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Cats! (14 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 19:41 CDT, 29 September 2010 - iMsg
Was uploading them to another site, so thought I might as well could share them here.
Just some of my favourite lolcats, and yes I know a lot are stupid but they were funny in the moment :)

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Anyone with mushroom experience? (223 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 19:55 CDT, 13 September 2010 - iMsg
Hi, I do know this is going to sound weird, but I need some advice on psychedelic mushrooms. First of all, is it safe to take them, or are there long-term side effects? When I read wikipedia on psilocybin mushroms, it doesn't sound like it's a big deal. What beginner mushroom would you recommend? I'm just curious.

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Statistics :o (33 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 08:41 CDT, 10 September 2010 - iMsg
I have no idea on how to solve this assignment, so I'll try here again.

An article in The New York Times reports that several hedge fund managers now make more than a billion dollars a year. The annual income of a hedge fund manager in the top tier, in millions of dollars, is given by the following probability distribution.

Suppose the hedge funds must withhold $300 from the income of the manager, and an additional 5% of the remaining income. Find the expected net income of a manager in this group. What properties of expected values are you using?

The correct answer is $868,5 millions.

Ok..I started to minus $300 dollars from each manager, and then I removed the additional 5% of the remaining income.

But what do I do now? I think I am to use the expected value of a discreet random variable, which is equal to the sum of all the values of the random variable, each value multiplied by its probability
If I do this with the new numbers, I get $883,5. What am I doing wrong? :(
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Puretrak talent code (1 comment)
Posted by Shaddap @ 18:50 CDT, 10 August 2010 - iMsg
Hi, I'm about to order a puretrak but was wondering whether anyone had a discount code to use? I've tried all those on retailmenot, including ZYN3PDN25 which worked the last time.

TY :)
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Muslim integration is not possible.. (298 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 04:26 CDT, 5 May 2010 - iMsg
In February 2009, Nicolai Sennels, a Danish psychologist published a book entitled Among Criminal Muslims: A Psychologist’s Experience from Copenhagen. In his book, Nicolai Sennels shares a psychological perspective of this Muslim Culture, its relationship to anger, handling emotions and its religion. He based his research on hundreds of hours of therapy with 150 young Muslims in the Copenhagen youth jail. EuropeNews interviewed the author about his book and its consequences on integration of Muslims in Europe.

EuropeNews: Nicolai Sennels, how did you get the idea to write a book about criminal Muslims in Denmark?

Nicolai Sennels: I got the idea in February 2008 during a conference on integration in Copenhagen, where I was invited as the first and only psychologist working in a Copenhagen youth prison. My speech at the conference was about the fact, that foreigners’ culture plays a significant role concerning integration, crime and religious extremism. I emphasized, that people from a Muslim culture find it difficult, if not impossible, to create a successful life in Denmark.

This statement was met with great resistance from Danish politicians and also my own boss from the youth prison. I was quite surprised since I thought that my point is obvious: some cultures fit better into Western societies than others. All of Europe is currently struggling to integrate Muslims but this endeavor seems to be impossible. According to the Danish police and the Danish Bureau of Statistics more than 70 percent of all crimes in the Danish capital are committed by Muslims. Our national bank recently published a report stating that a Muslim foreigner costs more than 2 million Danish kroner (300,000 euros) in federal social assistance on average, caused by the low participation in the work force. On top of this, we have to add many additional types of social welfare that unemployed people can receive in our country: expenses in connection with interpreters, special classes in school – 64 percent of school children with Muslim parents cannot read and write Danish properly after 10 years in a Danish school – social work, extra police etc.

My statement resulted in a legal injunction, a kind of professional punishment, which stated, that if I ever repeat this, I could be fired. According to the Copenhagen authorities it is apparently permitted to state that the serious problems among Muslims are caused by poverty, the media, the police, the Danes, politicians, etc. But two things are definitely not allowed: 1) discussing the significance of culture and 2) our foreigners own responsibility for their integration in our societies. Unfortunately many very powerful politicians lack a clear understanding of the psychological aspect of culture and the influence it has on integration.

EuropeNews: What were the reactions in Denmark?
Sennels: The book was received with a great amount of attention, already before the book was officially published on February 24 2009. It was on the front page of one of the biggest national newspapers in Denmark, and I was on the radio and TV participating in debates with politicians and other experts on the subject. The first publication of the book was sold out after three weeks.

Since then, there have been some big changes in Danish integration policy, which seems to have been influenced by the book and the attention it got. From my personal point of view, the widespread attention shows that my statement is true: there is simply a great need for a deeper understanding of how Muslims’ culture influences their chances for integration.

