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Disrepute and vor finally are back (6 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 13:28 CST, 5 March 2018 - iMsg

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**NEW** MS Classic Intellimouse (YAY?) (24 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 16:05 CST, 15 January 2018 - iMsg
MS is selling a modernized (BOOO) version of their classic mouse with new hardware - 3.200 dpi (BOOO) at 129 g (BOOO).
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Quake Champions Closed Beta Patch June 2nd (12 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 17:20 CDT, 2 June 2017 - iMsg
For this week’s Quake Champions Closed Beta test event, we are focusing on monitoring game stability with new backend services in place. In doing so, we will be holding a shorter test event, which will end on Saturday at 5pm ET. The patch being deployed for this build will only include minor fixes, however, we are working on a larger update that will address game performance issues, and this weekend’s test is a prerequisite for that update. We appreciate your continued feedback as it’s helped us to identify stability issues that we’re working to resolve. Thank you to all of our testers for helping us to create an even better Quake Champions.

- Still closed
- Some more sensitivity settings
- Sensitivity can only be set in .250 increments now and is back to regular QL/CS computation imho - reply back if you have a solid answer or measured your 360* turn
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Emulation / PS2 / 120 Hz (20 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 08:09 CDT, 28 May 2017 - iMsg
Dear diary...

just got into the mood to play Wipeout again. Installed PCSX2 again, works a lot better than 10 years ago.. lol

Not in the mood to play these games with the KB, so bought myself a gamepad for the first time since I played on a PSP.

Reading up on the emulation hacks, how to increase image fidelity, increase framerate / Hz.

Came across this forum:

Srsly what drugs are these kids on nowadays?
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Post profile accuracies please! (19 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 12:40 CDT, 17 May 2017 - iMsg

Starting MG: 25%
Upgraded MG: 21%
LG: 23%
RG: 45%

The other weapons are not as meaningful I guess.
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Who of you has <=1 Mbit upload bandwidth? (37 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 12:12 CDT, 14 May 2017 - iMsg
There's an issue with the game, it's being talked about on reddit, the beta forums,.. but not here.

People with low upload bandwidth will have encountered situations in which they pretty much time out, can't interact with the map or opponents anymore. First you can jump around alright, but there's no item pickups, no projectiles (nailgun, rocket) coming out of your gun until the game catches up and all your actions get added to the gamestate with a huge delay all at once (it seems).

On the scoreboard you'll notice 255 ms ping for the duration.

Comments seem to indicate that capping your FPS might alleviate the situation.

Please post here if you are effected by this.
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P0RT - Where are you now? (13 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 15:04 CST, 10 January 2017 - iMsg
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Damn good film/cinema/kino (39 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 11:17 CST, 25 November 2016 - iMsg
Just recently rewatched and damn highly recommend:

Redbelt (David Mamet, 2008)

Mamet is not as known in Europe as he's with American film students and what not. Undeservedly. This is a brilliant piece, that at first plays out like one of those 08/15 regular not so interesting drama/action/relationship/everything piece with some sort of feature/gimmick which in this case is martial arts. Everything about it is just 100% there in terms of camera and actors, so I kept watching compared to let's say one of those usual Oscar baits that I don't really want to watch anymore.

But the last third/quarter just goes beyond everything. Not because it changes the story/plot or anything, just because the film changes from this 08/15 thing to a interesting work on film(s) itself.

If you LOVED those martial arts films from the 1990s or w/e and you understand how they work and manipulate you and stuff, this will be one of your favourites as well.

If you want to post in this thread, pls don't post films from those oh so alternative directors such as Tarantino, Lynch, Refn, Kubrick, Nolan. This one is reserved for those films that are just a degree less popular. Everybody knows these anyway.
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Steam down?! (4 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 11:27 CDT, 14 September 2016 - iMsg
Steam down
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Let's get QL trending on Reddit?! (4 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 16:55 CDT, 30 July 2016 - iMsg
Just a thought: as you are all aware, there is a Quake Live subreddit. Nowadays reddit has "trending subreddits" on top of the front page. I have no idea what the algo is like, but imho it changes every 24 hrs? Try to discuss, upload content, upvote everything the day Qcon starts? It should be enough to 10 fold participation and get boosted 4 free advertising.

I know y'all rather hang out in /r/me_irl but this time its not about depression and world communism.
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Belgium - Ireland (12 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 08:06 CDT, 18 June 2016 - iMsg
"Shane. Shaaaaaaaane. Hazard is danger."

