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has anyone actualyl tested hmg lg 1v1s (65 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 22:37 CDT, 31 August 2014 - iMsg
cause i was losing to someone not very good when i was lging vs hmg the other day and then i started using the hmg and was killing him. and its not like i was dodging badly and my lg acc was 51%

fluke? differences in weapon push? i didnt play for very long so it could have easily been a fluke. it was a first impression kind of thing since I was just seeing what the changes were like.
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humidity and mousepads (22 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 17:19 CDT, 28 May 2014 - iMsg
alright this is kind of a strange question I guess but im sure someone shares this annoyance

it gets really hot in cali, and to save on AC costs my family has always used swamp coolers(cold water + fan essentially). this works.. alright, but at the expense of the entire house getting HUMID AS FUCk. im sure if you live somewhere gay liek florida this just happens to your house naturally

anyways this humidity has caused any mousepad I've ever owned to glide horribly. it's literally like im in mud(static friction gets way higher, kinetic is moderately higher). funfact: when i played quake I always quit during summers for this very reason!

im wondering if any of you have daelt with this and if there's anything i could do, maybe microwave the pad for 10s? lols. or maybe I should try a hard pad (the noise is swaying me away, what about steelseries 4d)

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identify the mouse (40 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 22:57 CDT, 7 May 2014 - iMsg
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hard mouse pads (26 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 18:21 CST, 13 February 2014 - iMsg
long story short I have a dip in my desk and want a real big mouse pad to work with since my cloth one cant seem to buffer it (nor did stacking 2 on top of each other)

I use a goliathus so I'm used to working with 17in, does anyone make something of that size at all?
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what are the default g100s dpi steps (4 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 23:07 CST, 6 January 2014 - iMsg
there's 3, most spec sites list 6+ 250increments.. what are the 3 driverless steps? thanks for any help !
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are there wmo clones out there yet? (31 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 10:23 CDT, 28 March 2013 - iMsg
I would imagine Zowie has done this by now... Is there a wmo clone with a higher dpi in existence yet? I've been using an abyssus for a solid year because I primarilly play dota these days so the extra dpi is useful for getting around the screen at a reasonable speed

I held my wmo recently and was reminded what it was like to have nice straight sides. not only are they straight, but theyre massive. it makes for such a comfy grip, much more than even one year of using this abyssus has allowed me to adjust to.

so are there clones? kinzu? zowie equiv? how do weights compare?

ty mice experts
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Making a game fun for all skills (149 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 10:18 CDT, 26 July 2012 - iMsg

This is a normal distribution. When things tend to be more common around one certain spot with the capability of going both directions whilst getting rarer and rarer, it's likely

normal. Heights, weights, IQs, and video game elo systems should follow this type of curve.

I'm using League of Legends to bring up a point of how skill is distributed across a game. Anyone who has played the game seriously knows that competence is a serious issue until you

start playing with higher elo players. I'm going to use Riot's website to point out exactly how much of the population is "good" and why appealing to this tiny proportion of your

userbase isn't a good idea if it comes to the sacrifice for the rest.

Riot's website shows a ladder of everyone 1200 rated and higher. 1200 is your starting elo in league, which seems like a logical place for an average. For the sake of math we will go

with this.

Based on the site, there's 300k people that are 1200 and above. If 1200 is the midpoint, we can assume we're talking about 600000 players..

I made the cutoff at 1700 to simplify calculating the amount of players since there's a normal dist property to figure this out. In reality I'm being generous, when I was an active

league player 1700 was the top 200-300 players and around that area had some questionably terrible people floating around. The amount of people "not shit" is around 2% of 600000, or

~13000 players.

People under 1200 are really, really bad. And this accounts for HALF of the people playing the game using the assumption of 1200 elo avg.

Remember how I said 1200 was an assumption average to make the math easier? Well..

Since the actual avg elo is 900, the amount of really, really bad players under 1200 actually accounts for a number MUCH HIGHER than half of the playerbase. the 1700 elo+ players are

even more rare amongst the now higher sample size.

This accounts for ranked gaming accounts. It takes a sizable amount of time to be able to even play in these type of games..

among 32mil accounts total, 17000 are NOT SHIT.

Note: logical errors include that my ranked distribution analyzation only accounts for USA accounts while I include global total, a large amt of these accounts are dead, trolls, etc.

so the number we're working with is a lot smaller, the math is rough and makes assumptions for sake of simplifying to avg user, etc.

