Well, which is the smoothest mousemat? There is a huge variety of mats out there, and it's impossible to try them before buying because they all come from specialist online shops.
In these types of threads people tend to say "My mousemat X is good", but how many different mousemats have people actually tried? /Me wishes Sujoy would do a Mouse Score type thing for Mouse Mats.

Ideally I'd like to hear from people who have actually compared different types of pad, e.g. glass, cloth and plastic (be specific about brands) and what their thoughts are. What I'd really like to know is what the lowest friction mousemat is. Is the Razer Speed actually faster than the Control, for example? What is the actual physical difference between them?...

At the moment I've got a Logitech G1 and a black Everglide Titan. The G1 badly needs some kind of feet replacement, and the Everglide has had enough tea spilt on it and general rough treatment to make it past its best. I'm thinking if I order Glidz off ESL I should get a mousemat as well to make the shipping costs less ridiculous.

My guess is that the thinner cloth pads are lower friction when placed on a hard table than the thicker ones?