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Overwatch or Drejjk threads? (17 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 14:41 CDT, 1 June 2016 - iMsg
So which do you prefer and why?
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From the man who brought you /r/me_irl : (31 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 14:42 CST, 20 November 2015 - iMsg
.. comes now the new and improved subreddit r/KenM
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Public Announcement: (24 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 18:53 CDT, 28 August 2015 - iMsg
This is on TV right now:
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DIZZEL HAVE A STREAM NOW!!!! (49 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 02:35 CDT, 15 August 2015 - iMsg
....not and Im so very sade x:///
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What's REALLY REALLY wrong with Quaek: (10 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 07:07 CDT, 10 August 2015 - iMsg
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UGC 2016!!!! (15 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 09:08 CDT, 19 June 2015 - iMsg
Sup stermz?
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Holy crap TP is back (6 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 14:00 CDT, 6 October 2014 - iMsg
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Server spawning - why? (17 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 15:14 CDT, 3 October 2014 - iMsg
<twistar> T1E
<twistar> duel?
<T1E> in quaek?
<twistar> yer
<T1E> knife 1v1 me f[censored]
<T1E> spawning could take a while
<T1E> or not
<T1E> who knows
<twistar> ill try
<twistar> not working
<twistar> :/
<T1E> stop spawning
<T1E> it blocks my sv spawning
<twistar> bet youre spawning 16 slot ffa for noobs
<twistar> worked \o/
<twistar> awaiting connecting /o\
<T1E> nld: Request not found
<T1E> had the same as you during last weekends cup
<twistar> now game crashed
<twistar> ...
<twistar> cs?
<T1E> oke
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Major Dreamhack Tournament Announced (9 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 14:45 CDT, 3 October 2014 - iMsg
Welcome to SwedenSweden, welcome to Sweden Helsingbrikbanbörkbörk.

The DH chief of staff is proud to announce another tournament for all you quakers, who we're happy to invite to watch our:

Thanks for you patience and support, we're happy to please you!
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Coincidence? (59 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 06:37 CDT, 18 May 2014 - iMsg
I think not:

the anagram of item is time
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What if ESR (109 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 11:41 CDT, 14 May 2014 - iMsg
..put you in a special mode (hell), so that you can only read, comment or reply to other half-banned trolls like yourself?

What if you were already in this mode?
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If you like cheater/bust threads, you'll (16 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 12:40 CDT, 9 May 2014 - iMsg
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UEFA '16 qualifying groups (16 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 06:08 CST, 23 February 2014 - iMsg

On a scale from 1-10 how hard has your national team to suffer because of obvious UEFA manipulations?
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Dota_bwoi_56: lol QUAKE PLAYERS dissing (28 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 21:30 CDT, 3 August 2013 - iMsg
Dota_bwoi_56: lol QUAKE PLAYERS dissing on OLDER GAMES like DOOM but when CoD and Crysis players boast on your precious 125 FPS channel y'all guys get butthurt roflmao

Seriously any opinions? I guess it was just a minority hating the waiting time, but that seems a moot point now looking at the raffle. I found that final pretty awesome, dunno about that sg-only map, but pretty hardcore imo!
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First Face it 4v4 TDM cup tonight (45 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 12:04 CDT, 4 April 2013 - iMsg
sign up here:


preview of players attending:
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LMAO @ POLAND II (7 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 10:10 CST, 11 February 2013 - iMsg
.. oops, meant Germany

guess you wanted a Ratzinger thread
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QLRANKS CA (99 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 16:09 CST, 30 December 2012 - iMsg
Wondering why this didn't get posted already, but CA rating seems to have been recalculated. Check it out here:

Just look at the top 100, seems pretty plausible now, does it. Props to the team and [+] sirax/szr if you see them comment here.
Edited by wn at 17:34 CST, 30 December 2012 - 17528 Hits
New map for Clan Arena (20 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 14:53 CST, 21 December 2012 - iMsg
Try Corrosion
I think it suits standard 4v4 CA, it's not toooo big, you can move through it fast enough and it's got a nice meeting spot right at those 2 jumppads in the "middle".

Want to hear your opinions!
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2, 3 things about qlranks improvements (31 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 12:20 CST, 13 November 2012 - iMsg
I know szr, sirax are pretty busy most of the time, but I hope this concise list can help to improve the quality of

- purge all accounts with no game in 1 year
- hide all CA accounts with less than 30 games played
- purge all non-existent accounts on ql or those with a ban notice
- please add at least limbus to the official tdm pool (those games that are being tracked at all), maybe terminatria, terminus too
- ask faceit to cover the server costs
- ca again, work on the quit-handicap of -40 points, try to gather the "time played" in the match and think about how 3v4-ending games are being handled by the system

thx ;)
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[request] fresh abyssus mouse button pic (10 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 12:43 CST, 11 November 2012 - iMsg
hi everyone, have a small request if someone by accident has the material available, is anyone able to take a picture from NEW razr abyssus mousebuttons (those small plastic clips that get in contact with the actual switch)?

similar to here, but higher quality please
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Which RA3 maps for QL? (24 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 14:08 CDT, 24 October 2012 - iMsg
Sooo... we didn't get any CA maps in a while, ra3 oldies, what 4v4 maps would be nice to have in QL? Think about gameplay, gfx, ..
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The Days are harsh for Noobs (64 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 10:24 CDT, 19 September 2012 - iMsg
<norppis> need som1 to teach me how to play :(
<T1E> there are loads of tutorials, tips etc.. online
<T1E> check esr
<T1E> check ql forums
<norppis> does ql forums make me better player?
<norppis> doubt it hard
<T1E> playing does
<T1E> not complaining ..
<norppis> it doesnt anymore
<norppis> dueling is broken
<T1E> how so
<norppis> never getting any opponents that are on same skill level
<norppis> always getting assraped like 22-0
<T1E> then add those who are to your friend list
<T1E> or try different game modes
<norppis> I want to play duel only
<T1E> those can help you more than you might think
<T1E> that's retarded no offense
<norppis> and there is no point to go get raped in there
<norppis> retarded?
<T1E> yes
<norppis> i do not want to go spam arena
<norppis> or ctf
<norppis> its fucking shit
<T1E> duel only idiots sorry
* Q sets ban on *!*@
* Q has kicked norppis from #quakelive (3hr Tempban)