This distribution is based on a MASSIVELY popular game, and we should expect it to apply to any game we expect to be huge. If Reborn is to not be dead, the majority of the people playing it will suck. My point is catering to the game being fun for all skill levels is crucial. How do you do this?

For a game like league, it means making sure things are balanced at all levels of play(this is common in starcraft as well), rather than just at elite levels. For FPS games, your arsenel is the exact same as your opponent's, so this isn't much of an issue.

For a game like quake a big issue for people that suck is that even a small difference in skill is the difference between getting shit on and not getting shit on. it's not fun for the average player to get repeatedly killed. It's demoralizing as fuck. When making design decisions, find ways to make the game inherently LESS frustrating to lose, so that people will want to play more even after losing, rather than immediately quit. starcraft and league accomplish this by long amounts of buildup, with a relatively quick "o i lost" moment. when you're bad at those games, you don't even realize you're losing until you're 15mins into the game at which point you get shit on and move on to the next game. These long buildup periods also serve as a sideeffect great for spectators, the action slowly builds up rather than bombarding you, eventually finishing off right after a gamedeciding climax.

Timelimit based games are annoying for someone who knows he's lost and BORING to spectate. People don't want to watch a match that's already been decided. There's no tension in waiting 5 minutes to end a game that ended due to great play from one player in the first half of the game. It's a waste of everyone's time and it needs to go. Either make the ruleset fraglimit based(seriously, it's not bad and would really make spectators foam at the mouth when people chain up kills and the tension buildup when someone is approaching fraglimit would be INSANE), or adapt a hooneymode style ruleset. Either style would maintain the "quake" feel while making the game more fun to play and more fun to watch for EVERYONE.

Create interesting mechanics that give loser's advantage. I've talked about this on ESR before, but SF4's ultra system is one of the best implementations of this style. You get ultra for playing worse: You take more dmg, you get ultra meter. If you land an ultra you can easily reverse the tides of battle. Both players are aware and play their game around this. It sounds gross and noob, but it adds for excitement for spectators, gives a chance for shitty players a chance to get wins againt better players in lower skilled games, adds combat depth to high skill games, and so much more. Think of ways to apply mechanics like this because they are awesome.

This is massive, I am throwing a lot of information I've thought about regarding the success and failures of games. I worry that 2GD may be too stubborn to sacrifice quake mechanics that MUST BE CHANGED in order for the game to be successful.

Other thoughts: f2p for accessability, paid swag for creating your own "look" within the game to pay the bills

approachable movement system(qw/pk are good choices)

matchmaking so people arent getting shit on by people better than them

don't listen to q3 conservatives. adapt to the demands of the market even if it means a slight sacrifice for us competitive few. It is a far better decision for the competitive few in the long run anyways.

remember: ~98% of your playerbase IS GOING TO SUCK. make the game fun for them.
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the finest "small" mouse (39 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 08:53 CDT, 14 July 2012 - iMsg
salmosa, abyssus, g1, mico..

wondering about mice of this style. pred is overhyped idc if it has it or not.

razer mice seem really unreliable so im shying away from them in general.

g1 seems nice and is sort of the "ideal" shape that I want to try, but it seems to not be able to clock well.

mico is similar size as the rest but idk if the shape/grip is on par with g1 or if its sensor is shitty.

I use a wmo atm, but play a lot of games where higher dpi would be beneficial and my fingers mouse grip seems like it would mesh well with the smaller mice
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how the f do i get rid of map shadows (11 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 20:02 CDT, 1 July 2012 - iMsg
it makes the maps look ugly
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cpm vs defrag(cpm) movement (17 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 00:37 CDT, 30 June 2012 - iMsg
I can pretty easily do jumps I find impossible to do in actual cpm while in defrag. I figured this out going to cpm3a on defrag. I was hitting the yellow teleport jump and stairs to mega jump pretty easily.

idk what the problem is, is defrag just inherently easier or do I have some fucked command on in cpm?
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some1 let me use their usenet account (18 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 19:10 CDT, 7 May 2012 - iMsg
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settings and question (7 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 14:11 CDT, 6 April 2012 - iMsg
are there any important settings to improve the quakeworld experience? I already have brightmodels and whatnot set. Just want to know if there's something retarded I need to set(think like xerp) that gives me free accuracy.

