The fact that leads me to this assumptions was a comparison of interviews from "real" sports and esports professionals.

In real sports, if you ask athletes about their practice and preperation, they will answer they had a great and profound practice.
For instance Lens Armstrong said once:

"The winner of the "Tour de France" is made in winter. Who will torture himself the most then will harvest the fruits in the summer race. " Or just listen to any Footballer interview,,,,

On the other hand, you have our heroes, the gamers: theyll take the earliest opportunity to mention how busy they are with reallife and how little they practice at all. Actually they admit they didnt prepare well!!!! Aint it a shame?

I think they want to think their small egos save. They dont wanna get it hurt if they lose. Strange they get very angry and emotional though.

damn lame excuses arent more custom in any sport else than esport.

Beeing a nerd and withhold,,,,, double punch!

Of course there are expection, like Mr . "Practice, Practice, Practice" (c) Fatal1ty. But he is a very very confident guy on the other hand.....