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Cloth for tall people (32 comments)
Posted by lizahd @ 07:28 CST, 7 March 2013 - iMsg
i thought its excellent place to ask for brands/shop that sell good stuff for tall people.

common brands look often like this for me: shits too short, trousers too steve urkel.

im athletic too. brands seem to make stuff only wider, but not longer with increasing size. like some xxl stuff is still too short but much too wide.

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list of companys that produce mice (14 comments)
Posted by lizahd @ 17:21 CDT, 26 March 2012 - iMsg

please help me to complete the list :)
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Numbers of FPS gamers. (18 comments)
Posted by lizahd @ 09:08 CDT, 16 July 2011 - iMsg
Are there actually any more or less concrete or estimate numbers of people playing quake,cod,cs etc ?

Im also curious how big the whole FPS community is compared to RTS or sport games.

is it like millions or just a few thousands worldwide? i have no idea.

lets talk about PC gamers. console gamer gtfo
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sens of 0.01 equals what yaw/pitch (5 comments)
Posted by lizahd @ 05:56 CST, 10 December 2010 - iMsg
okay, im aware the relation might not be linear dependand.

anyways, no accel, 400 dpi.

i have a fixed sense set up, connected with a specific pitch value.

now i just want to change yaw to and amount equal to 0.01 sens.

anyone can help?
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Need help to watch a dm_48 osp demo ... (16 comments)
Posted by lizahd @ 21:46 CDT, 18 March 2010 - iMsg
..from 2001. what shall i install to watch ... q3+seismovision?

i dont have q3 ;/
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Lets end this misery - Maps (29 comments)
Posted by lizahd @ 03:29 CDT, 23 October 2009 - iMsg
We all want them. So lets have an eye on what makes a map a good one.
Imho a good competitive map is also an awesome map to spectate.

I think the following aspects make a map exceptional: benefiting different play styles, compelling interresting and creative fights/moves and that certain something.

Lets consider them attentively.


Let me give you an example first and explain it from there: ZTN.

What makes it so loved and special?

Every room has different and creative fights. Stairs and corners in ya/pg room, vertical fights, sneaky traps and agressive pushes that embrace qls full weapon arsenal in the ra room, the Mh hallway where movement players shine and shaft and rl skills are your friend. sometimes you even see godly long distances rails.

T7's Mh room is in my opinion the most interresting venue and best designed room of the new school maps,almost the same for the ra room. T7 is sadly not tooo balanced imho, it has 3 heaviliy vertical rooms, (mh/ra/railya). T7's just missed the step to a titan-map like ztn by a hairbreadth imho, but its still good.

We are tired of plain simple ground fights when playing. Same counts for spectating.
Room architecture has to offer the players and spectators new and creative shots, weapon usesage and so on. Its so important that the rooms open up wide angles for shots.
And they must not narrow the player to one weapon (like T2, boring shaft only anyone?). Maps should really favour at least a combination of 2 weapons in most situations (shaft rl, shaft rail, rail sg, rl rail etc) or in other words, you should be able to archieve kills in a sensible frame not by ony using one weapon.

Maps have to be flavoured with some of these aspects as well, id call it "playthings" :

sensible rocketjumps
gren spam opportunitys
corner rails and whole-through rails (e.g ra to rail ledge on dm6, on t7 you can aim through the pillars at the rail room entrance,,,)
special movements (like the ledges on the walls on t9, or the possibility to move fast, like the corner-hitting moves for example on dm6 from ya to rl, they are so fun and change the dynamics to a important extend, or take the ztn rush from the teleporter exit to its entrance at the rocket launcher over the shards, the dm13 jump from pg ya to center map/shaft hallway entrance etc )
closable doors

you can continue the list on your own if you like

Last thing i want to mention are 2 different map types: Toe-to-Toe maps like t4, t9 or q4 wise phrantic. On the other hand the meet,fight and fallback maps where you loose enemy contact to a stronger extend (ztn,dm6,t7,dm13,,,,).

Mappools should be balanced around these 2 types. Im happy we have t7 and t9, both feeling so different.

I'm also very fine with maps lacking a key gun. I'd love to have a balanced mappool with like 60% full weapon aresenal maps and 40% narrowed arsenal. It changes faces of a map completely.

I'll end this wall of text right here, i might go into depth on the other aspects as well if you respond productively.

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I'm waiting for Intel Extrem Master to.. (5 comments)
Posted by lizahd @ 11:49 CDT, 27 August 2009 - iMsg
... announce Quakelive as a main Game for series four.

I think esl had nice viewing figures on the invitational and pro/am challenge, dont they?

C'mon,,,,, :)
Edited by lizahd at 11:50 CDT, 27 August 2009 - 2626 Hits
Progamers have no confidence..... (31 comments)
Posted by lizahd @ 02:47 CDT, 17 August 2009 - iMsg
The fact that leads me to this assumptions was a comparison of interviews from "real" sports and esports professionals.

In real sports, if you ask athletes about their practice and preperation, they will answer they had a great and profound practice.
For instance Lens Armstrong said once:

"The winner of the "Tour de France" is made in winter. Who will torture himself the most then will harvest the fruits in the summer race. " Or just listen to any Footballer interview,,,,

On the other hand, you have our heroes, the gamers: theyll take the earliest opportunity to mention how busy they are with reallife and how little they practice at all. Actually they admit they didnt prepare well!!!! Aint it a shame?

I think they want to think their small egos save. They dont wanna get it hurt if they lose. Strange they get very angry and emotional though.

damn lame excuses arent more custom in any sport else than esport.

Beeing a nerd and withhold,,,,, double punch!

Of course there are expection, like Mr . "Practice, Practice, Practice" (c) Fatal1ty. But he is a very very confident guy on the other hand.....
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