and champions, both of which have been promised by id Software, as well as bug fixes and performance enhancements for Sacrifice, which can suffer with eight players frantically blasting away at each other.

But for the most part, players seem excited that there's a completely new Quake game, that it's coaxing the long-running competitive scene into the spotlight again, and that it has the potential to bring new players info the fold. For some of the old-timers who have competed in Quake since the late '90s, this has been a long time coming.

"We were happy that something released that's Quake, of course, and we started to train. We started to understand some things and how it needs to be played—it's a different style, with different metas, and so on and so on," said Team 2Z's Alexander "Latrommi" Dolgov, following teammate SilenceP's assertion that the game had a "rough start" at first. Latrommi added, "In more months, we [came to] really like this game, so we'll for sure never turn back to Quake Live or Quake III, because we got used to Quake Champions."

Meanwhile, 2GD suggests that while not all players love the addition of the champions, their benefits for the good of Quake and its competitive scene outweigh the drawbacks.

"People are still mixed about [champions], but if the new players enjoy champions, that's always something that we're quite happy for as old players of the Quake franchise," said 2GD. "Obviously, it's nice to see new players coming into the game and learning about what we've loved to play from years ago."


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Ask Us Anything Answers - 9/1 (27 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 23:06 CDT, 1 September 2017 - iMsg
kinda late, but looks like no one has posted yet


Hey everyone!

Thanks again for all the great questions this week; here are your answers from the team at id Software. If you didn't get your question answered this time, stay tuned for a future questions thread. (And we might pull some of the really good ones from the previous thread that were posted after the deadline!)

[Questions answered by Lead Designer Adam Pyle, Programmer Mike Rubits, and Studio Director Tim Willits]

When are you going to fix the netcode and hitreg for good? Do you intend to fix rocket launcher no-hit issues (direct and splash damage), or do you think it works fine as it is? What about rocket despawn? When will you fix the stuttering a lot of people experience?

The terms "netcode" and "hitreg" are terms that cover a wide swathe of observable issues, some that don't even involve the network at all. I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about where we're at, and where we're going, so here's a (not so!) brief summary of what's going on!

We started off the Closed Beta period with two major systems being handled on the client: movement authority, and shooting authority. This is a perfectly valid tech design decision, and plenty of high profile multiplayer games have released this way, but we felt uncomfortable with the trade-offs for a game like Quake. We made the decision to start moving systems over to server authority and client prediction, which is similar to previous Quake titles. This is a change that can occur in pieces, and we're still not completely there yet.

One area where we should be seeing more changes is literally how the server is detecting hits (so the term "hit detection" is actually appropriate here!) We currently use an animation-based system where we simulate player animations on the server, and rig up a lower-polygon, fatter version of the champion, independent from armor selection. For the pace of our game, we felt the additional server CPU usage, and the technical complexity of having to sync up the state of the animation bones and blend tree over the network was not worth having the ability to match up hits to the specific animation. Our solution is to transition to using a static mesh for each character state. (moving, strafing, crouching, jumping, etc.) This also makes supporting rollback much simpler, and should result in a more reliable experience on higher pings.

On the subject of rockets, which have been a sore spot for both us and our players, a couple of patches back we made two major changes: we fixed an issue that was causing extra latency when firing rockets, and we also started predicting rockets and local knockback on the client. This is something that's not been a part of Quake before, but we believe that this will make for a much better experience on a non-LAN environment, especially while rocket jumping or using projectile abilities. This surfaced some problems with animations simulating on the server differently than the client, and is what the initial cause of rockets not doing damage was. We've already addressed this by moving rocket collision over to the new static mesh system described above. What remains known now is strictly a client-side issue where the client incorrectly predicts a hit that the server will never detect as valid. This can even occur on LAN, where latency is not an issue. Once this is fixed, this should improve rockets, however due to the nature of client-side prediction, there may still be cases where it predicts wrongly. We'll continue to monitor the situation past this change, and see if any other issues surface.

Additionally, we have also identified a potential fix that causes other players to appear more jittery, even at high framerates. The proposed fix is currently in development, and we're waiting to evaluate the effect it has, but due to the unstable nature of the Internet, sometimes it's not possible to evaluate a fix without actually going through with the implementation and trying it in a real world environment.

Finally, we've also improved bandwidth consumption. I've attached a graph below, measured in a live 8 player TDM over a period of 60 seconds at ~160FPS.

We've reduced the amount of game logs the client sends overall, and have gated certain logs to only trigger collection when the client or the server detects specific issues within the game. Bandwidth usage should continue to improve from here, although we do not consider this issue to be resolved yet.

Hope that clears up some questions!

Will we be able to host our own servers through the server browser? Seems like people have a bad experience on your servers, with high ping. If we can host our own, we can get lower ping and good servers.

We are continually working to improve the network experience for all users, this includes server providers and the code-side, but allowing users to host their own servers is not something we’re focusing on at this time.

In the last livestream, Tim said offline mode wouldn’t be implemented because it’s not secure. Could you develop a stripped-down server binary available offline that only allows for one human local player connection? Would this be a feasible way to have offline mode with bots?