is the movement supposed to get fucked at slightly higher pings? there was a server that used to be around my area, 20ping. the aerowalk tele spin to get to highledge was a breeze there. on all of the various 50ping alternative servers it feels completely wrong, i dont even arc without some weird timing practice and even there can't consistently do it..
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120hz lcd on ati win7 64bit (17 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 02:14 CST, 10 February 2012 - iMsg
I've heard and am being warned right now that it wont work

I've been on win7 32bit on 120hz for at least a year but I need to format and I figure i should probably make use of my ram this time around.

will I get 120hz? is there solutions to these supposed issues?
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did the kid come yet (1 comment)
Posted by oreozz @ 01:31 CDT, 11 June 2011 - iMsg :>
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euro gamers (2 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 15:25 CDT, 1 October 2010 - iMsg
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good chair (10 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 10:11 CDT, 13 September 2010 - iMsg
I need a comfortable chair. ive been using one of those fvcking metal ones they have at CPL events for like 7 years.

suggest me comfortable chairs ty esr.
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hey id (539 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 05:03 CDT, 5 July 2010 - iMsg

I know bans are pretty insignificant for a free game, but why are you banning people for releasing information that YOU should be giving out, but arent? Why are you making an exclusive club to test new stuff that you're obviously going to release right before quakecon for hype(giving those within that group a large advantage), rather than just giving your game some goddamn content and pay attention to the knowledgeable masses for fixes? Your game is in beta, why is there a beta beta with an NDA(that slasher never even agreed to in the first place, idiots)?

I've been an optimist and player of quakelive since closed beta, but at this point it seems like your strategy for game from the perspective of its health and PR is pretty terrible. For two years, the strategy has seemed to be to add random stuff, occasionally announce a BIG update every few months with literally nothing noteworthy in it, then finally release some stuff right before quakecon. You add literally nothing new while stringing people along saying you're going to do big things soon. It's like you're making a cake with the strategy of adding the icing first and then promising to eventually bake the thing in the near unannounced future. THIS is why the game is not getting significantly bigger and everyone literally hates you.

You need to be more transparent about what is going on, you need to cut the nda bullshit, and you need to stop waiting until quakecon for shit that's obviously been done long before so.


The servers are broke, and have been for the past 6 hours. What a great idea it was to not allow private ownership of servers, eh? Imagine this had happened the past four days(eswc)?

Your strategy of a centralized system with no possibility of private server ownership has just made it impossible for me to play quake, while at the same time has made it impossible for anyone else to release content for the community. You literally refuse to openly accept content that people will GIVE to you FOR FREE, just because they enjoy the game. You should follow the model of TF2: allow custom content, and make what is considered "good" by the masses official. So much untapped potential for your game lies here...

Your strategy of a centralized system with no possibility of lan servers outside of the biggest tournament runners have caused 5 or so lans in socal turn down any possibility of quakelive being supported for their tournaments(that I know of). There are lans like this literally everywhere, and you permanently stunted the growth of your free to play game to grow at grassroots level through local lans because none of them will ever support it. You then have the audacity to go banning people who try to fix your mistakes through making a custom lan client. It's like you WANT us to hate you, jesus christ.
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100% cpu usage on quake3 (8 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 01:24 CDT, 1 July 2010 - iMsg
for some reason any executable on any mod my q3 uses 100% cpu usage

aside from the rediculous temps, i find it morally wrong that my phenom 940 @ 3.7ghz is being worked this hard.. help?

also, my gamma is extremely dark unless i change r_gamma to something else and then back to the value I want again, what the hell? :(
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synchronizing accel with source engine? (47 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 20:44 CDT, 27 June 2010 - iMsg
anyone have any idea on how to do this? I don't use accel myself but have a couple guys I know that do, none of which have figured out how to work source's accel to work like quake's.
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czm beating cooller by 50ish (38 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 17:21 CDT, 11 June 2010 - iMsg
anyone have the demo and want to put it up on youtube? :)
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120hz lcd and lower resolutions (9 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 11:25 CST, 25 December 2009 - iMsg
I got r_displayrefresh at 120 and have been messing around with resolutions to see their differences

In ql 1680x1050(the native on these things) is wayy smoother looking than say 800x600 scaled.

I never used an lcd before this so I'm not sure if this is because it's not getting forced to 120hz or if the low quality + bigger size monitor is causing any tearing to be more exagerated or smth.

