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Red Dead Redemption 2 (6 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 12:10 CST, 25 November 2019 - iMsg
The game was finally released on pc and I joined the hype train... I didnt regret it!

Its just GTA with cowboys and this game is just pure fun to play. The only thing which sucks are game crashes and the buy menues are tricky for a "pc" game (I bought lots of stuff accidentally).

I cant speak for the single player mode due I didnt play it yet. Online is just fun to play.

Another bad thing are the system requirements for ultra gfx... 4k and ultra settings isnt possible with any gfx card. A proper mixture of high/ultra settings gives 60% more fps and does look almost the same as ultra settings and I can run it fluently with my old 1060

Maybe other cowboys want to share some tricks/tips? I need some due im new to red dead redemption. I just managed to find out how "dead eye" modus works :)
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How do I get a dream woman? (37 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 16:06 CDT, 2 September 2019 - iMsg
Dont take me too seriously but I would really like to have a woman with following attributes:

1. ofc I need to like her look (i dont wanna have sex in the dark)
2. ofc she have to love me
3. she should be a bomb in bed
4. she should be an angel in the family
5. she should be a lady in public
6. she should be my best friend
7. she should like to party
8. she should listen to my sorrows when im sad
9. she should have her own head but still recognize me as the man who shows the right direction
10. ofc she have to be loyal to me
11. ???
12. profit!

(the list may be continued)

any ideas how to get such a dream woman?
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DOOM 64 for PS4 and PC (6 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 18:15 CDT, 29 July 2019 - iMsg
DOOM 64 for PS4 and PC

I played all Doom games except Doom 2016/eternal and Doom64 was the best part. Its very similar to Doom 1&2 but slightly better graphic and I think the sound was more "horror".

Doom3 was a disappointment so I am afraid to play doom2016 to be disappointmented again.

Im looking forward to Doom64 for PC
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lets take over official qc forum (39 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 08:36 CST, 17 January 2019 - iMsg
you wont need a game account! There are lots of Tayski's to insult and the mood there is already down.
The chance Tim W. or syncerror will get fired is higher when we post there instead about complaining here.

edit: looks like they dont care much about their own forum. Maybe reddit is a better place to go
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real picmip in qc? o.0 (4 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 19:16 CST, 13 December 2018 - iMsg
Syncerror wrote in a stream there will be picmip in the next live version (or pts now).

I dont know if its a joke because it doesnt look like picmip

judge yourself:
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I tried qc and... (53 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 21:12 CDT, 4 October 2018 - iMsg
I had low expectations in the first place but this game is even worse than I thought. I played just 10min so here is my impression:

1. I was forced into a tutorial.... wtf
2. I couldnt play duel or tdm... I had to play instagib before I unlock those
3. I finally made it into a FFA... damn what crap is it? I can barely see enemy rockets I can barely see the enemy. The movement feels weird. I can hear almost nothing althought enemy is next to me....
4. finished the game and got various stuff for lootboxes or sth like that. YaY

My conclusion of 10min playing: All other quake games are superior in everything!

I guess its time to deinstall the game but I will give it a last chance tomorrow.
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Nixeus REVEL perfect wmo replacement? (4 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 20:51 CST, 19 February 2018 - iMsg
hey there

I dislike most new mice cause of shape, too little pressure to click (= accidentally clicks in stressful situations) and bad thumb button placement/design (= accidently pushes).

I think this may be the best mouse for me but im not sure about thumb buttons.
The shape is almost identical to wmo (wmo 124 x 66,6 x 39,6 and revel 125 x 68 x 39mm).
The omron switches should give the perfect pressure for mouse1/2 butttons.
Its lightweight and got a perfect sensor (3360).

Its not the cheapest but its not as expensive as Logitech mice ore other "top" gaming brands (approx 40€).