Unfortunately, this particular suggestion would not be feasible, because if you lock it down it can (and will) be hacked, hence it remains a security issue. That said, we’ll continue to look at other possibilities in the future.

What kind of feedback/bug reports are helpful to the dev team to fix netcode issues?

Please include your KSIVA in any and all bug reports. You can locate your KSIVA on the watermark at the bottom of your screen. This is the most useful thing, as this code allows us to look up your game sessions, which provide a wealth of information.

What do you think about QWC pro players almost exclusively using Sorlag, Nyx, Slash, Anarki, and sometimes Ranger and Galena? Would you consider buffing other champions to also be useful in team/duel conditions?

For our very first world championship, we are encouraged with the diversity of Champion picks. That said, we do recognize that we had a few Champions that weren't selected often and we have a lot of small balance changes coming that we hope will bring even more diversity into player's lineups. We also understand that there will always be some Champions that remain more popular with pro players and others that are popular among more casual players.

Slash’s ability automatically moves her forward; will this be changed to allow her to use the ability in the direction she’s already moving? (Backwards, strafing.)

Yes, we plan to keep the speed boost, but not force the direction.

Are you working on a fix to Slash’s crouch slide suddenly stopping if you touch a small bump, e.g. mega health on Ruins?

Yes, when we find areas in levels we make adjustments to the collision to address the issue. We are also looking into her slide code to help resolve a lot of these issues programmatical, but it is difficult to address it in code without also altering how her slide feels, so we have to be cautious in making these changes, so we will continue to address it via map collisions first when possible.

Will we get a champion with a grappling hook?

We all have enjoyed playing CTF from the very beginning, and we are currently making a Champion with a Grappling Hook ability. We look forward to sharing her with all of you.

Will we see any maps with flesh textures? (Like q3dm13.)

Not yet at least. We tried incorporating some into the Dimension of the Doomed themed Goroth maps, but in the end, it felt out of place and was removed. If we decided to add fleshy bits, we would introduce a new environment similar to Q3's Gothic Hell style used on Lost World.

When will the next maps be introduced?

We have an Ithagnal Duel map coming out this fall.

Any plans to rebalance item locations on some maps, like Lockbox?

After we introduced the Tri-Bolt we found some of the more powerful weapons were too centrally located. We plan on adjusting the item layout to distribute the power throughout and encourage players to make use of more of the map.

Are you planning to incorporate more elements of Lovecraftian lore into future maps? A deathmatch in the ice-choked ruins beneath the Mountains of Madness would be a dream come true!

Absolutely. Tim loves the lore.

Why is there a longer weapon respawn time on Church of Azaloth?

This was just a bug that has since been internally fixed, ready for a future update.

What are your plans for the Tri-Bolt? It’s still useless…

We do feel it needs some adjustments. We are currently testing changes to it that we could hopefully roll out soon. Stay tuned for more information.

Will you allow us to change our name through Steam/Bnet?

Name changes will occur in-game, agnostic of platform. This will ideally become an automated service players can access. We’ll share more about this as the feature is closer to release.

Do you have any plans on adding zoom sensitivity settings?

Yes. Zoom sensitivity is a feature that we need to get in quickly. We are speaking with the team and should be rolling this out soon.

Why can’t we queue for FFA with our friends?

Playing against people in your party is open to abuse, where those players can assist you in intentionally raising or lowering your skill rating. As a rule of thumb, you play with people in your party, not against them. You can currently play FFA with your friends in Custom Game.

Are there plans to give players more feedback about their stats in comparison to other players, e.g. leaderboards, divisions, public MMR display or something of the sort?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Is crosshair customization coming?

Yes, this will be coming sooner than later.

Can we get options to resize/customize HUD elements?

We do not currently have plans for resizing HUD elements, but we do have upcoming plans that would allow players to change HUD styles.

The general feedback I've had from getting newb friends to play is that they are almost always confused by how they died, who killed them and where they were shot from. Are there any plans for a killcam feature or anything that better illustrates how you died?

We understand their struggles, we've seen similar feedback. We have some plans on the backlog that we hope will address these concerns.

For the advanced movement tutorial, would you consider having an indicator similar to the DeFrag cgaz hud or Reflex Arena's accelmeter in order to elucidate to players where they need to move their crosshair?

Maybe, but we haven't started on one yet.

Will we be able to join games as a spectator in the future?


Can we buy shaders with shards?

There may be new premium shaders in the future.

The sell price for vanity items is higher than the number of shards you get for duplicate vanity items. Will this be fixed?

Yes, this will be addressed ASAP.

Will you rework the rune system? I don’t think runes should drop randomly from backpacks. You should be able to play the champions you like to play and work on their runes first.

Runes are intended as a long-term goal for players, but we will continually monitor how players are receiving and completing runes, and look for ways to improve challenges and rewards.

Will there be cosmetic effects? (Abilities, weapon effects, etc.)

The QuakeCon 2017 Lightning Gun is our first example of a weapon with cosmetic effects, and we plan to continue adding custom effects to vanity weapons in addition to their custom sounds.

Can we have per-part shaders for headgear, torso, and legs?

