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lolyssus optical (94 comments)
Posted by calipt` @ 13:13 CDT, 9 September 2010 - iMsg
The first mouse i own which doesnt suck.

Abyssus shape with changed mouse2 (so i can rest my ringfinger on it without pushing mouse2 and jumping like a tool in shaftfights)

WMO 1.1 sensor with stunning 400dpi, 1mm liftoff and good tracking, HELL YEAH

gave the mouse an overall grip coating cuz i cba with glossy sides.
Plasti Dip rubber grip spray owning it up imo.

some pics :


sorry for bad pic quality, apparently samsung sucks dick at making decent cellphone cameras.
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YYT -vs- k1ck (9 comments)
Posted by calipt` @ 09:38 CDT, 7 October 2009 - iMsg

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Rating: 5.8 (11 votes)
Gametype: Capture The Flag
Map: qzctf7 - Ironworks
Mod: Capture The Flag
Viewpoint: calipt
How to play back QL demos

bibs etc for the flame.
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Qztourney9 (16 comments)
Posted by calipt` @ 10:14 CDT, 16 April 2009 - iMsg
Yes, you read correctly. I am going to talk about Qztourney9.
A map which 90% of the players maybe checked once but nobody cares about.

Why am i doing this?

I think it's fine to play "classic" maps like dm6,dm13 or t4, but new, rather unknown maps offer exciting games and can bring some new life into a game.
Quakelive is already based heavily on Q3, so "some" change would most likely be appreciated by people coming from other games, but also by oldschool q3 players. When aerowalk was introduced many people disliked it, simply because it was something "new" and it's always effort to become good at something "new". I don't want the old maps to be abandonded, but some new maps wouldn't hurt.
As you can see qztourney7, also a new map, is already played actively and is implemented in almost every tournaments' mappool, but why stop there? More maps will make tournaments more exciting, unless you want to watch dm6,dm13,t4 bo3's all day.
You can't change the fact that people will take dm6 as their home map, but u can make it more exciting by having different newly introduced maps as the decider.

And why tourney9?!

It's a well balanced map, two side style like the old t2 with two yellow armors, but a mega every 35sec which give us alot more fights. both sides are well balanced with weapons and health/armor, the rocket side being easy to defend with a rl and the shaft side easily defendable with a shaft.
Another reason why this map will offer good, exciting matches is the way it can be played. You won't see defensive only games like on tourney2, as only the mega gives you a good map-control advantage and it's placed in the middle, easily accessable by both sides, which will result in constant fights. Furthermore the three teleporters can make the games fast, almost to an aerowalk-style untill your opponent regains some control.

I think this map offers alot. It's not perfect, but it's a good alternative to the classic maps and i really hope future tournaments and big leagues (i.e. ESL) will add this to their mappool.
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