Anyone got one and can tell his experience? Im especially interessted what you think about those thumb buttons.
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I was right. It really worked out well (c) Tim (77 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 19:09 CST, 10 December 2017 - iMsg
I dont know what kind of drugs this guy takes:

he was so right that this happens after a year:,282440#1y

next time he may claim loadouts in QL was a great success...
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Microsoft Classic Intellimouse NEW (22 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 21:18 CDT, 17 October 2017 - iMsg
Microsoft Classic Intellimouse NEW


1 Interface USB 2.0 full speed compatiable
2 Buttons 5 buttons (3 customizable*), including left and right click and scroll wheel button
3 Scrolling Vertical scrolling
4 Mouse report rate 1000 reports per second
5 Tracking technology Microsoft BlueTrack enables tracking on glass
6 Compatibility Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 Customization of buttons only available on Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7, but is not supported on Windows 10 S

5.2" * 2.72" * 1.68" (132 mm * 69 mm * 43 mm)

4.55 ounces (129 grams)

1 year limited hardware warranty



Max DPI:

without a legit source

Release Date according amazon:
ETA October 30th, 2017
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guess how Sorlag will get nerfed (40 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 18:36 CDT, 3 October 2017 - iMsg

We all know Sorlag is OP and so its just a matter of time till she gets nerfed.

Lets make a guessing game how she will get nerfed!

The winner(s) gets a cookie and maybe some [+] so lets start!
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qc will be unbalanced on purpose (36 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 02:57 CDT, 30 April 2017 - iMsg
because thats the concept of freemium.

The game has to be "just barely fun" and this will be achieved by making the game as unbalanced as possible. You need to pay to get the good heros while the worst will stay free. Nobody will pay if you get the good heros or balanced games from the start.

here this explains it even better than i do:
South Park Sums Up "Freemium" Games
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QC = anti quake? (55 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 02:24 CDT, 30 April 2017 - iMsg
the more I play it the more i get the impression qc changes are exactly the opposite what quake players want so we wont touch this game.
It feels like they wanna avoid/dissatisfy quake players at any cost.

"What can we add so quake players wont touch this game? Maybe we can remove strafejumping and circlejumping so new players wont need to learn it. Rocketjumping was fun? lets remove it and add a special jump for everyone... ClanArena was the most popular gamemode? lets remove it"

I didnt found anything I like about qc. Nothing nada niente.

I dont even want a q3 remake with those gay qc graphics...

do you think they did all this stuff on purpose to keep us away?
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diabotical vs reflex (vs qc) (103 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 08:10 CST, 21 December 2016 - iMsg
I just saw a game show of diabotical and the more I see/learn about this game the more I want to play it.

It looks fantastic and has a lot of potential to grow bigger/better
It doesnt look like a 1:1 clone from quake which blocked my interesst in warsow and reflex
It doesnt look like ut with heros (qc)
It looks refreshing with their own style (memes). Reflex looks actually boring and so my first thought was reflex is built on q2 engine (ofc its not).

Movement would be skill based but still newbie friendly. Reflex movement is too similar to cpm and so it will be hard to master for newcomers.

Weapons.... i cant say much about them atm.

Modable + easy mapping tools is a big plus too.

So I dont know any reason to play reflex or to wait for qc. Warsow will shutdown soon most likely so Im looking forward to diabotical.

Your thoughts
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most funny thread on esr (esr classics) (8 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 12:19 CST, 10 November 2016 - iMsg

I thought it be cool to sum up the most entertainment threads on esr.

I start with "Entry 36" of the wallpaper contest because the pic was just epic and the comments made it even better. I never laughed so many tears about a thread ever again.

now go on plz
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quake champions weapon discussion (77 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 12:40 CDT, 20 September 2016 - iMsg
callvote q1 lg (yes im serious)
callvote q3 rail
callvote q3 rockets

F1 F1 F1
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I just reinstalled ql and I regret it (88 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 13:24 CST, 10 December 2013 - iMsg

After 1-2 years no quake I thought I could be fun to play it again... but
I cant play my favorite duel map bloodrun anymore
I cant force team colors anymore
and this was enough to quit because I know I will find more things I wont be able to set/play anymore.