<norppis> fuck this
<T1E> ca with same level players (ideally 2v2) helps with your aim immensely
<T1E> tdm + ctf help with positioning + timing
<T1E> took me a while to understand that too
<norppis> but I dont want to play anything else but duel
<norppis> all I want is to play duel
<norppis> and to even once in a while to win there
<norppis> or at least get a fair duel
<norppis> instead of "skill matched" duels where I get raped so hard
<T1E> what is your ql account?
<T1E> cause i cant find norppis on qlranks
<norppis> fores
<T1E> type in irc:
<T1E> /join #qlranks
<T1E> then
<T1E> !findduel 1200
<norppis> but
<norppis> most of ppl
<norppis> with 1,2k elo
<norppis> just rape me
<T1E> !findduel 1150
<T1E> ...
<T1E> sorry have to go back to pickup now
<T1E> as i said
<norppis> w8
<T1E> check out tutorials etc.. on + esr
<norppis> hey
<T1E> what
<norppis> the prob is
<norppis> that i cant join
<norppis> cuz i dont have premium
<norppis> so that joinmatch shit doesnt work
<T1E> you pretty much need premium to improve in duel now
<T1E> because else you just play vs fakers, cheats and on shitty maps
<norppis> yeah but I fucking hate paying for games
<T1E> i gave you a number of tips
<T1E> and you say no to any of them
<T1E> game starting
<norppis> NEVER
<norppis> NEVER AGAIN
<norppis> I WILL PLAY QL
<norppis> FUCK YOU
<norppis> FUCK QL

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* Topic for #QLranks is: (37 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 15:01 CDT, 26 August 2012 - iMsg
* Topic for #QLranks is: Got an algorithm for team ranking?

just to promote this a bit
post here if you have a random idea
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T1E EXPOSED (39 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 07:52 CDT, 24 August 2012 - iMsg
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Updated my latest QL config!!!! (28 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 13:48 CDT, 12 August 2012 - iMsg
esr counter, why did you steal the 340 downloads again :/
fix it plz :/
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Posted by T1E @ 14:31 CDT, 2 August 2012 - iMsg
as you can see i'm the best better ever, and thought i could make an ez living out of that, so highest bids win

pm or post here
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shitstorm posts plz here ;) (64 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 13:19 CDT, 24 July 2012 - iMsg
seeing the recent changes in the changelog plz comment here if you're raged like a pole in 1.16
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"New" reaction test (70 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 15:13 CDT, 21 June 2012 - iMsg
From an old QL forum thread I'll present to you FPS Style Reaction Test v0.9 by Alexander Dräbenstedt
I just tested this little program again, it's fun and you should try it!

just make sure your gfx settings are alright
-> quick start

Abyssus 1KHz
Reaction: 172ms, Off-Target: 3.8°

Reaction: 172, Off-Target: 4.2°

Points to discuss:
is this a good program to determine your aim etc..?
am I just not used to my old WMO anymore or how do you interpret this result?

H34rtless and shaft general, go
Edited by T1E at 15:15 CDT, 21 June 2012 - 28039 Hits
lmao@lowle (16 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 09:18 CDT, 10 June 2012 - iMsg!profile/summary/lowle

so this case is not unique, but here it goes:

cool guy always fun meet him on pub and he likes CA it seems, alls good

fastforward a couple of months, he's bitter, mad, whiny, afk for half of the rounds and complains about cheats and cheaters while he makes his team lose almost every time

same story as for some people on #tdmpickup, paranoia, lack of skills, lack of appreciation of skill and starting to cheat eh? all topped with an increased number of random accusations you throw around?

gratz, this shows you will get caught sucker, not everyone is cheating who is better than you

/care if anyone /cares but just sad for me
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official lmao@oranje thread (20 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 13:00 CDT, 9 June 2012 - iMsg
who do you think is footballs/soccers juvenile?
Edited by T1E at 13:01 CDT, 9 June 2012 - 6438 Hits
2gd-ql-sunday-watch (30 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 17:42 CDT, 30 March 2012 - iMsg
2gd ql sunday arena xd
18:00 cest?
dm6 is in the mappool lol
watch it at 3gdstudios or smth, ah right
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Nothing in particular (pussies) (72 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 17:28 CST, 1 February 2012 - iMsg
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SE servers (15 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 08:16 CST, 6 November 2011 - iMsg
To all competitive admins, plz think about adding a rule that forbids the use of Swedish servers for your cups/leagues/..

Not only they are a nuissance for the players who have to bear the multiple lags/minute but it's also unwatchable on stream.