Different shaders for cosmetics would create some technical and performance issues for players, so this is unlikely to be something we’ll enable any time soon.

Will you adjust the shard price for cosmetics now that there are so many more things you can get in loot chests that don’t have a shard value? (Runes, weapon shaders, etc.)

We are continuously evaluating the economy, it is our recommendation that if you see something you want to buy it immediately.

Can we get taunts like in DOOM multiplayer?

Taunts have been in Quake games since Quake 2. We are working on Quake Champion taunts and look forward to rolling them out and getting feedback from players.

Any hints about upcoming modes? (Not CTF.)

We're exploring options for additional modes. Some examples could be Instagib and Clan Arena, but we're evaluating how well these modes play in Quake Champions. We’re always interested in hearing your suggestions for new modes!

When will we have ranked mode?

End of the year.

When will you start sharing more news on CTF?

We just announced that we will be adding CTF. We are currently working on the designs to ensure that it plays the best possible way it can in Quake Champions.

When can we expect the gibbing system we had a glimpse of in the Quakecon video?

Hopefully by the end of the year, and it'll be worth the wait.

ETA on Vulkan support?

Vulkan support is coming along nicely. We're making progress and have the game up and running on it, but we're not ready to share it just yet.
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CBT 13 Patch Notes: 8/3 at 9am ET (6 comments)
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New Play Now Screen

New screen layout integrated
Player can choose multiple game modes in quick match and match-make between them randomly
Tutorial videos available from Play Now screen

New Announcer Voice

Early CBT voice back by popular demand

New Social Screen

Player can observe all current in-match players and blocked players
Player can now blacklist players, which blocks invites from unwanted users
Player can now ignore user invites
Player can now report users

Projectile issue fixes

Fixed sync issues involving projectiles and players to decrease amount of miss hits
Lag compensation implemented for state changes of collision boxes


Fixed an issue that could occur when the game would not revert to the player’s native resolution when changing to Borderless mode with a lower aspect ratio
Fixed a localization text issue
Updated the list of supported video cards for more correct auto-detect
Fixed an issue where killed players could become stuck in place and invincible
Fixed an issue where local configurations would not be saved properly when including Cyrillic letters
Fixed an issue where Champions were not synchronized with moving objects


Optimized various memory leaks


Clutch's "Advanced Shielding" passive has been removed
Clutch's Active Ability cool-down has now been set to 40 seconds
Clutch’s Health and Armor stats revised: Health from 150/150 to 100/100; Armor from 50/100 to 100/150
Slash’s Starting Armor increased +25 ap
Profile Progression: XP requirements tweaked
Random Drop: Rebalance of drop rates in Backpacks Crates and Reliquaries
Crafting: Item prices in shards and dismantle values changed


New effect for Ranger’s Dire Orb
Fixed a light effect issue affecting Anarki's Banner vanity item
Fixed an issue affecting audio during Anarki's hover board movement
Fixed issue that could occur with BJ Blazkowicz’s shooting animation while dual-wielding
Fixed a twitching animation issue with BJ Blazkowicz after being shot while idle
Enemies within 120u of the player are outlined
New Clutch acceleration icon added
Fixed an issue where rock and drill medals pop without hitting the 1000 damage requirements
Fixed an issue when RL damage through Clutch's shield


Fixed an issue when the Lightning Gun shaft bloomed when colliding with geometry
Fixed a knock-back issue with the Lightning Gun, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher and Railgun
Fixed an issue when armor shards didn't fall when the player was killed via Gauntlet
New weapon pick-up sound, (temporary, will be updated in the future)


Fixed an issue where the Serial Killer challenge showed the incorrect icon
Fixed an issue where the player could receive already completed Daily Challenges
Fixed an issue where Daily Challenges were not showing progress


Resolved all display issues with the Health and Armor container system
yaw and pitch mouse settings added to the options screen
New smaller high resolution enemy arrow indicators
Improved reliability of enemy arrow indicators
Fixed an issue where the player count could persist in the lobby
Fixed an issue where if the player accepted a party invite while in the lobby, he was transferred in custom game
Fixed issue when Headgear thumbnails are not showing some of the champion's heads


Red soul widget added into HUD
Fixed an issue where the Lightning Gun shaft could split into two
Fixed an issue where spectators saw red markers above the blue team
Fixed an issue where Clutch’s shield was not visible from 3rd person camera
X-Ray now turned on by default
Spectator now sees team-colored outlines on the screen


Fixed an issue when player spawned in 0 coordinates on second game session
Fixed an issue when Champion will briefly appear where killed on respawn
Fixed an issue when full session could stuck on a character presentation screen
Fixed issue when user movement halts briefly when entering a jump-pad


Fixed an issue where the soul pickup HUD marker could persist when the soul isn't on its spawn place
Fixed an issue where the soul can get stuck in any wall and cannot be picked up when User stands close to the wall
Fixed an issue where the soul can be placed in overhead platform side mausoleum on Burial Chamber
Fixed an issue when Soul can become stuck on top of head statue in Side Mausoleum on Burial Chamber
Fixed an issue when enemy Obelisk marker overlapped soul carried HUD
Fixed an issue where the soul effect could be seen on the weapon in first person view
Fixed POI blinking issue
Fixed an issue where picking up the soul immediately after using an ability would cause VFX to stay, preventing the use of that ability until death
Fixed an issue where the Obelisk does not have player collision