The very famous politician, Naser Khader, who is Muslim and the author of the Honor and Shame, wrote a review of my book and stated that it should be “obligatory reading for students, social workers and teachers.” Jyllands-Posten, the brave newspaper that first published the Mohammed cartoons, calls the book “an original piece of pioneer work.”

EuropeNews: Let’s have a closer look at the book. You talk about four myths of integration. The first one concerns the difference between the cultures of immigrants.

Sennels: What I discovered during my work at the youth prison was that people of Muslim heritage have other needs for social work than Danes or people of non-Muslim cultures. These different needs require more attention, and psychologists need to do more research on these topics in order to be able to create effective social politics.
I completely agree with my critics that personal and social problems can lead to anti-social behavior among both Westerners and Muslims. However, there is still extremely disproportional anti-social and anti-democratic behavior among Muslims. The Danish Bureau of Statistics published a report (1 and 2) stating that Muslim countries take the first eight places on the top 10-list of criminals’ country of origin. Denmark is number nine on this list.

EuropeNews: So that means, we have to treat Muslim and non-Muslim immigrants in a different way?

Sennels: Seen from a psychological and also humanistic perspective, it is very clear that people from different cultures have different needs when they have or create problems. My own experience is that Muslims don’t understand our Western way of trying to handle conflicts through dialogue. They are raised in a culture with very clear outer authorities and consequences. Western tradition using compromise and inner reflection as primary means of handling outer and inner conflicts is seen as weak in the Muslim culture. To a great extent they simply don’t understand this softer and more humanistic way of handling social affairs. In the context of social work and politics this means that they need more borders and stronger consequences to be able to adjust their behavior.

EuropeNews: That leads us directly to the second myth: it is often said, that the criminality of immigrants is caused by social problems, not by their cultural background. In your book you disagree and point to the religion of the Muslims as a source of criminality.

Sennels: Well, I would rephrase it as “Muslim culture” instead of “religion” because there are a lot of Muslims who don’t know what is written in the Quran and who don’t visit the mosques. But they are strongly influenced on a cultural level. And there we see that especially anger is much more accepted in the Muslim culture.
One example: in Western culture and also in other non-Muslim cultures, like in Asia, you see aggression and a sudden explosion of anger as something you’ll regret afterwards, something you are ashamed of. It is completely opposite in the Muslim culture. If somebody steps on your honor – what I as a psychologist would call self confidence – you are simply expected to show aggression and often also verbal or physical revenge. So, aggression gives you a low status in our cultures, but a high status in the Muslim culture.

There is however another and much deeper reason for the wide spread anti-social behavior in Muslim communities and their strong aversion against integration – namely, the very strong identification that Muslims have with belonging to the Muslim culture.

My encounter with the Muslim culture has been a meeting with an exceedingly strong and very proud culture. This is certainly something that can ensure an ancient culture’s survival through changing times – Islam and the Muslim culture are excellent examples of this. A strong and proud culture unfortunately also makes the culture’s members almost unable to adapt to other values. In Germany, only 12 percent of their 3.5 million Muslims see themselves as more German than Muslim; in France and Denmark, only 14 percent of the Muslim populations respectively see themselves more as French or Danish than Muslim. Research among Muslims living in Denmark also shows that 50 percent of the 1st- and 2nd-generation immigrants are against free speech and 11 percent would like to see the Danish constitution exchanged with the sharia law (more numbers from this research can be found in the printed issue of the newspaper). These high percentages are of course frightening, but especially disturbing is the fact that there are no differences of opinion on this topic among Muslims who are born and raised in Muslim countries and the opinion of their children who are born and raised in Danish society. When it comes to identity among Muslims, nationality does not count at all in comparison with culture and religion. The consequence is a powerful and growing opposition to Western culture and values in Muslim ghettoes throughout Copenhagen and other major European cities.

EuropeNews: As you already pointed out, a lot of Muslims have a strong connection to their religious identity. The third myth you dismantle in your book is about the percentage of extremist’s and fundamentalists among Muslims. It’s often presumed that this percentage is relatively small. What is your experience?

Sennels: People hope that most Muslims are modern and accept Western values. My experience is different, and this has been proven by the statistics in Europe that I just quoted. In February 2008, we had some deadly serious riots by young Muslims in Denmark.

Those riots were partly a reaction to the great focus by the Danish police on the steeply rising crime rates in Muslim areas. The other reason was the reprinting of the Mohammed cartoons in all Danish newspapers. This reprinting was an act of solidarity with the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, whose life was, and still is, seriously threatened.