I wouldn't care about using this res except playing games like tf2 will be hard to get stable fps

soo I need to know if there's a way to actually see what hz im running at or any other way to definitively prove im getting that 120!
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cypher -vs- cooller (3 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 01:37 CST, 1 November 2009 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.5 (1 vote)
Gametype: Duel
Map: qztourney7 - Furious Heights
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: -
Version info: -
How to play back QL demos

practice games

cyphacooller.dem (starts midgame) cooller pov

other two cypher pov

oct 31 enjoy
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Sweden (8 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 20:42 CDT, 10 October 2009 - iMsg

i didnt know sweden hated god
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halp my pc is shocking me (23 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 04:00 CDT, 27 July 2009 - iMsg
What the fuck?

This is my case. See the metal trimming along the face that goes all the way up to the top? Well if I touch that right now I get fucking shocked.

It's a lot stronger near where the hd bay is.

It hasn't impacted the computer suprisingly. I found out it's doing this out of luck.. I'm suprised it hasn't fucked parts if it's doing stuff like this.

Anyways, what the hell would cause this and what do i do to make it stop?
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No quake at gamegune (3 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 17:21 CDT, 10 July 2009 - iMsg
Likely because this game does not want to progress with competitive features, and tourny holders are stuck in a limbo between an older game and its successor not ready after 8 months of open beta?!
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Monitor woes (10 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 17:48 CDT, 24 May 2009 - iMsg
My viewsonic e90fb is dieing. Or has been. People comment on the blurriness within 10 seconds of looking at it, I've personally adjusted to it though, and it's probably contributed to my blindness!

CRTs don't exist anymore apparently! Ebay is filled with questionable quality random monitors that I don't know if I can trust. I don't know anything about good lcds and wish I could just avoid them all together. The 120hz ones are overpriced and have many other faults besides their response. They're all super big too.

What do I do esreality?! My parents want to buy me a monitor and I can't even answer what I want!
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mouse response in qlive slow as fuck! (9 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 03:41 CDT, 11 April 2009 - iMsg
Sometimes at least!

I know others have had this experience so I suggest collective complaining

I don't have much to contribute as you can see but perhaps through the power of teamwork we can get id software to fix this annoying issue!
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US LOAD TEST (27 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 13:18 CST, 14 January 2009 - iMsg
5 hours 40 minutes ...................

Much better time frame I will be able to participate in this one!
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Crash Test 09 .. (6 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 04:11 CST, 7 January 2009 - iMsg
Will begin in 9 hours, 49 minutes

I will be at school, where will you be?

ps: That new map is really good, method is master map maker.
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Keyboard Comparison (29 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 02:42 CST, 22 December 2008 - iMsg
What exactly is a good keyboard? Because they all look the same, people don't know the real differences in keyboards, and go by how their marketted to assume they're equipped for gaming.

Most keyboards made these days are just a bunch of plastic keys that tap a rubber dome that is under the key to signal the press. Simple, cheap to make, effective is the thought process. This design ranges from the cheapest to even your G15 or Razer-brand keyboards.

There is another type of keyboard though. Instead of the rubber domes from the first type, they have some switches inside("mechanical keyswitches" they're called!) which vary in type. The idea I guess is to emulate older keyboards which had a louder type click as well as better response. Anyways, these keyswitches made from cherry have colors which describe the range of resistence + clickiness. Keyboards are indeed serious business!

What is the difference realistically you ask? I have 3 keyboards today to help with this question.


Generic Logitech Media Keyboard

Sitting infront of most peoples' desks right now is probably something along these lines. There's nothing that makes it terrible most likely but there are flaws!

Like every other generic keyboard feels. For some reason attracts dirt, probably because the plastic has some kind of noticable texture to it.

I've never understood media keyboards. I've never met a person using their keyboard f-keys as shortcuts to open word. Why does this thing have no scroll lock key? F-lock is useless and sometimes I forget it exists which makes for an annoying multirestart attempt to get into safemode :(


Scorpius M10

Unheard of outside its niche buyers which are all keyboard fanatics, it uses "blue cherry" keyswitches. That means it has slight resistence and a notable click at the halfwaymark down on a key.

Clicky. I ended up having to open the keyboard up thinking there was something messed up with the spacebar, but I realized there's some kind of design flaw that makes the spacebar and backspace get slightly stuck and feel funny every once in awhile. This is a widespread thing with their newer versions I assume based on some other people with the same problems. The keys are angled differently than any keyboard I've ever used in my life, which isn't a bad thing but definately feels different.