Fixed an issue where the draft stage profile level on the nameplate was incorrect
Fixed an issue where on the death screen, the Champion in the middle always highlighted
Fixed an issue where the mouse fire input would be stuck if firing between the transition from warmup to Champion selection
Fixed an issue where the announcer would say "5 minutes warning" at sudden death
Fixed an issue where the Scoreboard would not display a time limit
Fixed an issue when Champion Vanity items did not show when displayed on the podium screen in Duel selection
Fixed an issue when the announcer says "your pick" when an enemy is picking


Various localization fixes
Removed confidential line from watermark


Fixed an issue when Global timestamps were missing zero padding
Fixed an issue when chat didn't work on player presentation screen
Fixed an issue when auto-scroll always worked with every new message


Fixed issue when loot-box text was not showing correctly
Loot Box store visuals improved
Loot Box openings now include category icons for drops
Loot Box openings now include voice over announcements for epic and legendary drops

Additional fixes

Fixed an issue where in Duel lobby, there were no opponents nicknames listed
Fixed an issue where a player would see his own profile picture on all profile pics in Social screen
Fixed an issue where the player could follow blacklisted player
Fixed an issue where the player could get 3 medals Mach Complete and Win during one Duel match
Fixed an issue where the player could not use print-screen while in full-screen


Is new Clutch health/armor a buff or a nerf?
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Patch Notes for 6/27 Update (40 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 21:53 CDT, 26 June 2017 - iMsg

Hey guys,

Tomorrow (June 27) at 6am ET, we'll be conducting maintenance to deploy our latest patch. With this patch, we are expecting a longer than average server downtime, with an estimated reopen time of around 2pm ET. We'll keep you posted as soon as the servers are back up. Below are the full patch notes. One note in particular that we'd like to address is a fix we're implementing to greatly reduce latency in firing rocket/nail projectiles. To help illustrate the changes, we've included an image to show latency between Quake Live, CBT 11 (pre-6/27 patch), and CBT 12 (the 6/27 patch). We look forward to hearing your thoughts after the patch goes live with this change.

Patch Notes CBT 12


Fixed the projectile delay, greatly reducing the latency between firing the weapon and the rocket/nail projectile appearing (image above)
Reduced frequency of pings in Datacenter Selection UI. This should help players who were seeing no available datacenters, or pings that were too high
We've made improvements to prevent player disconnects


Burial Chamber: Fixed an issue where a section of the lava pool wouldn’t cause damage
Burial Chamber: Fixed an issue where you could get stuck performing a Rocket Jump into a wall in the Side Alcove
Corrupted Keep and Blood Run now available in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes!
Corrupted Keep: Fixed various collision issues
Lockbox: Improved performance
Lockbox: Fixed an issue where users were are able to get stuck in the mega health room


Anarki: Injection ability now gives an additional +1 hp to max health instead of 2%.
BJ Blazkowicz: Fixed an issue where the healing pool could be abused
BJ Blazkowicz: Fixed an issue where rockets were fired from only one launcher while using his active ability
Clutch has a new passive! Clutch can dodge when the player presses the strafe button twice. Works both on ground and in the air
Clutch: Press the ability key a second time while the Barrier is enabled to lower the shield and activate the Mining Drill, a 3-second laser
Clutch: Fixed an issue where projectiles could freeze in the air after hitting Clutch’s Barrier
Slash: Fixed her invisible trail DOT
Sorlag: Acid Spit reduced from 30 to 25 dmg


Shotgun: Changed pellet damage from 3 to 4, such that point blank shots increased from 60 to 80 dmg
Nailgun: Changed rate of fire from 100 to 70 ms, resulting in an increase of 100 to 133 dps
Heavy Machinegun: Changed damage from 9 to 10, but decreased the rate of fire from 75 to 100, resulting in a decrease of 120 to 100 dps
Heavy Machinegun (zoomed): Changed damage from 10 to 15, but with a greatly decreased rate of fire from 80 to 200 ms, resulting in a decrease of 150 to 75 dps, but with a much smaller more accurate spread. In summary: Zoomed HMG now does less dps, but is very accurate, making it less than ideal in the beginning of a fight, but great for finishing off weak opponents.
Super Nailgun: Changed damage from 12 to 20, and decreased the rate of fire 80 to 100 ms, resulting in an increase from 150 to 200 dps
Super Nailgun: Tweaked impulse values to make nailclimbing easier
Tri-bolt: Fixed an issue where the weapon didn’t show animated firing effects in 1st person when you’re being shot at after quickly swapping to the weapon
Tri-bolt: Explosion delay added for when projectiles hit an enemy
Tri-bolt: Direct Damage is now 10 dmg before exploding…
Tri-bolt: …and Explosive Damage is 40 dmg, for each bolt.