In these riots, we saw Muslims who don’t practice the Islamic religion in their daily lives standing up for their culture and religion in a very aggressive way. Copenhagen was smoking for an entire week due to several hundred of fires, and the police and firemen trying to calm the situation down were also attacked. A big part of the rioters ended up in the prison where I worked, and I therefore I had the chance to talk with them. Almost all of them were Muslims, and they all claimed that what they have done – starting fires, attacking the police etc. – was justified since Danish society, through its pressure on integration and through reprinting the Mohammed cartoons, has proven itself to be racist and against Islam and Muslim culture. The few Danish people among the rioters were completely different. Their explanation of their actions was predominately a search for adventure or excitement.
EuropeNews: The fourth myth is that poverty among immigrants leads to their bad social situation. In your book, you tell us that the opposite is true.

Sennels: You can formulate this important question like this: do people get social problems because they are poor, or do they become poor because they create social problems? My experience is that the very low focus on supporting one’s children in school and on one’s own education and the lack of motivation for creating a professional career is a crucial factor for the poverty, which many Muslims experience in both our societies and in Muslim countries. On top of it, one fourth of all young male Muslims in Denmark have a criminal record. Poor reading skills, a strong aversion against authorities and a criminal record simply make it very difficult for you to get a well paying job. It is anti-social behavior that makes you poor. Not the other way around.

Unfortunately many politicians see poverty as the main cause of integration problems. I think this is a horrible and one-dimensional view of poor people and of people in general. The idea that people’s behavior is decided by the amount of money they have on their bank accounts every month is an exceedingly limited view. I myself, as a psychologist who graduated from the humanities department of the University of Copenhagen, would say that people have many more and stronger factors in their lives than money, which influence their behavior and way of thinking.

EuropeNews: What is the conclusion on your research? Is the integration of people of Muslim heritage into Western societies possible?

Nicolai Sennels: I would say that the optimists, the people who say that integration is possible, carry a very great responsibility. There is a very great risk that they are selling us hope, a dream, that has no foundation in reality. This means that they will be the ones who are responsible for Europe looking away from and not addressing its problems until it is too late.

There is simply no research in Europe that supports the optimists’ view. On the contrary, all the research that we have on integration of Muslims in Western societies shows that we are continuing to head in the wrong direction. So I don’t know how these optimists come to their conclusion. Maybe it is a vain and childish hope that everything will turn out well, just like in the fairy tales. Or maybe it is a pseudo-Darwinistic idea that everything will develop in a positive direction. One thing is for sure: they don’t base their judgments on facts.

Of course there are exceptions but for the largest part integration to the necessary degree of Muslims is not possible. Clever and compassionate people are working all over Europe on the problem, and they have spent billions of Euros on the project, yet, the problems still continue to grow.

The psychological explanation is actually simple. The Muslim and the Western cultures are fundamentally very different. This means Muslims need to undergo very big changes in their identity and values to be able to accept the values of Western societies. Changing basic structures in one’s personality is a very demanding psychological and emotional process. Apparently very few Muslims feel motivated to do so. I only know a few who managed, but I also know that it was a long and exhausting struggle on an inner level for them and that they often pay a high personal price on the outer level because their Muslim friends and families despise and/or disown them for leaving their culture.

EuropeNews: But what we are going to do with the Muslims, who are already here?

Sennels: I see two possibilities. Firstly, we should immediately stop all immigration of people from Muslim countries to Europe until we have proven that integration of Muslims is possible.

Secondly, we should help Muslims who don’t want to or are not able to integrate in our Western societies to build a new and meaningful life in a society they understand and that understands them. This means to assist them in starting a new life in a Muslim country. We actually have the economic means to do this. As I mentioned previously, the Danish National Bank calculated, that every immigrant from Muslim countries costs 300,000 euros on average. With this money, we could help these people to live a happy life in a Muslim country without having to integrate in a society they don’t understand and therefore cannot accept. Having money enough to support one’s family and live in a country where one feels at home with the surrounding culture would be a great step forward in the quality of their lives. And we should help them achieve this. Not only the individual Muslim, but also European societies will benefit. Muslims immigrating from Europe to Muslim countries will function as ambassadors for more free and democratic societies: due to their experience from living in a democracy with real human rights and their knowledge of the social systems in Europe, they will take very important ideas and values with them. In this way they can do what hopefully most of them dream of, i.e. help their Muslim brothers and sisters in their home countries by changing the poor conditions and from which they moved away from initially.

