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XMAS CTF and FT? (10 comments)
Posted by mellowb1rd @ 17:08 CST, 24 December 2015 - iMsg
Is anyone hosting a server running the CTF on Silent Nigt and FT on Winters Edge? I saw an empty one on Silent Nigt, but the map seems to be mising a lot of textures, and seen nothing of the FT, yet. These maps have become a Xmas tradition for a lot of players, it would be a shame to not have them this year
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New Elo Vs old (28 comments)
Posted by mellowb1rd @ 07:03 CST, 20 December 2015 - iMsg
The Qlstats page is pretty sparse with the info. It pretty much just says it's calculated based on damage output per unit of time, and adjusted based on the elo of the other player(s) on the server.
It doesn't say whether, in team games, the time in question is the total duration of the game, only the rounds you played (if you joined late) or only the time you are alive. (which would be better since it would discourage hiding and baiting)
It doesn't mention whether the result is taken into consideration in team games. (It should be. Make it about personal score and people will PLAY to get personal score)
So...does anyone know any more about this? So far, it looks to me like under the new system, everyone is about 200 - 300 points higher than they were in the old one. At least in CA, but I guess the relationship is non-linear. I'd ask ppl to post their old and new Elos so we can see a rough comparison, but #1 the new system hasn't had time to settle down yet, and #2 Ask people to state their E-peen size, and only liars and people with big E-peens will answer the question
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Suddenly can't rocket jump! (19 comments)
Posted by mellowb1rd @ 12:23 CST, 14 December 2015 - iMsg
I mean I can, but max height jumps always fail. It feels completely weird, and it's happened suddenly. I had a problem with the mouse driver when an update failed, and that's about when the problem started, but the profile is saved in the mouse itself, so...I dunno. I also had a spillage incident and had to strip my keyboard, wash it out, and get high off half a bottle of isopropyl, but both the keyboard and the mouse seem to function as before. I don't think the problem is me, because it's so sudden and so noticeable.
The mouse is plugged into the USB port on the keyboard, but it always was, plus I doubt that could introduce any lag, since it's just a passive pass-through. PLUS, a little lag on the mouse shouldn't affect this. A little lag on the keyboard might.
I haven't yet tried swapping the keyboard and mouse pass-through leads from the keyboard, but much slower can one USB port be than the one next to it?
I can make max height jumps by slightly delaying the jump, but it never fely that way before. It felt like it was exactly simultaneous, and any slight delay on the jump to get max height was happening automatically as far as I was concerned and I never noticed it.
I'm getting this issue regardless of ping.
The only other change is that I've lowered my sensitivity from 29cm/360 to 30.5. Sure, it DOES feel a little different as I look down to place the rocket, but nothing that explains why all my RJ's are half-height suddenly.
Any ideas while I find the old mouse driver and check that my sensitivity hasn't changed for some reason?
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Old maps TOOOO dark (9 comments)
Posted by mellowb1rd @ 05:03 CST, 10 December 2015 - iMsg
All the RA and old Q3 maps are way too dark. Ratehr than make a new config just for those maps, I'm wondering if I can just toggle a couple of variables. I have a toggle to turn simpleitems off, and one to turn fastsky on for peeking through portals. So, surely I can toggle between my current values of some variable and another? I'm just not sure which. Gamma kinda lightens things up, but to me it just looks like it's doeing so by introducing a white haze over everything. Mapoverbrightbits? That sounds kinda promising.

As fo the toggle...would this work, for example? Sorry, I really don't know what I'm doing, so...And I'm just using mapoverbrightbits as an example

set LightswitchOn "r_mapoverbrightbits (new value) ; bind (X) vstr LightswitchOff"
set LightswitchOff "r_mapoverbrightbits 0 ; bind (X) vstr LightswitchOn"

bind (X) "vstr LightSwitchOn"

I'm assuming that "lightswitch" not being an actual variable or command, doesn't matter and that it's just a name I'm choosing to give to a variable I'm defining. I keep meaning to learn this config stuff, but time permits nothing more than the occasional playaround with something I found elsewhere.
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What actually causes mouse spin-out? (22 comments)
Posted by mellowb1rd @ 00:51 CST, 7 December 2015 - iMsg
I never tried to get my G100s to spin out, but I just got a G303 and decided to try, and it's reasonably easy to get it to spin out. Not by any kind of movement you'd use in game, but if there's even a small amount of ninja in your family tree...not too difficult
But I then noticed it was far easier on some servers than others, so surely it's not a purely mouse-related issue? (again, at normal speeds, even fast flick shots, the mouse works fine)
I understand that artificially high CPI can lower the signal/noise ratio of the sensor and cause it to lose tracking at high speeds, but I'm only using it at 2000 CPI. Nothing major. Gonna drop back down to 800 anyway, but still a little concerned that it's not consistent across servers. Okay, it's possible that I wasn't swiping it as hard on the servers where I couldn't make it happen, but I don't think so. It seems like a software dealie. I might experiment with restoring the factory default to the surface tuning, but...I dunno. I'm thinking the CPI thing is more likely. I recently gave my pad a scrub, so it's not full of dirt and dead skin cells.
Anyone know what the true native CPI of the 3366 sensor is?

Anyways...I'm curious to see if I can make the g100s spin out now.
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Does anyone use foot-pedals for binds? (20 comments)
Posted by mellowb1rd @ 11:29 CST, 1 November 2015 - iMsg
I got two and use one for zoom and one for crouch, so now I got all 3 main weapons bound to mouse buttons. I might get another for Use Item, cus I also have fastsky turn off with the same key, so it's nice for peeing through portals, but it's kinda wasted on Mouse3. great. Feels way more natural than reaching for keys with my left hand. Does anyone else do this? If not I highly recommend it.
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More WTF stuff (19 comments)
Posted by mellowb1rd @ 14:03 CDT, 27 October 2015 - iMsg
Okay..well, first thing I noticed since the update is that playing gives me a headache. May FPS stays at 250, but it looks like about 30 at most. I see multiple images of everything when I pan quickly.
Another thing....I played one match. Only one. on earth do my accuracy stats not match what they were in that one match? Is it counting shots fired in the warmup? Looks like. That's just going to lead to everyone hunting down the guys who use the warmup to roll a smoke, to pad out their rail stats, and is going to render the stats meaningless.
But please...pretty please... fix the damn match browser. All the other annoying little changes are bearable to some extent. But that match browser is a travesty.
AS for removing tiers....Don't even get me started. Every T4 guy hates when a noob joins the server. Every noob hates a noobfarmer on the all put everyone in games with the players they hate and create an unorganised mess in team games.
So much was made of the few positive changes, but they in no way make up for the match browser, the lack of tiers or what so far looks to be a total lack of playable servers. I was going to buy a pro sub if this update fixed the few things I disliked before. AS it stands, I'd expect to be PAID more than the 10$ they sprung on people, just to keep playing.
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