Duels matches are now Best of 5 Rounds, instead of Bo3. (In the future this will be a customizable option in Custom Game.)
Lobby: There are now only two columns on screen before the start of the draft. After the draft starts, 4 more columns will appear
Fixed an issue when in the Duel lobby, the amount of players may overlap other UI elements
Nicknames and the map name will now persist throughout the draft and voting stages


Updated Sacrifice HUD integrated
New POI for soul integrated
Cooldown timer for the soul spawn point is integrated
Soul will now be placed in Obelisk when the soul carrier enters the capture zone. Players can no longer throw the soul in to capture an Obelisk!
Fixes for various issues where the soul could clip through the floor
Fixes for various issues where the soul could get stuck in a level’s geometry
On-Screen effect for soul carrier integrated
Blue soul effect removed from carrier’s hands (1st person)

Custom Game:

1-Champion limit (per team) in Sacrifice. Sacrifice lobby will now have a system where players can only choose unique Champions before the game starts. Champions picked by one player become unavailable to another. (In the future this will be a customizable option in Custom Game.)
Fixes for synchronization in custom game lobby: The game will react faster in a custom game lobby when a time-unlocked Champion expires, or when a player ups the amount of Champions to 3 while in Duel lobby
Champions that haven’t been purchased will not appear in a custom game roster
Fixed issue Missing Info for the map and game mode on Sacrifice Draft


Main Menu music will become quieter when tutorial screen is opened
Dropdowns are no longer overlapping pop ups and notifications
Lootboxes: Fixed an issue where shadows of floor pieces persisted on the screen
Lootboxes: Fixed an issue where there were no zoom in option for lootbox dropped items
“Play Now” button now has “Launching Server” and “Connecting to server” messaging for better communication
Removed % from post-match scoreboard and battle report


Fixed an issue where the announcer countdown wasn’t in sync with the visual countdown
Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t pick up armor shards/soul before the bounce animation ended
The round time now counts up instead of down
Overtime counter is now red to distinguish it from the normal up time
Fixed issues with jump pad active zones misplacement
Fixed an issue where players could spawn facing the wall
Fixed an issue when players could move while TAB is pressed on the death screen
Fixed issue when firing lightning gun and moving through the teleport obscures player's vision momentarily
Fixed an issue where Rocket Launcher projectiles didn’t have end effect when hitting an ally


Soul pickup/placement sound integrated
Obelisk explosion sound integrated
Railgun now has a charge sound while in zoom
Railgun zoom in/out sound integrated
Integrated teleport in/out sound
Sound radius for pickups decreased from 50 to 40 meters


Added toggle for “Follow Killer” cam
Added toggle for “Follow Player with Power-up” cam
Added toggle for “Follow Soul Carrier” cam
Hot Key hint for toggles panel integrated
Health/Armor bars integrated in Duel Spectator HUD
Fixed an issue where the spectator saw the ability icon instead of the soul icon when spectating on the soul carrier
Fixed an issue where the spectator saw Galena’s totems as red
Fixed an issue where the spectator saw a death screen while players were on the Champion selection screen
Fixed an issue where the spectator had no post-match sequence or final scoreboard
Fixed an issue when spectator could be left in a lobby for the second match

Edit: fixed the wrong HMG zoom damage (not my fault)
Add "We've made improvements to prevent player disconnects" line
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Full article in the link, I only cut out the related parts. A very interesting interview with Cypher

Is it fair to say Quake Champions has become too much of an arcade game?

It became simpler by an order of magnitude. This is a game in which you can’t heal yourself back to full, the way you could in previous Quake instalments; you can’t stack up and just circle the map killing everyone. That’s why the game used to be one-sided; there would be the one guy who was killing everyone and having fun.

Here, it’s built a bit differently. You’ve got abilities you can use in a mass fight, and besides, a hero has a health cap that can’t be exceeded. No matter how many megahealths and armors you pick up, if you get hit from a railgun, the second hit will kill you, unless you’re some super-fat tank. And if you are a super-fat tank, you’re very easy to hit.

They’ve balanced the game with newcomers in mind. In Quake III, you respawn with a machine gun, 125 HP, and zero armor, and until you pick up a good gun and a more or less decent armor suit, you won’t be fragging anyone. Here, you can take down someone who’s full-HP with just that machine gun. You can’t be chased around spawn points. The abilities, the invisibility, the orbs, the teleports, it’s all about doing everything to prevent top-tier players from owning noobs, to stop noobs having 0/45 runs.

Many old players were worried that classes and their abilities would break the game. Have they changed it a lot?

Well, it’s become more interesting. That’s basically the whole point. Are we talking about what would interest a person who’s been a Quake pro for years, or a newcomer? I feel that a newcomer will find it insanely hard. There are things you can pull off, but essentially, you’re going to need a lot of time to learn it all.

Regarding the abilities and heroes, it’s become interesting now that you’ve got meta heroes. There’s one meta hero now, Nyx, who gets picked in every game. Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that there’s a class division between players who think Anarki is an exploit and the strongest hero in general, as well as all heroes with CPMA-style movement [bunny-hopping — Ed.], and those who play the other heroes.