Standard layout. It has something called n-key rollover, which means you can press massive amounts of keys without it messing up(most keyboards do about 4!).


Das Keyboard Professional

Some people end up randomly hearing about this one due to its popularity. It's likely the most popular performance keyboard. It also uses those blue switches.

Clicky again. The build quality is undoubtedly superior the M10, no issues with the keys at all. I prefer the angle of the keys to be normal apparently because the press feel is a lot better even though they use the same switch. Remember the textured plastic of the first keyboard? This one has magic dirt repelling smooth plastic keys. I'm not sure how they did it.

Looks-wise it beats pretty much any keyboard out there as well. It's god a glossy reflective black coat with blue leds. I'm not much of lightshow keyboard, so it beats an Eclipse and other variants for me.

The most feature-packed of the bunch. It has n-key rollover just like the Scorpius. It also has 2 USB ports on the side, if you use many front-side case consuming usb devices(ipod, camera, thumbdrives) it is convenient when you have no more left! It's corded for response time purposes, but the cord is long enough to get pretty much anywhere in a room assuming no tangles.


The big picture:
Keyboards don't have much that can vary between them. Most of them do their job. The Das Keyboard undoubtedly does it better though, as I'm sure after using it that it's the best keyboard around.

It was made for those who type a lot(which includes most of us!). It isn't however, marketed as a "gaming" keyboard. But what is considered a gaming keyboard? Most of them are just your standard keyboard with a fancier shell and some macro keys that no one uses. Quality should be the deciding factor and the Das Keyboard has it.
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Puretrak Talent (11 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 06:49 CST, 22 November 2008 - iMsg
After years of using my Fatal1ty pad, I have finally moved on. My mousepad standards arenít unnaturally high or anything, I just havenít had much of a reason to switch. "Clothpads are clothpads!" I thought to myself.

I have a Puretrak Talent here to show, and the bigger differences to put it short are:

It is smoother, the smoothest clothpad Iíve used in fact. I suppose this would come down to preference for most people, but I prefer the feeling over the rougher cloth mats. It's illogical to want to have put more work to go the same distance at the same speed as a smoother pad. It seems to keep it cleaner too, easier to just brush off stuff that gets on it.

The Puretrak Talent is thicker than my Fatpad and about the same as a Qck Heavy. My Fatpad wasnít thick enough to make a large bump in my wooden desk go away, so itís nice to have.
Itís also around an inch bigger on each side, which is negligible but nice for the lowest sens players.

The Puretrak logo is out of the way and doesnít have any feeling if you roll your mouse over it.
The edges donít feel like sandpaper if you have your wrist on it, and no stringy pieces coming off of it.
It doesnít reject Deathadders like the Qck Heavy. (not quite sure what's up with it doing that, the stitching of it?!)

Big Picture:
The differences in clothpads arenít very big. All of the popular ones are around the same size, within the same price range, etc. I would say the Puretrak Talent is definitely the best out of the ones Iíve used (Besides the Goliathus, I've tried most popular cloth pads) though, and there's isn't a reason why you shouldn't get the best if it's for the same price.
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Mice comparision (12 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 09:20 CDT, 25 September 2008 - iMsg
I shall compare the four mouses that I currently have in my room today! I will try to focus on things that actually matter, rather than gimmicky stuff/drivers that I would never install on my computer.


Ikari Optical

I use ~40cm/360 and swiping it as fast as i can across my pad shows no negative accel or malfunctioning.

The liftoff is noted as the highest of almost all mouses from what I've read, I don't particularly care about liftoff distance, maybe you do though.

Its buttons are the best responding I've had on a mouse, I can consistantly get ~.02 seconds less on reaction speed tests than on other mice. The side buttons are solid as well as the top, which may be worth noting.

Its shape is the widest of any mouse you will see. It makes for an awkward first grip, but the idea makes sense. Its wideness comes from the right side having a spot curved for the ring finger. The color is like the Intellimouse 3.0 but it is more reflective/glossy on the gray top part. The glossiness makes your hand stick to it when you grip it.

Underated! I've heard so much bad stuff about the mouse that I just don't see.


