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Out of Nowhere Cup #1 by (79 comments)
Posted by mnemjc @ 13:33 CDT, 8 September 2009 - iMsg is going to hold a Duel Cup for q4cz Quake4, with Czech Republic Hawr1x being the organizing Head behind it. The cup is not restricted to european players so feel free to sign up, though you might need to play some matches on european servers.
It will take place on Sunday, 13th September at 17:00 CEST while the Checkins being at 16:30 CEST. To Checkin join at Quakenet.

To sign up, leave a comment using following format:
!ADD - Pavel "Hawr1x" Kymla, CZ, Czech Quake

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abso -vs- kaczorek (12 comments)
Posted by mnemjc @ 19:23 CST, 23 December 2008 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.5 (1 vote)
Gametype: Duel
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: kaczorek
Version info: Q4 1.4.2 + Q4max 0.82
How to play back Q4 demos

Grand Final between Germany abso and Poland kaczorek from the 3rd Round of the Quake4 WEEKEND Cup.

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Quake 4 WEEKEND, the 3rd Round - Results (47 comments)
Posted by mnemjc @ 08:00 CST, 21 December 2008 - iMsg
Scheduled: 09:00 CST, 21 December 2008 to 15:00 CST, 21 December 2008
Schedule: Passed

Hello again, today I bring you the third Round of my q4cz Quake4 Duel Cup series - Q4 WEEKEND.

The cup came to an end. We hope everybody enjoyed it. Thanks again to all who participated and checked-in.

Final Demos

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Quake4 WEEKEND - Part 2 (20 comments)
Posted by mnemjc @ 16:00 CDT, 18 September 2008 - iMsg
Scheduled: 10:30 CDT, 21 September 2008 to 15:30 CDT, 21 September 2008
Schedule: Passed

Since I got lots of good responses, I decided to run another q4cz 1v1 Duel Cup.
This time things will be a bit different. The cup takes place this weekend, 21st September, 11:00 CDT, while Check-in is at 10:30 CDT.

The tournament setting will be Double Elimination, best of 3 while the grand final will be bo5.

Slots are open up to 32 players. You will have to idle in #q4cup at quakenet again, so we can keep you informed what's going on.
The Cup is open for everyone as long as you are comfortable with your ping, because the cup will mainly held at Europe.

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oldsplatterhand -vs- aCtion`bl4jnd (9 comments)
Posted by mnemjc @ 08:20 CDT, 18 August 2008 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.8 (4 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: oldsplatterhand
Version info: Q4 1.4.2 + Q4max 0.82
How to play back Q4 demos

>> 66206-demos.rar <<
(7952KB, 237 DLs)

This are the demos from the Quake4 WEEKEND Cup finals.

Demopackage contains all three played maps from olsplatterhand´s POV.

Order: Placebo Effect - Torment - Galang

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Updates on Q4WEEKEND Cup *UP* (20 comments)
Posted by mnemjc @ 07:41 CDT, 16 August 2008 - iMsg
Scheduled: 12:30 CDT, 16 August 2008 to 11:00 CDT, 17 August 2008
Schedule: Passed

*Last Night the first season of the Q4 WEEKEND Cup came to an end and it brought us the following results:

You can download the final demos here!

Again, thanks to all who participated in, i hope it all ran very well for you, thanks to all who've helped me. Watch out for a second one.
As soon the demos are availiable i'll update this news. *

Long time there was barely any Cup for q4cz Quake4. So, i am glad to bring you a 1v1 Duel Cup.
Due to the reached Player limit of 64Players, most people thought that they can't sign up anymore but you're still able to, because when a signed Player drops before the Cup has started or if he misses the Check-in.
So take your chance to compete along with 64 Players and Sign up now!

All later matches should be played on one of the official Servers (See Serverlist below), so all people who are interested in, can spectate.
The seeded players will face each other as late as possible, whereas all others are randomized. The seeded Players are not sorted. The Brackets will be up
as soon as all players have checked in.
For more information just visit the Homepage.

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Quake4 WEEKEND Cup (71 comments)
Posted by mnemjc @ 15:50 CDT, 29 July 2008 - iMsg
Scheduled: 12:30 CDT, 16 August 2008 to 11:00 CDT, 17 August 2008
Schedule: Passed

I am very proud to announce my first Q4 Quake4 1v1 Duel Cup. It will be played during the weekend (surprise, surprise). If you've signed up, please make sure you have the time to play. Drop outs are lame!

Please record demo's of every game you'll play, cause i want to create an well sorted demo archive of the whole Cup. Thanks!
You'll have to stay in #q4cup @ quakenet during the whole Cup.

* Date: Saturday, 16.08.2008
* Time: 13:00 CDT (Check-in is at 12:30 CDT)
* Timelimit 15
* Best out of Three
* Single Elimination
* 3rd Map gets decided due to Elimination (Winner's first)

What do I need to take part?

You have to be registered at the Cupsite. You'll also need Quake4 1.4.2, Q4max 0.82 and an IRC client, as well as all the maps in the map pool.

Mappool: Monsoon, Placebo Effect, Torment, Phrantic (mp/q4cmp3), and Galang - PLEASE only use the newest Version !1.2!

At least, Have lots of fun! :)
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vo0 joins fnatic again (4 comments)
Posted by mnemjc @ 17:29 CDT, 24 July 2008 - iMsg
While surfing i've just read this news

It seems that fnatic payed a bit more than last time :p
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Q4 Weekend Cup? (74 comments)
Posted by mnemjc @ 08:36 CDT, 24 July 2008 - iMsg
Hi everybody,

Because there are hardly any cups for quake4 left, i thought of hosting a small q4 cup by myself.

First i want to see if there's enough/any interest in it..

I think the best solution to prevent fluctuating interest, would be a 1-day Cup probably on the Weekend. With min.16 players. Anybody with a working q4 1.4.2 and q4max 0.82 could sign up.

So please don't hesitate and give me feedback ;)

// The Cupsite is now online, visit it for more information.
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prozac out of eswc masters (13 comments)
Posted by mnemjc @ 18:12 CDT, 3 July 2008 - iMsg

nooooooo, no "hit me baby one more time", this time :((
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New Q4max 0.82 (69 comments)
Posted by mnemjc @ 15:02 CDT, 12 June 2008 - iMsg
Since nobody seems to be able to comment on the News

i thought i open a thread to talk about the release and to praise the q4max team :P
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Last Login (5 comments)
Posted by mnemjc @ 05:42 CDT, 11 June 2008 - iMsg
I think it would be nice if the last login thing in everybody's profile, shows both the date and the time.

example: Last Login: 11 Jun 2008 - 20:07CET
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Duke Nukem Forever - not a joke :P (11 comments)
Posted by mnemjc @ 16:54 CDT, 5 June 2008 - iMsg
Here is a sneak preview of the actual duke nukem game.

For me it looks like a 0815 shooter - so far. but yeah you can't see that much...
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Q4 Duel League - again (12 comments)
Posted by mnemjc @ 14:36 CDT, 29 May 2008 - iMsg
For any q4 gamer with interest in a new league - the quake4 League is open for free signups. Deadline for sign up is the 1th June.
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AGP Tour (12 comments)
Posted by mnemjc @ 20:11 CDT, 20 May 2008 - iMsg
Since I don't know how to send in headlines i'll post it here...

SK Gaming news:

AGP Tour:

I think its the best thing for the 1v1 scene and i'll definately looking forward to this. If its gonna happen...

Interview with Francisco Garcia, the vice president of VIDA LLC
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