It’s much too early to talk about any players of great skill, but what I can already note is that it’s not all about how many frags you make, but what you do to get at least one frag. And after that frag, the game doesn’t snowball, but rather starts over. Whenever an enemy dies, they’re reborn with a different champion and ability set, which allows them to grab one of the big items. Every frag is earned with blood and sweat.

As a consequence, you’re getting different sorts of deceptive moves using abilities, which everyone is countering each other with. There’s something MOBA-like about it. Personally, I now use a champion that counters my opponents. If certain champions are playing against me, I have a certain mental diagram of how I’m going to counter them with other champions. My opponents aren’t doing it now; they’re more into simply using the champions they’ve practiced well.

Perhaps the old Quake players don’t have a very good idea of the picking and banning system, and therefore don’t focus on it?

Maybe, maybe not. It’s all a question of time: those who play a lot will get into all that and become incredibly strong. The overall level of play may not be too great right now, but the QuakeCon and post-QuakeCon matches between the people who are practicing now are going to be very tough.

Would you agree that by giving the player more opportunities to make a comeback after dying, the developers have brought the game closer to an actual sport? In football, for example, a goal doesn’t change the rules of the game, it only affects the opponent’s morale, and they can still come back.

Yes, you’re right. But there’s the fact that when a really strong guy is playing against someone who isn’t particularly strong, the game is over quickly, in three or four minutes. That’s a plus: you don’t get those 0/50 ownages lasting ten to fifteen minutes anymore. You can just start the next game and try something new.

However, this can happen between two pro players as well, so the entertainment factor can drop dramatically. It all depends on the person. While I do take risks in the game, I only allow myself to do it when I’m pressured and my situation is extremely unfavorable. If you accept every engagement that a player like that forces upon you, the fight will be over in three minutes: either they win or you do. While if you run from them, get sneaky and so on, then, of course, the game will be more or less coherent.

What are your overall impressions of the duel mode in Champions? Isn’t it too fast?

Those three rounds can go on for quite a long time, up to 15 minutes. It all depends on the people playing. I try to take my time somewhat and don’t continually get cheeky, so matches against me get fairly lengthy. But if I smell blood, I can end the game right there and then without waiting for anything. That was what happened in the final against fazz, for example.

There are a ton of exploits in this game, and the player that finds and uses them wins.

Is it fair to say that this ton of exploits also means they’re exploitable by anyone? Nyx gets chosen for her invisibility. What other exploits are there?

Invisibility is an exploit to those who don’t know what to do against it. For instance, if my opponent picks Nyx, I can always pick Visor who’ll help me in any case. He’s neither a glass cannon nor a tank, but he can heal back decently. At 150/175, you have no problem running around. And that’s more than decent when you’re playing against Nyx. If you play aggressively, you can force Nyx to go invisible and then use the wall hack against her, at which point she’s no longer center stage.

The first machine gun that you spawn with is an exploit in its own right, since it deals 8 damage. No machine gun in any game has ever dealt that much. And if you pick up a heavy machine gun, it deals 9, or 10 when you’re zoomed. That’s what happened in the final of the tournament I won: fazz was on Sorlag, and I knew he didn’t have a shaft or anything like that — meaning I knew I could take him out at medium range. So I sprayed him down with that zoomed machine gun, had 80% accuracy, and took him down from virtually full HP. Then I fell down, he respawned in the shaft area and ran for that shaft on B.J. Blazkowicz who had another exploit, shooting two guns instead of one and the damage is increased by a half. He drew those two guns, and I still managed to suppress him with that exact same zoomed machine gun, killing him in a matter of seconds.

If you like, you can use this weapon instead of the shaft, especially on maps where the railgun isn’t present. You’re simply running around with just your machine gun, and the opponent is afraid of peeking out because the damage really is formidable.

But that double-gun exploit is just unreal. You get two shafts, and nothing survives. It doesn’t matter how stacked up anyone is, they just get shredded in a seconds. Those exploits are everywhere; you just have to see them.

How do you play against Anarki?

I sat down and thought what I was supposed to do when I was getting outplayed on Anarki; in the tournament, that was Wicht, and there had also been another player during practice. What does Anarki do? He runs around the level non-stop, and that’s what makes him powerful. He flashes before your eyes, eats up the whole map, and then attacks really brutally at some point.

But there’s a champion called Galena. This character has totems that can remove up to 75 HP. They can be placed at certain spots, around corners, which Anarki will not notice when making a turn. If one of those totems softens him up, he loses speed immediately. Besides, I’m going to know where he got hit. Anarki is also very sensitive to 75 HP hits: he can’t even take a single railgun hit, he can’t fight anymore after it, he’s got to hide. And if you think it through smartly and figure out where he’s running about, if you’re not afraid to fight for certain items and use the shaft instead of the rocket launcher, then Anarki can be tamed easily.

You said that players have split into two camps: those who prefer heroes with what we may roughly call Quake 3-style movement, and those who go for the Promode and QuakeWorld style. Which do you choose?

I haven’t played Sorlag or Anarki at all, and never will. I don’t like them. They do look crazy beautiful, some players’ movements on Anarki and Sorlag are just jaw-droppingly divine. However, I find it more pleasant to play Slash. Sorlag is quite maneuverable, her poison is strong, and she’s quite bulky, but there are other cool heroes.