As long as id/gsps don't act on these conditions, I don't think they are suited for QL's amateur/professional gameplay.

thx for listening
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p0rt - the movie (6 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 11:03 CDT, 31 October 2011 - iMsg
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Stupid QL Posts of the Week #XXIV (28 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 07:18 CDT, 28 October 2011 - iMsg
1) Lose timenudge, from the subscribers only forum
timenudge campers
plasma and lg useless
wear way to much splash damage
close combat laughable

getting so frustrated

at least turn it down from t2 up

2) Is QL FPS independent
First a technical discussion, goes out of control pretty fast, powered by CooloutAC!
This thread has pretty much gotten out of hand, and probably should've been closed a long time ago. Closed.
(c) sponge

3) id ban the ISP
A petition to make the ISPs liable for cheaters in QL, ban a whole ip range and let the police/ISP investigate/stop the cheaters.

What Qualifies?

Posts that complain instead of providing constructive criticism.
Posts that ask for features that completely change the entire game (request mod please).
Posts that waste everyones time.
Rage Posts.
Edited by T1E at 07:22 CDT, 28 October 2011 - 4387 Hits
IMSG from schussel - new user (24 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 11:46 CDT, 23 October 2011 - iMsg
Unread iMessage sent @ 18:42 CEST 23 Oct 2011 - schussel is online (idle mins: 21)
(Reply, Quote)
From schussel
Just a Remainder:

Please think about your posts carefully.

Slightest nuances of oppinions against our new system will be immediately erased and punished.

Sure we never got laid and yes we need attention, but we don't like getting insulted everyday anymore.

We also don't like a lot of your oppinions in general.
Feel free to ask us specific about what you want to write, we've got enough time to check and answer every message.

Always remember that we really need this power on the internet probably more than you or anyone.