I wonder if its ID's extortionate plan to force people to the small premium community or do they actually want to make people leave quakelive in general.
I've choosen the last choice and uninstalled it immediately. well played ID
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proof-of-sanchez-cheating (50 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 08:57 CDT, 1 July 2012 - iMsg
I recreated this post because sanchez created it first but deleted it... what a pussy. He was just asking for proof of his cheats without giving demos... ROFL (he never gave demos just stupid youtube videos). Our luck he gave sth else today

sanchez is using wh & smooth aimbot. Smooth to make it look like human aim but its still not natural and easy to see.

watch this sample of a smooth aimbot:

and then watch those videos from usagi:

he delivered this proof today on his own to show "his skills" (is it a cheater thing to be a mentaly retard to give proof by himself?).

Does anyone still think sanchez is legit? then post in this thread.

I am a magican. I see the future: usagi aka sanchez aka hetta2 will post a stupid excuse quite soon ;D He will still tell its his godlike aim... ye sure bro. He is god. Ye sure bro. The whole world envy him. Wake up bro.
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i want brightskins for all models! (38 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 16:56 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
hey there

Its a long time since ID introduced brightskins. Unfortunaley we got 2 or 3 models with brightskins. Nothing happend since then. I still want bitterman brightskins for teammates. White bitterman ftw
I dont want any other model for teammodel because of noisy sounds

Will they ever come or do we have to deal with it?
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OMG I tried Q43a (9 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 11:33 CDT, 14 May 2012 - iMsg
Hi there

I thought i should give it a try... its actually not this bad, but first attempt to create a server failed because of 128 pk4 limit. okey, next try.
Movement feels faster (lower view height?) but i cant do any crouchslide at all (removed?). Rocketjumps are weird. Rockets seems to be increased in size. Its harder to hit just over the edge. Rockets looks faster than in q4. Almost similar to ql which i like.
Nades dont get stuck into the ground [+] and have a much better range (q4 nade launcher feels like i am throwing nades like a girl). Unforrtunaley they dont care much about gravity and their range is too big.
Weaponswitch is faster = better gameplay

Sounds are weird and i cant tell much about fps since i didnt found an option to draw fps but it feels smooth for me.

All in all i cant tell the significant changes from q4mp to q43a except those cvar changes. Port make your mod a 1:1 cpma copy and it can get popular
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free lessons for new players (29 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 08:30 CDT, 20 April 2012 - iMsg
Hi there

Since Q4 re-release it looks like new players are trying out q4. I would like to help people to get into the world of quake. This means I will just give everyone who wants to a game and some advises to improve.
Im not pro so dont expect much but I think I know a lot of q4 movement, weapon usage and basic duel strategies.

The only thing is I dont make a appointed time. You can find me sometimes at IRC channel #spontanq4ctf QuakeNet
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Diablo 3 release on 15th May (197 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 14:12 CDT, 15 March 2012 - iMsg
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esr became qlforum mentality? (35 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 06:54 CDT, 22 August 2011 - iMsg
Hi there

I get the impression more and more people from ql forum jump over to esr.
Since I see more and more cheater threads, I see disgusting poll results and a lot of people who actually like what ID has done to ql.

I suggest a registration date filter and or stop getting new esr subscriber.

The ql forum guys realized they wont be listen at ql forums so they whine at esr. Stop it or they will take over esr
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no improvements to the stair/step code? (53 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 05:26 CDT, 7 October 2009 - iMsg
Hi there
I've started a thread in the ql forums BUT they've deleted it... bah. So I will create one here.


I was looking forward to some improvements to the stair/step code because Syncerror said we will get improvements to the stair/step code this week (read it here)... but nothing happens

So I guess the stair/step code will remain at the current stage like the xerp/netcode...

Do you think there be improvements to the stair/step code someday?
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new wolfenstein rockz (25 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 06:20 CDT, 21 August 2009 - iMsg
Hi there

I played the new wolfenstein on the xbox360 for an hour (singleplayer) and it feels like home :)
The artifact thing is strange but a nice feature (except you dont turn it off while your are standing in a wall).