Which hero is your favorite?

Slash, I suppose. And Galena. Probably Scalebearer as well. I don’t play them often, but they’re the ones I like best. The map is my first consideration, then the opponent, then their picks. I try to adapt. Say, against Agent, I can’t play without Visor at all; there’s no way I can win with anything else.

What can you say about the weapons, other than the machine gun?

The railgun is currently the most efficient one. Overall, the rocket launcher, shaft, and railgun are nicely balanced. There are useless weapons, such as the nailgun. I like the new Tri-bolt gun they’ve made, no matter how much everyone’s hating on it. It has a certain flair to it. Otherwise, it’s the same as in previous Quakes, nothing else to complain about. The way a rocket fires is weird, but they’ll probably fix that.

The game contains remakes of DM6 and ZTN. Which other old maps would you like to see in it?

None whatsoever.

Not even Aerowalk?

Especially not Aerowalk! Playing this map in Quake Champions would be a pain in the ass. I don’t play Anarki or Sorlag, and what if someone plays them against me? I’ll go crazy.

Don’t you think this reluctance to play Anarki or Sorlag is going to become a problem?


Can Ranger or Nyx be a match for them in theory?

In theory, yes, but I’m thinking of other heroes.

Which famous players do you practice with now?

Pretty much none. It’s my policy to avoid playing with the best. When you practice with strong players, you end up extremely exhausted and may start losing if you’re having a bad day or there’s some other nonsense going on. It’s a burden on your morale which later becomes a problem in tournaments.

I’m trying to maintain a positive attitude as I win my games non-stop. It’s not that I bully complete noobs; I play against mid-tier players and strong ones, but not the strongest. I do play against those occasionally, just to get slapped awake a bit. It can be anyone, whoever agrees to play.

I remembered watching Cooller dueling yesterday, both Nyx, 5 mins of hide & seek, and a very bullshit death at the end

Let's hope we won't see that type of matches at Quakecon
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QC Beta - E3 Patch Notes (1 comment)
Posted by Messing Around @ 08:45 CDT, 12 June 2017 - iMsg
Patch Notes – CBT 10 (E3 Build)

Welcome to the Quake Champions Beta! We’ve made a lot of changes in this build, many of which we just revealed at the Bethesda E3 Showcase! The first big change is that beta is now open 24/7! That means you can just in and play any time you want, unless we have a maintenance window or are deploying a future patch. We’ll keep you in the loop about any planned outages.
We’ve also added a LOT of goodness. Here’s the list of other new additions that you can check out right now:

NEW Champion:

B.J. Blazkowicz added to the Champion roster!
• Dual Wield (Active)

BJ calls for back-up and answers his own call. Double [censored] weapons, BJ takes turns firing them in rapid succession to lay down some heavy fire, but he will burn through some serious ammo to do so.
• Regeneration (Passive)
BJ can regenerate any damaged health inside one 25 HP block, if he doesn’t receive damage for 3 seconds.
• Stats:
• 100 / 100 HP
• 25 / 50 AP
• 310 -> 560 ups

• Customizations includes 3 outfits and 1 vanity item.

NEW Weapon:
• New weapon added – The Tri-Bolt!
o The Tri-Bolt fires three bolts armed with timed explosives. Each bolt fires in quick succession, allowing the user to concentrate or spread the fire as needed.

NEW Maps:

- Lockbox added -- a new Ithagnal themed arena for Sacrifice, Team Deathmatch, and Deathmatch
- Blood Run added -- a new Volkerh themed Duel arena
- Corrupted Keep added -- a new Goroth themed Duel arena

Custom Game:
- Party with friends to play private matches on the arena and game mode of your choice!
- Party Leaders can pre-configure teams in the Match Lobby by dragging players between pillars.
- Start Match button will be disabled if the amount of players present is lower than required
- Start Match button will be disabled in Duel mode if players don’t have 3 Champions available

NEW Spectator Mode:
• Spectator mode added within Custom Game!
o Invite friends to your party and drag them to the Match Lobby Spectator Box to allow them to spectate the match.
o Spectators can toggle camera modes between players, rooms, and free-float by pressing [L. SHIFT].
o Players can cycle through players or rooms with [LEFTARROW] and [RIGHTARROW] or by pressing [1]-[0] number keys for specific players or rooms.
o Spectators can press [X] to toggle x-ray outlines to see players locations through walls to help follow the action.

Main Menu UI:

• Added Tutorials section.
• Updated Loot Box Store
• New Shader Customization preview icons (now correctly matching their patterns)

NEW Tutorials:
• We have added the first three videos in our series of Beta Tutorials – “Welcome to Quake Champions,” “Health, Armor, & You: Controlling Your Stack,” and “Power-Ups: Turning the Tides of War.”
• These videos are currently accessible by clicking the Movie icon on the Main Menu.