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Another day at #tdmpickup (16 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 10:38 CDT, 6 October 2011 - iMsg
[0:00.000] matze was electrocuted by T1E
[0:00.000] T1E was railed by Kaide
[0:00.000] DRY matze: spec
[0:00.000] JWZM was railed by Kaide
[0:00.000] matze killed himself.
[0:00.000] Kaide killed himself.
[0:00.000] smofo killed himself.
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: yo
[0:00.000] T1E killed himself.
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: where i go
[0:00.000] baas smofo: you go?:
[0:00.000] <QUAKE LIVE> duumed has gone offline.
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: go captain.
[0:00.000] baas smofo: :D
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: no
[0:00.000] ]\say blu
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: blu
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: ^:D
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: you go
[0:00.000] baas smofo: i go?
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: this time im
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: yes
[0:00.000] baas smofo: you chillin
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: yuo go
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: ^:D
[0:00.000] baas smofo: haha im noob :<
[0:00.000] ]\say then i'm capping
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: then i'm capping
[0:00.000] baas smofo: t1e.. kaide etc
[0:00.000] ]\say but not vs kanin
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: but not vs kanin
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: tie oir kaide
[0:00.000] kANiN killed himself.
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: ur spec dud :<
[0:00.000] baas smofo: YOURE NOT ADDED
[0:00.000] ]\say he's spec
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: he's spec
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: LIES
[0:00.000] baas smofo: NO
[0:00.000] Kaide: im low- i cant cap vs anyone
[0:00.000] baas smofo: I SPEAK ONLY BUT THE TRUTH (might or might not be true)
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: lies kaide
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: ofc gohann tries to fuck
[0:00.000] ]\say afraid???
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: afraid???
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: kaide go cap pls
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: we owned act izi
[0:00.000] Kaide: i always have to cap ffs
[0:00.000] baas smofo: izighar?
[0:00.000] baas smofo: obv!
[0:00.000] DRY matze: your fault kaide :)
[0:00.000] baas smofo: flash?
[0:00.000] Kaide: kanin go
[0:00.000] ]\say gg
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: gg
[0:00.000] <QUAKE LIVE> PeZi has gone offline.
[0:00.000] ]\say
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: flash?
[0:00.000] baas smofo: someone cap vs tie
[0:00.000] ]\say i won
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: i won
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: tie didnt want to cap vs me.
[0:00.000] ]\say then flash vs kanin?
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: then flash vs kanin?
[0:00.000] Kaide: now its lowest and best
[0:00.000] Kaide killed himself.
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: im fine with that.
[0:00.000] baas smofo: :)
[0:00.000] Kaide: ok flash
[0:00.000] Kaide: x)
[0:00.000] T1E killed himself.
[0:00.000] baas smofo: ye nice take hp :D
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: ^:D
[0:00.000] sitto fl4sh_: nono
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: ^:D
[0:00.000] sitto fl4sh_: cap plz
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: yesyes
[0:00.000] sitto fl4sh_: nono
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: darth vs kanin?
[0:00.000] baas smofo: whos matze :D
[0:00.000] ]\say smooth motherfucker
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: smooth motherfucker
[0:00.000] baas smofo: cant we just let kanin pick
[0:00.000] baas smofo: :)
[0:00.000] kANiN was pummeled by matze
[0:00.000] baas smofo: :)
[0:00.000] matze was pummeled by T1E
[0:00.000] baas smofo: Gibbehhh!!
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: no
[0:00.000] ]\say kanin
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: kanin
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: or i call krysa
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: or cooller
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: tie im captain, fu
[0:00.000] baas smofo: juven1le?
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: D:
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: dont call nubs
[0:00.000] baas smofo: :DD
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: easy nobas..
[0:00.000] DRY matze: kaide
[0:00.000] baas smofo: gotta love darth <3
[0:00.000] (bbw<3 kANiN) (BS): gtfo my team!
[0:00.000] ]\say go pick flash+d9
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: go pick flash+d9
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: ok... can we just make fair teams?
[0:00.000] matze was electrocuted by kANiN
[0:00.000] baas smofo: ye lets try that
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: fair teams or i leave
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: k flash+d9!
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: il sub you
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: ty tie
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: np
[0:00.000] (bbw<3 kANiN) (QUAD): still, im captain bruv. :D
[0:00.000] T1E was electrocuted by Kaide
[0:00.000] baas smofo: :)
[0:00.000] (TDM1 T1E) (QUAD): i was capping
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: kanin tie smofo and matze
[0:00.000] (bbw<3 kANiN) (YA): no you werent. :D
[0:00.000] (TDM1 T1E) (RG): and beat matze
[0:00.000] T1E killed himself.
[0:00.000] baas smofo: ..
[0:00.000] ]\say fo
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: fo
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: ))
[0:00.000] baas smofo: i dunno matze
[0:00.000] DRY matze: tie
[0:00.000] baas smofo: but im prolly the worst here so
[0:00.000] ]\say you think this will be good teams
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: you think this will be good teams
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: darth flash me and
[0:00.000] Kaide: lol
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: kaide
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: darth kanin?
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: thats ok
[0:00.000] baas smofo: nah rmx :D
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: lets go like that pls
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: specs
[0:00.000] darthvader9 was gunned down by kANiN
[0:00.000] baas smofo: darth kanin matze and me
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: ok
[0:00.000] baas smofo: !
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: i know everyone
[0:00.000] baas smofo: :D
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: rest red
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: those teams are ok
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: please
[0:00.000] ]\say getting complicated now tbh
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: getting complicated now tbh
[0:00.000] DRY matze: whats happening?
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: heh
[0:00.000] Kaide: i go blue rest red
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: these teams no
[0:00.000] ]\ay shuffle?
[0:00.000] unknown cmd ay
[0:00.000] baas smofo: but darth is my lover: <
[0:00.000] darthvader9 killed himself.
[0:00.000] ]\say shuffle
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: shuffle
[0:00.000] ]\say ?
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: ?
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: then i join red
[0:00.000] fl4sh_ was railed by kANiN
[0:00.000] baas smofo: rmx thinks these are fairest teams
[0:00.000] _rmx was electrocuted by darthvader9
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: nobody cares what he thinks
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: lol
[0:00.000] darthvader9 was electrocuted by Kaide
[0:00.000] baas smofo: :)
[0:00.000] baas smofo: thats true
[0:00.000] T1E was electrocuted by fl4sh_
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: red team will rape this
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: this looks fine..
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: now matze and tie change places
[0:00.000] matze ate darthvader9's rocket
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: and its ok
[0:00.000] ]\say won't even make +5 net in this team
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: won't even make +5 net in this team
[0:00.000] <QUAKE LIVE> t33dimas is now online.
[0:00.000] kANiN was in the wrong place.
[0:00.000] Kaide was electrocuted by darthvader9
[0:00.000] T1E ate _rmx's rocket
[0:00.000] ]\say d9 and kanin stealing all my frags
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: d9 and kanin stealing all my frags
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: tie
[0:00.000] darthvader9 was railed by fl4sh_