Nicolai Sennels, 33 years old, is a psychologist and has worked for the Copenhagen authorities for several years. From 2005 to 2008 he worked at the Sønderbro youth prison in Copenhagen
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Looking for HoN beta key :) (35 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 02:46 CST, 13 March 2010 - iMsg
Hello, I've been signed up for a beta key forever now and tried a variety of those "post your email and you should get one". Well..I've still not received anything, so I figured I would try here.

Thank you :)

edit: I got a key now..thanks to Vestergaard for it.

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Samsung 2233RZ problems. Need some help. (65 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 10:37 CDT, 29 September 2009 - iMsg
I've been using CRT up until now, but with the new 120hz LCD screens coming out I decided to give it a go. I bought the Samsung 2233rz and it's an ok monitor. I enjoy the larger desktop (both in windows and in real life), and 120hz is nice as well. My problem is that I get jitters/flickering on the desktop when I'm using 100-120hz, and it's driving me insane. Whenever I scroll, open a program or pick a different tab in a program it flickers. I've tried lowering the mhz on my card (4830), since that was suggested on another forum but to no luck. To the users that have a 2233RZ screen, do you experience any problems like this or know what the problem could be?

My system is the following:

Sapphire HD4830 with Catalyst 9.9
4 harddrives
Sea Sonic S12II-500 watt. (So I'm positive I've enough watt and amp)
Windows 7 X64

Please help :(
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In-game ads fail to deliver for QL (45 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 16:03 CDT, 16 September 2009 - iMsg
No one caught this? I just accidently stumbled over it.

17th of August
One of the highest-profile names in the free-to-play browser-based games market, Quake Live, is to turn its back on the in-game advertising model after its lead developer admitted that its returns to date have been limited.

As a result, developer id has now admitted that it intends to turn to premium subscriptions to fund the service going forwards.

“The in-game advertising stuff has not been big business,” id founder John Cormack told Shacknews. “That's not going to be able to carry the project.”

Carmack states that paid members will have the freedom to configure and run their own private servers for the game, though at heart it will remain free-to-play.

Quake is one of a number of big-name games franchises to dabble in the online free-to-play model of late. It was recently revealed that its biggest contender, EA’s Battlefield Heroes, has to date seen each user spend an average of $20 via in-game microtransactions.
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QuakeLive shortcut settings? (5 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 02:27 CDT, 5 September 2009 - iMsg
Hi, sadly I have got positive acceleration in Quakelive like I had in Quake 3, but there it helped with the -noforce commands. I can't figure out where to put those in Quakelive though, and the commands are not mentioned anywhere on the QuakeLive forum. Anyone know where to put them? Thank you.
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Minesweeper help =) (25 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 08:01 CDT, 6 August 2009 - iMsg
Yesterday I tried minesweeper for real, for the first time. It's one of those games bundled with Windows, that I've never really played for more than a few seconds since I never had the patience to learn it. But somehow I decided to give it a go, so I found a tutorial on Youtube and 15 seconds later I got the basics. I played a few games on basic before quitting and today I tried on advanced but I'm stuck so I was hoping for some help.

I'm really cautious about making a move, since you can't save in between two moves but only between two sessions.

Something that bothers me is the mine located in the upper left corner. How do you know where it's located? If it's on the upper tile the 1 tile is only located next to one, and the 3 tile is also located next to three mines as well so it could be there. But the same is the case if the mine is located on the tile below, so how do you know where it is?

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Death Rally released as freeware!! (29 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 02:04 CDT, 23 July 2009 - iMsg
Wanted to share this gem with you. After many long years, Death Rally has finally been released as freeware, and updated to work with XP, Vista and Windows 7..on both 32 and 64bit.

Get it here and enjoy!

Chiptunes - soon aired on the radio too!

Well..probably not, but they should ;)
Some of my old favourites I could find on youtube. Attached .rar with the tunes to those who would like them. I don't think media player support .xm and .mod files but Winamp does.

A nice site when you're feeling down. Always nice to know that there are people that are worse off than you ;)

A few quickies..