• New initial spawn points in Duel for Ruins of Sarnath
• Adjusted item placements on all maps affecting all modes
• Fix for not being able to pick-up armor shards or the Soul until only after their bounce animation ends


• Added new music set for the Dimension of the Doomed (Goroth themed maps: Burial Chamber, Corrupted Keep)
• Added music set for the Netherworld (Ithagnal themed maps: Lockbox)

Known Issues:
• A party of more than two players may enter a Duel lobby. The Start Match button is not disabled if the extraneous players remain present on the pillars instead of being moved to Spectator. Players who are still stuck on the podium after two Duel players are selected will be presented with an error message that you've been "kicked from the match." Upon receiving this error, you will need to restart the client to continue playing.


So how do you think about:
-The new guy that can dual Rails and health regen
-The Tri-bolt, a replacement for GL
-The new maps
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Closed Beta Patch Notes - June 9, Test Event (65 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 19:22 CDT, 8 June 2017 - iMsg
Before the next Closed Beta test event begins tomorrow at 10am ET, we wanted to discuss our plans for this test event. Last week, we held a shorter beta after deploying some backend fixes that helped us to gauge game stability. We got great results, and have implemented some additional backend updates to help us continue testing in order to improve stability. We received a lot of great feedback from last weekend’s test, and we’d appreciate hearing more about your play experiences during this test. This weekend’s test will continue until 4pm ET on Sunday.

Patch Notes:


Fixed an issue where a stutter could occur during a spike in performance


Fixed “fragged by” appearing on-screen after a suicide
Removed Rocket Launcher balcony in Ruins of Sarnath
Fixed Duel start poses in Blood Covenant and Ruins of Sarnath
Improved item placement in Duel in Ruins of Sarnath
Fixed an issue when a Champion’s vanity item persisted on a scene after their death


The health bar will now be colored white if player has less than a half bar remaining
Fixed an issue where sliders remained red after interacting with them in the menu
Boot up sequence order changed

Champions Balance:

Slash's Max AP has been buffed + 25 AP
Slash's trail lifetime has been decreased to 3 seconds
Slash's active ability duration has been decreased to 2 seconds
Galena's Unholy Totem's health has been buffed to 50 HP
Clutch's acceleration steps have been reworked to allow him to accelerate faster
Visor’s air acceleration has increased (+10%), so he gains speed faster using strafe jumps.
Galena's basic speed has been increased up to 300
Scalebearer’s passive ability tweaked acceleration steps


Fixed random gameplay crash in Sacrifice mode
Fixed rare crash when clicking on the Play button

Mouse sensitivity improvements:

Mouse acceleration option has been added to Options Screen
Mouse sensitivity now closer to Quake Live. Updated range is 1-30.
M-filter added in Options Screen

Known Issues:

No in-menu notification about completed challenges
When sudden death happens in Duel, sudden death text won’t appear in HUD
Black doors in Blood Covenant in DM and TDM


Totem can takes 50 damage before got destroy, instead of instantly
Slash's trail has 4 secs ability duration and 5 secs lifetime before. Now it's 2 and 3
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2GD opinions on Duel and Sacrifice modes (77 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 03:40 CDT, 4 June 2017 - iMsg

Steal from QC forum

Id is trying to turn the game into a mindless FPS, just simply pickup weapons and go for a frag
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Dev Livestream w/ Tim Willits & ZeRo4 for 1 hour (7 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 13:22 CDT, 18 May 2017 - iMsg

Failed a lot: echo, disconnected mid-match, 2v4 the whole game. But still answer few questions people keep asking
Also no CTF in near future



Personal thought about Sacrifice:

People keep expecting new team strategy coming for this mode after awhile, but how can you pull it off when the game is too chaos, fast pace with random spawn locations?

What i mean is not always the defending team have all 4 people when they cap the point, or the enemy's already get on the point before your team get into position. Basically players are just all over the place

The mode feels like it focus on DM skills of each individual rather than the 'team" aspect.
Also this is Quake, not football, you can't use the same logic for it and say that it's "easier to spectating because there's only 1 ball" Tim
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Rapha on Quake Champions (106 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 00:12 CDT, 28 April 2017 - iMsg
Around 04h42m to 04h48m:

Overview for anyone can't watch:

+Champion abilities feel nothing like Overwatch
+Interesting in team aspect, multiple Champions to counter each others around the objective

+Each Quakes has their own unique, Quake 1/World - Quake 2 - Quake 3/Live and so do Quake Champions
+It takes time to balancing the game, no need to rush

+Need direct in-game tutorial
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About the Sound system of this game (24 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 23:40 CDT, 24 April 2017 - iMsg
it's weird that no one talking about this aspect of QC, especially sounds are very important in competitive games

After watched the duel match between ZeRo4 and SyncError. I noticed a lot of problems about the sound effects

Let's take a look at this Unreal Tournament 4 duel video, you can "hear" the differences between those 2



1. Unnecessary loud echo and ambience, overwhelm every other sounds
2. Weapon sounds have no punch, make them sound very weak
3. Lot of low pitch and high pitch sound effects, sometimes they're too high or too low, never "just enough"

Overall, the sound system feels overwhelmed (and weird), each of them try to fight the others, turn out to be a bunch of noises
You can compare with the UT4's to know what i mean, cleaner and more powerfull
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