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: teams are shit
[0:00.000] matze was gunned down by kANiN
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: tie u come here
[0:00.000] ]\callvote shuffle
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E called a vote.
[0:00.000] Kaide: nah its darth stealing ur weapons and kanin frags
[0:00.000] Vote passed.
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: no
[0:00.000] Kaide: x)
[0:00.000] baas smofo: loll
[0:00.000] Shuffling Teams.
[0:00.000] matze killed himself.
[0:00.000] smofo killed himself.
[0:00.000] <QUAKE LIVE> cavk has gone offline.
[0:00.000] kANiN was electrocuted by Kaide
[0:00.000] baas smofo: shit teams :D
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: HAROSH / NICE!
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: lol
[0:00.000] baas smofo called a vote.
[0:00.000] Vote passed.
[0:00.000] smofo was railed by kANiN
[0:00.000] fl4sh_ ate matze's rocket
[0:00.000] Shuffling Teams.
[0:00.000] darthvader9 killed himself.
[0:00.000] T1E killed himself.
[0:00.000] _rmx killed himself.
[0:00.000] matze killed himself.
[0:00.000] Kaide: what epic pick
[0:00.000] Kaide: what 4 caps and
[0:00.000] Kaide: teams change
[0:00.000] ]\say good
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: good
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: good?
[0:00.000] Kaide: 5 times and then shuffle
[0:00.000] Kaide: 8D
[0:00.000] darthvader9 was railed by kANiN
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: lol
[0:00.000] T1E was railed by _rmx
[0:00.000] fl4sh_ was electrocuted by matze
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9 called a vote.
[0:00.000] baas smofo: :)
[0:00.000] Vote passed.
[0:00.000] DRY matze: really....
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: this is ok
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: omfg
[0:00.000] Shuffling Teams.
[0:00.000] kANiN killed himself.
[0:00.000] darthvader9 killed himself.
[0:00.000] matze ate fl4sh_'s rocket
[0:00.000] DRY matze: lets just cap again??
[0:00.000] baas smofo: we could make seeds!
[0:00.000] baas smofo: whos best :DD
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: ...
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN called a vote.
[0:00.000] _rmx was electrocuted by Kaide
[0:00.000] Vote failed.
[0:00.000] smofo killed himself.
[0:00.000] Kaide was electrocuted by fl4sh_
[0:00.000] baas smofo: stop shufflinmg
[0:00.000] ]\say was good before imho
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: was good before imho
[0:00.000] baas smofo: :DD
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: hah, he f1s til he's happy
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: no deal.
[0:00.000] matze killed himself.
[0:00.000] Kaide: sreiously
[0:00.000] kANiN was electrocuted by darthvader9
[0:00.000] Kaide: what now
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: last one before this was good
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: i can sub
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: fuck it
[0:00.000] Kaide: didnt we have ok teams
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: leave
[0:00.000] baas smofo: we had
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: sort teams out, ill go get something to drink
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: can i just make teams pls?
[0:00.000] baas smofo: till shuffle
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: no rmx
[0:00.000] baas smofo: :)
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: me and kaide
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: cap
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: cause i know everyone?
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: shut up
[0:00.000] T1E killed himself.
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: OR I CALL MY WIFE
[0:00.000] baas smofo: rmx spec
[0:00.000] _rmx killed himself.
[0:00.000] ]\say flash+darth cap?
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: flash+darth cap?
[0:00.000] ]\say brb 2 min
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: brb 2 min
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: just do something pls
[0:00.000] fl4sh_ killed himself.
[0:00.000] baas smofo: get some hp darth
[0:00.000] Kaide: what now
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: do something lazy big
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: darth vs kanin cap
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: ffs
[0:00.000] Kaide killed himself.
[0:00.000] darthvader9 blew himself up.
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: dont be gay
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: yes lol
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: me and flash
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: fogogo
[0:00.000] baas smofo: gohan you dunno what youre on about! :D
[0:00.000] baas smofo: :)
[0:00.000] darthvader9 was pummeled by fl4sh_
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: or lets just kick kanin and jwzm instead of him?
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: fuck you
[0:00.000] baas smofo: n1
[0:00.000] sitto fl4sh_: KANIN
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: higher ping
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: etc
[0:00.000] darthvader9 almost dodged fl4sh_'s rocket
[0:00.000] baas smofo: :)
[0:00.000] Kaide: u use -20 nudge so dont whine
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: im enough
[0:00.000] Kaide: cu at lan nudger
[0:00.000] darthvader9 ate fl4sh_'s rocket
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: ^:D
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: jwzm u spec?
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: ye
[0:00.000] baas smofo: yes
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: haha
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: kaide
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: and
[0:00.000] Kaide was railed by kANiN
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: smofo
[0:00.000] baas smofo: <- havent plaeyd in ages
[0:00.000] baas smofo: stgsg
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: lolol
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: lol
[0:00.000] ]\say
[0:00.000] baas smofo: slow type
[0:00.000] baas smofo: he always picks me
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: loool
[0:00.000] ]\say which team=?
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: which team=?
[0:00.000] Kaide: tie here
[0:00.000] fl4sh_ was gunned down by kANiN
[0:00.000] baas smofo: so what
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: kanin flash t1e is to much
[0:00.000] ]\con
[0:00.000] confirmOrder
[0:00.000] connect
[0:00.000] configstrings
[0:00.000] condump
[0:00.000] con_noprint = "0"
[0:00.000] con_matchlimit = "16"
[0:00.000] con_height = "0.5"
[0:00.000] con_timestamp = ""
[0:00.000] con_speed = "99"
[0:00.000] con_scale = "0.8"
[0:00.000] con_opacity = "0.8"
[0:00.000] con_background = "0"
[0:00.000] con_timestamps = "1"
[0:00.000] smofo ate kANiN's rocket
[0:00.000] ]\condump
[0:00.000] usage: condump <filename>
[0:00.000] Kaide was railed by kANiN
[0:00.000] baas smofo: tie kanin and flash?!
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: me and matze
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: no
[0:00.000] ]\condump teams... :(
[0:00.000] usage: condump <filename>
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: tie go red
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: hahahhaaahahaha
[0:00.000] ]\condump teams
[0:00.000] Dumped console text to teams.
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: we go blue
[0:00.000] BBB JWZM: hahaahhahhaa
[0:00.000] Kaide was electrocuted by kANiN
[0:00.000] sitto fl4sh_: can we do teams with caps plz
[0:00.000] baas smofo: ye this is better..
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: we did it
[0:00.000] Kaide: we did
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: ^:D
[0:00.000] kANiN was railed by darthvader9
[0:00.000] baas smofo: but blue had 3 pros and 1 noob
[0:00.000] baas smofo: we had ..i dunno
[0:00.000] Kaide: same in red
[0:00.000] darthvader9 was electrocuted by fl4sh_
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: really
[0:00.000] baas smofo: ok
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: kaide
[0:00.000] ]\say switch smofo and matze
[0:00.000] TDM1 T1E: switch smofo and matze
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: now teams are ok
[0:00.000] Kaide: im here with 3 pro and balancing as noob
[0:00.000] T1E was gunned down by kANiN
[0:00.000] GO darthvader9: do you think smofo is really a nob?
[0:00.000] baas smofo: why
[0:00.000] sitto fl4sh_ called a vote.
[0:00.000] Vote failed.
[0:00.000] Kaide: no im the noob
[0:00.000] bbw<3 kANiN: eh
[0:00.000] t3. _rmx: wtf
[0:00.000] ]\condump teams2
[0:00.000] Dumped console text to teams2.
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Some Frags by noctis! (332 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 16:03 CDT, 15 September 2011 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.3 (181 votes)
And here's the new and exclusive TDM fragmovie by community favourite Australia noctis!