Ikari Laser

It malfunctions(looks towards the sky, etc) at semifast speeds.. Speeds reasonable people would want to turn their mouse at in order to flickrail/turn around at. You probably wouldn't run into the problem at 25cm/360 or less. It has an lcd at the bottom and a button under the scroll wheel, you hold the button for a couple secs and use the mousewheel to scroll up or down the dpi(by increments of one). I don't particularly care about dpi with my lowsens, but I want to point out that the malfunctioning happens at its highest 3200dpi as well as my normal dpi of 400.

Same as Ikari Optical, topnotch!

The Ikari Optical resembled an Intellimouse 3.0 Original, and I guess the Ikari Laser resembles the IME black version. The top isn't shiny, instead a textured black. Shape is the same.

I have yet to see laser perform good in the lowsens world. Highsens players would never hit the malfunction limit of the mouse.

The performance isn't incredibly suprising because of my knowledge of how bad laser has been with lowsens, but I believe this mouse is indended for RTS and highsens gamers in the first place. Kind of like the Copperhead from Razer.



I used the 518 from my 510 for around one-two years. You wont make it malfunction/show neg accel.

When I was playing quake sometimes though, I would go for a quick turn and it would do an uncharacteristic spinout malfunction. I KNOW that isn't normal, so I assume it was dieing. The other possiblity is maybe I had the mouse slightly lifted and it malfunctions if its not at the right height.

Probably the worst of the 4 for mouse1 and mouse2. None of the mouses have bad mouse1/mouse2 buttons but the 518 has the most resistence. Its mousewheel is the smoothest of the four, but it still has its clicks. It has good, solid, sidebuttons.

Its the smallest of the four but also the heaviest Most mouse producers try to emulate the shape of it, which says that people like it to say the least.

Good overall mouse. Keep in mind I have an old 400-800-1600 dpi version and I have no idea if anything has been screwed up by the 1800 version!


Intellimouse 3.0

I cannot use it at my sens with it at 125hz, due to negative accel. At 250+hz, it's as good as a mouse can get I suppose. You can get it to show some negative accel, but not at speeds anyone reasonable will be swiping their mouse at. I find it disapointing that Microsoft takes Gotfrag's reviews, say that they updated the mouse's sensor, but don't fix the only flaw in it. Oh well. If you lan, hope that you can bring a usb stick with a mouserate changer.

The mouse1 and mouse2 are imbetween the 518 and Ikaris. It is also imbetween on the mousewheel smoothness scale. The mousewheel has an annoying problem where it randomly decides to scroll down one more time after you used it.. Meaning if it's bound to anything it might randomly do an action in game 10 seconds after you used it. It also has the worst sidebuttons, just because they aren't firm I guess.

Bigger than an mx518, but much skinnier than an Ikari. This mouse has the most natural feel for me, gripwise.

As good as a mouse gets when it's overclocked. The side buttons and mousewheel problem are insignificant to most people. Note that this mouse is also the oldest/cheapest!


The big picture:

Sensorwise, most mouses are getting as good as they can get. The only thing left for mouse companies to do is make them lighter/appeal to people with nicer shapes. Pick a mouse with a sensor that wont malfunction(or wont skip pixels, for all you highres + highsens players), and it's all preference from there. :)

A large reason for wanting to compare the mouses in the first place is because I figured the Ikari Optical would end up being a good mouse before it was out and heard almost nothing after it did, it will probably be my primary mouse now that I've tested it though :)
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Apparently czm is going to finals (33 comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 02:02 CDT, 6 August 2008 - iMsg
I expected something like this to happen, check the page.
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Re: why the fuck do people play cs? (No comments)
Posted by oreozz @ 06:30 CDT, 5 July 2008 - iMsg
Playing cs pubs is like playing baseq3. All noobs and nothing to it really.
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stuck 16bit in games after new drivers (1 comment)
Posted by oreozz @ 20:18 CDT, 15 June 2008 - iMsg
I updated to latest nvidia video drivers because of something, but now when I load quake3 it's stuck in 16bit. Counterstrike also opens in a window, I assume this is because it can't run in 32 but I'm not sure.

Desktop is running fine at 32bit.

This happened last time I updated my drivers for some reason, but I avoided it by just using the old drivers I was using because they were still in a folder on my comp.

I don't want to result to trial and error until I get some working ones because it's happened to more than one set of drivers, so any ideas please help thanks!


3400 athlon 64
768 ram
win xp sp2
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