I hope it will be even better on the pc
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no netcode fix soon :/ (41 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 06:37 CDT, 18 August 2009 - iMsg
Hi there

Unfortunaley we cant expect a netcode fix today. Sync told here

I dont see the point why they dont let us test the netcode fix... I thought we are betatester

Maybe next week... or next year
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14th July: a big ql update?!?! (88 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 04:27 CDT, 10 July 2009 - iMsg

Marty wrote here:

We have been in the midst of making several substantial changes to QUAKE LIVE that have required a lot of time and testing. For a while this has prevented us from making any large code updates, but we're happy to finally begin bringing you some of the additions and updates that we have been working towards. Included in today's update is a streamlined account registration and plug-in installation process, dozens of long lost awards, competition features, and spectator / shoutcaster additions.

Select organizations can now launch private servers directly from the QUAKE LIVE website for use in their online leagues and tournaments. These private servers include extensive competition features such as calling timeouts, locking teams, aborting matches and designating match referees. Players may view private servers by going to 'Customize' on their match browser and selecting 'Show Private Matches'. Private servers are passworded, so you will need to contact your league administrators for information on how to participate in their activites and join their private servers.

The below changelog is a complete list of our major fixes and additions.

Code Changes:

* Competition features (calling timeouts, locking teams, referees) available in private servers
* Wood footsteps (present on QZCA3 - Quarantine).
* Raw mouse mode performance optimizations.
* Added cl_mouseSensCap (default 0/disabled) to cap the mouse speed if you are using acceleration. Pass it an equivalent sensitivity with no acceleration value, and the acceleration code will not go beyond that.
* The game can't start right away after a map change, in order to let everyone get in and participate in votes (g_warmupDelay).
* CTF requires 2v2 before starting.
* cg_marks no longer disables cg_shadows.
* handicap in instagib is now disabled.
* r_subdivisions limited to either 4 or 80.
* Flag capture time is reported with milliseconds.
* Flag items are no longer predicted (fixes ghost pickup sounds).
* pro TDM config MG start ammo at 50
* cg_forceEnemyModel/cg_forceTeamModel now honored while spectating a player
* cg_forceBlueTeamModel/cg_forceRedTeamModel added (For shoutcasters, cmds override cg_forceEnemyModel/cg_forceTeamModel)
* spec command:
spec fc - follow/cycle through flag carriers
spec blue - follow/cycle through blue team
spec red - follow/cycle through red team
(more options on the way)
* cg_followPowerup now supports a value of 2, which will not switch to a lesser power-up if already following a flag carrier
* cg_followKiller issue in Clan Arena fixed
* fixes for several possible flag dupe cases in CTF
* spwin/splose/testgun cmds removed (exploit/griefing)
* callvote VO fixed (vote now/vote passed vo played in unison)
* Bitterman drowning sound added/fixed

Web Changes:

* The plugin upgrade and installation has been revamped, and you should no longer need to restart your browser during an update (some IE issues still being worked out).
* 24 awards are making a comeback and will start being awarded again!
* The match detail tooltips have been revamped, now allowing you to sort the list by each field. In addition it should be easier to toggle "Quitters / Switchers" now.
* All matches in the server browser will now show the country flag and corresponding city name for the location where the server is running.
* Dropdown menus have been added to the top-level navigation bar, allowing easy access to many parts of the site.
* A new option to "Show Private Matches" has been added to the Server Browser "Customize" pane. This option will toggle back and forth between showing only public or only private matches.
* While the player is in-game various features on the website will go into "sleep mode" in order to reduce the amount of resources used. This change is to help certain players who were having problems with the game stuttering while playing due to website activity.
* Created a new prompt system is used for all fatal errors and other cases where info needs to be presented to the player.
* Match tooltips will now show server name, allowing you to see where the server is located from your friends list.
* You can now toggle whether to show chat timestamps in your "Edit My Profile" page
* Added an icon that is now stamped onto matches in a player's profile when they have won a particular game.
* Fixed a number of problems with cvars and binds not being saved or restored. Players should no longer need to use an autoexec.cfg to have their settings persist.
* Fixed a problem that was preventing the "Link to this match" button from working in IE8.
* Fixed a problem where clicking on a model icon on your friends list would take you to an undefined profile.
* Fixed a problem where the player could be stuck on the "Quake Live is Loading" screen when an error occurs during the initial site load.
* Fixed a problem where many pages were missing page titles.
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sound bugs (16 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 04:39 CDT, 8 April 2009 - iMsg
Hi there