Celebrating his top performances at Dreamhack Summer 2011 and QuakeCon 2011 he himself created the soberly named "some frags". Alongside rough editing and metal it features some great technical frags by the Austrian TDM prodigy.

Victims: the whole of 4K (dibbe, krysa, dk and jocko), cooller, verb, Swedish tox and many many more!

Be sure to highlight noctan on #quakelive in irc and congratulate him on the movie!
noctis: btw. if you download it the video has 2 audio tracks, second one is just ingame sounds without music
Edited by Demiurge at 11:19 CDT, 16 September 2011 - 134324 Hits
Valve announces CS:GO (231 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 14:11 CDT, 12 August 2011 - iMsg
Valve is working on the latest iteration of Counter-Strike!

Over the weekend many CS:Source players were invited to the Valve headquarters. Apparently the new CS: Global Operations will replace CS:S's spot!

The gameplay will be closer to CS:S than anything. Some maps the testers have seen include well known dust, aztec, inferno, nuke and train.

Update: Valve officially announced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Source: Official announcement, CS: GO Steam page
Links: SK, ESEA, cadred, Reddit thread
Edited by Badb0y at 10:15 CDT, 13 August 2011 - 65286 Hits
Posted by T1E @ 12:04 CDT, 5 August 2011 - iMsg
seta cg_forceBlueTeamModel ""
seta cg_forceRedTeamModel ""

it's really not that hard to give us a bit of visibility
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so who's streaming qcon if there is any: (13 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 10:01 CDT, 3 August 2011 - iMsg
and the final ingredient for a perfect Quake event:

a drop of LSD
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ZOTAC QL Duel Cup #90 (41 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 06:14 CDT, 3 July 2011 - iMsg
Scheduled: 07:00 CDT, 3 July 2011 to 10:00 CDT, 3 July 2011
Schedule: Passed

The 90th ZOTAC QL Duel Cup is taking place this Sunday 2nd of July. Last week saw the victory of Sweden fazz. Who will step up today while the Russians are waiting for servers in Moscow?

Links: Tournament page + Stream + Brackets, mIRC #zotac.qlive // HoF
Edited by Nukm at 06:25 CDT, 3 July 2011 - 14823 Hits
Activision to host 1.000.000 $$$ COD LAN (55 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 15:47 CDT, 30 June 2011 - iMsg
Go grab the COD Black Ops copy of yours or hit up steam. Found a clan and try to qualify for the COD LAN in Los Angeles. 1 Million USD brought up by the publisher of the game are up for grabs.

Edited by T1E at 15:48 CDT, 30 June 2011 - 11095 Hits
LO3 #78 - "RIP QL" with ESL carmac (32 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 15:07 CDT, 29 June 2011 - iMsg
Scheduled: 18:00 CDT, 29 June 2011 to 19:00 CDT, 29 June 2011
Schedule: Passed

Watch/Listen to tonights show of

As announced via the twitter account we'll see IEM product manager Michal "Carmac" Blicharz invited to the show and asked some question about the very recent change in game selection for their internation IEM Esports event series.

Link to the show:
Edited by xou at 17:51 CDT, 29 June 2011 - 13647 Hits
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QL Update Teaser from Syncerror on IRC (219 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 08:16 CDT, 21 April 2011 - iMsg

thx to Yakumo, QL forum mod:

<@SyncError|home> Also unfortunately we've had to put a great amount of time into a certain task that we'll be able to reveal soon (next week?) that at this time we haven't been able to discuss. Once that is behind us we should be able to focus on the issue more.


<@SyncError|home> We're going to be replacing our harddrives soon on the server hosting the db, with SSDs. That should hopefully greatly improve things.

Its random chatter, no guarantee of anything actually being next week, and no idea what it is, but there is *something* going on.

apart from that rumor, which big feature will be coming next you think? ladders, tournaments by id, 3wave maps, new gamemode, ...?
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Hardware Tweaks 2011 (24 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 16:07 CST, 31 January 2011 - iMsg;t=1315790

necessary? an advantage? ever tried those?
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Fatal1ty/AsRock/Facebook (8 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 08:06 CST, 25 January 2011 - iMsg
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Fuck ESR (c) DjWheat (391 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 05:13 CST, 29 December 2010 - iMsg

yes, let's get rid of the only English-language page that has some personality and cares about Quake. Let's substitute it with the Web 2.0 equivalent of a bimbo.
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Group drawings for the IEM5 Euro Final (153 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 14:12 CST, 17 December 2010 - iMsg
Groups for the Quake Live finals in January have just been drawn:

Carmac: "top 50% deserve to go through"

Group winners will directly go to the semis, players who place 2nd and 3rd have to play a "quarterfinal". We know this mode from the previous Intel Extreme Masters Final in Cologne, 2010

Top 6 (excluding k1llsen who already secured a spot by winning the Global Challenge of Gamescom) will qualify for the Global Final later in 2011

Links: IEM V
Edited by xou at 23:38 CST, 17 December 2010 - 29808 Hits
Drama in CS' top clans (34 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 16:56 CST, 13 December 2010 - iMsg
drama around the split in one of the biggest and best known 1.6 clans: fnatic and sk

I thought maybe someone is interested in that stuff, it's drama after all and it's a nice interview
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Vertical Aim (73 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 19:50 CST, 29 November 2010 - iMsg
so now I know how to aim a rocket, strafe+lg, track an easy target with lg and I can do direct nades, but
but what's the trick with vertical rail aim?

See, hitting an opponent who goes from ZTN rail to MH from GL platform is not too hard as he is moving in a straight line and I consider that one almost a normal, horizontal shot.

One step up would be shooting up from RA tele/25 bubble, isn't too hard either, keep the crosshair aligned with the edge of SG and react fast.

But what do from above? Rocket spam becomes useless once you encounter opponents who actually can dodge one or two shots or they even pose a threat due to their aim?! The main problem with aiming down vertically is the different approach to move the mouse pointer and the 3D opponent dodge. You have to move the mouse far further for the same CM on screen - the degrees stay the same ofc. - the pic will explain it far better


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UPC Austria datamining if you consent (13 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 09:50 CST, 23 November 2010 - iMsg
As I know a few users here who have contracts with the Austrian branch of the ISP UPC, I want to inform you that they are altering their user licence agreement.

They want to start analyze the websites you visit, they will send you letters with surveys or even via telephone


one of the comments mentions a standardized letter to opt out of these changes:
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Posted by T1E @ 15:34 CST, 19 November 2010 - iMsg
is this film any good or just stupid hollywood wannabe?

I chose the possibly offensive title just to get hits and answers..
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Announcement of quakelive updates (78 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 10:03 CST, 13 November 2010 - iMsg

announced via twitter and the official quakelive forums, we will see another round of updates the coming 2 weeks!

here are the details:

- stats will be working fine again
- new premium content on coming tuesday
- major backend/hardware update
- major downtime
- possible further premium content update a week later

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Premium Content Pack #3 coming (67 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 02:31 CDT, 23 October 2010 - iMsg
TTimo announced via Twitter that another "content pack" is coming for Quake Live subscribers

Additional content (maps?) for: Duel, 2v2, CTF, small CA and TDM!
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Roccat Kone [+] <---it's the actual name (21 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 11:53 CDT, 15 October 2010 - iMsg
nice inside joke
I flew over the review

the German site did a review on the refresh of Roccat's Kone.

they apparently have a halfway decent reviewer (compared to most other sites) and in the experience section he seems happy with the mouse.

it has a few extras such as - what striked me most - customizable LOD

I'll stick to my wmo for now tho :D
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Intel Extreme Masters on Eurosport (13 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 16:24 CDT, 4 October 2010 - iMsg
it's just the German Version, but I might find the English one soon

questionable translations:
"map" is being translated as "chart" instead of "level"
"das battle" ?????
"the fnatics have won"

interesting stuff:
mentioning the nationality of na'vi only in the last third of the feature
no quake :/
fnatic @ massage parlor in shanghai
mtv-style dramatizing (see 5:50 @ video #3)

IEM intro :D
behind the scenes fnatic watching demos from old na'vi games
explaining some differences between "real-life" sports and e-sports
short trailer for the gamescom event @ cologne with qlive, sc2
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Meta criticicm about rumors (62 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 09:37 CDT, 6 August 2010 - iMsg
stop the meta threads for god's sake, you turn this site into a joke

t1e, jonesy, speedbird
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WMO users report in (209 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 07:07 CDT, 11 June 2010 - iMsg
just joined the WMO 1.1 master race club

thought i'd open a thread and ask who of you 'still' uses it, don't hesistate ffs
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[tft] lower resolution+75 hz (13 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 07:28 CDT, 11 May 2010 - iMsg
so i just tried smth and i seem to achieve 75 hz @ 1440x900 with my 22" 1680x1050 TFT

what do I have to look out for, except:
r_displayrefresh 75
r_mode 18

tft osd shows 75 hz and it's way smoother now
i hope i get accustumed to the shitty non-native resolution...

no vsync
maxpackets still @ 125

is everything fine now, or do i have to config work or hardware/driver things to or????
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