I got dropped sounds a lot of times (missing jumppad sounds and so on) and its so annoying...
I cant locate the enemy by sound (I heared him upper level but he is lower level) and so on.

Does anyone know a fix?
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getting hit althought I ... (11 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 04:38 CST, 24 February 2009 - iMsg
Hi there
I want to discuss the "getting hit althought I was already behind a corner " regarding the ql netcode.

I am not sure but I think the ql netcode let the clients decide if it was a hit or not (Unlagged netcode?). That would explain why I got mostly hit behind corners with a railshoot by a high pinger. Maybe its a hitbox issue but I dont think so.

btw ql is open beta now so plz delete those annoying invite threads
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ql hitboxes (57 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 04:18 CDT, 3 September 2008 - iMsg
Hi there
A guy called raz3r in the ql forums said the ql has already octagonal hitboxes. Did anyone heard about it?

I cant remember of any news where this was mentioned and ql feels so... easy to hit everything even though you were not supposed to hit. So I was thinking I am playing with the usal q3 hitboxes.

btw I heard a rumor in the ql channel the ql netcode is improved which fits with my ql experience.
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Deathadder 1800dpi fake? (73 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 07:37 CDT, 15 May 2008 - iMsg
Hi there
I got a DA recently and of course i want to use the same sensitiv setting as I was using with my IE 3.0. The IE 3.0 has 400dpi and lowest dpi setting on DA is 450dpi. I calculated my sensitivity (q4) to 450 dpi but its not the same at all. I tried the same sensitivity as i used with my IE 3.0 and it is the same cm/360° as with my IE 3.0.
I've updated the firmware from 1.25 to 1.27 but i got the same result. I dont want to have 450dpi that isnt the point. I am happy I have the same sensitivity as before but I just wanna know if it is true DA has max. 1600dpi. Did anyone got the same cm/360° with the same sensitivity althought you was using a 400dpi mouse before?
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Q4 crashes/freezes with openAL on (38 comments)
Posted by c1 @ 11:16 CST, 23 January 2008 - iMsg
Hi there

I get randomly freezes/crashes when I play with openAL turned on and i am not going to play without them! I am getting those freezes since PR 1.3 because i bought q4 when pr 1.3 was released so i dont know if those crashes/freezes would have appeared with PR 1.1 or PR 1.2.

I've already contacted activision support, but they couldn't find a solution (btw they asked me a lot of senseless things)

I've used all avaible beta drivers from creativ-labs for my x-fi but no success.
I've changed the pci slot of my x-fi because of IRQ issues but still freezing.

The funny thing is activision said they had not run into this issue with anyone else. The ones who plays pickups will know that i am not the only one.

And I've found this: Quake4: Random pauses occur during gameplay, but may its a different issue, which is caused by q4 and not by nvidia.
(source: ttp://

my system is:
e4300 non-oc
GA965-S3 (with latest bios: F12)
2 x 1024MB DDR2-800 MDT
Nvidia 6600 GT (with latest driver: forceware 169.21)
X-FI Music (with latest final drivers: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic, Platinum, Fatal1ty and Elite Pro Driver with OpenAL support 2.09.0007 and the openAL drivers from the openAL homepage)

Does anyone know a solution?

sorry for my english
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