Today, my man and I were having sex on edge of bed. We were using chocolate spread and I was riding him. When we were done, he got up and I noticed a long brown line on the edge of the bed. I knelt down to smell it. It was NOT chocolate. FML

Today, I surprise my girlfriend by turning up at her flat on her twenty-fourth birthday. She gets up from the couch as I enter and I shout: "Tonight, my cock is going to stab you twenty-four times!" (Okay, that's not smart). That's when her father glances over from the couch and greets me. FML

Today, I thought I was giving a woman the orgasm of a lifetime until I realized that she was telling me to stop pulling her hair. FML


Crazy Bloke

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Summer and having a (115 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 06:43 CDT, 3 July 2009 - iMsg
Update: Ok, we had a long talk...I did everything you guys suggested. I told her she was a slut, and I did as you said Liam and you were right, it was nothing that a good beating couldn't fix. I don't think guys will look at her again soon! Well, at least not in the same way. I have also worked on the whole "being insecure" thing as Lukrek kindly pointed out, thanks by the way. Every time I feel insecure now, I smack her around some and the feeling just goes away instantly. It has really helped a lot! It's like therapy, I can't really explain it. Thanks again guys, I owe you everything!
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SC2: New Battle Report out! (9 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 13:44 CDT, 19 June 2009 - iMsg
Could not find this on ESR, so here you have it. I'm still looking more forward to it than Diablo 3 8]~~

click me
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Classic PC games. (20 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 12:51 CST, 1 December 2008 - iMsg
Hi, just wanted to spread the word since i think this is an awesome site. - or Good Old Games, is a site where you can buy and download old PC games which have been made working on XP and Vista.

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Guess the accent (No comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 12:54 CDT, 12 August 2008 - iMsg

A bit hard "game"..was surprised about a few of them, like the new zealand accent. It sounded like plain british english to me, and read here on esreality that the birmingham accent was horrible, but i thought it sounded quite normal too :).

Anyway, got a score of 25 in the first try. How do you fare?
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John Carmack talking about Quake Live.. (1 comment)
Posted by Shaddap @ 06:45 CDT, 12 July 2008 - iMsg
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hilfe..need Q3 cfg =( (4 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 12:19 CDT, 25 June 2008 - iMsg
Hi, wanted to fool around with Q3 a bit since it been years since, but i have no cfg anymore, and apparently it wouldnt work with cpma either. So it would appreciate it if some of you would share yours =)

Btw, in case you didnt notice it, those of you that used the usb rate switcher probably have to redo it, since service pack 3 changed usb.sys back to default. Just restart into safe mode, then you change it again.

And finally..Zerg movies \o/
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Come on, liverpool! \o/ (115 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 07:31 CDT, 1 May 2007 - iMsg
Shit..can't wait for tonight! I really really hope liverpool will take this one, but chelsea played really well in the last match, so it's going to be a really tough fight for them. Still one of the worst matches to bet on, with both teams so close to each other in my view..
Anyways, i'll be watching if from the irish pub here, gonna be a blast i think! :D

Go Reds! :D
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Music music music... (52 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 10:58 CDT, 24 March 2007 - iMsg
Just stumbled upon a list of what The Rolling Stone magasine refer to as the best 500 songs of all time. I can't say i entirely agree with them, though i know that it's impossible to create such a list (and trying to limit it to just 500) if you have to take every persons taste into account. A lot i recognized, just a good handful i really liked, and still even fewer i wouldn't mind playing loud without feeling ashamed ;).
It's a very good fathers day present however, if you are really poor :p

The total list is here

For educational purpose, here is a link of some kind

I haven't really been more into one specific music genre than another for a very long time now, it's more of a blend of all kinds of songs i like i listen to, though lately i have "rediscovered" some of the older bands i used to listen to a lot.
Like Kashmirs Rocket Brothers, and good ol' Silverflame (just ignore the video), and Coldplay as well. It's a joke how long it took before i discovered this band, it really wasnt untill late 2006 that i heard one of their songs and thought to myself "who the hell is that?!", and surprise, a shitloads of wonderfull tracks that had been out there forever that i didnt know of. If you like Coldplay you should also check out Explosions in the sky - The only moments we were alone, it is a really beautiful and wonderful chillout song. I took the liberty to upload an *ahem* "sample" of it...

Also, does anyone know what the first song in this clip is called?

Lastly, two trance tracks i have enjoyed a lot as well lately
Edited by Frej at 16:17 CDT, 10 May 2007 - 14632 Hits have got to see this :D (10 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 11:46 CST, 6 February 2007 - iMsg
haha..oh my god. I laughed so hard that it hurt..just watch it
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Halo suit irl.. (23 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 16:38 CST, 19 January 2007 - iMsg (movie link)
lol..this guy has way too much sparetime..

By Wade Hemsworth
The Hamilton Spectator
(Jan 11, 2007)

The grizzly man is back, and this time he's ready to take on bullets and bombs.

Troy Hurtubise, the Hamilton-born inventor who became famous for his bulky bear-protection suit by standing in front of a moving vehicle to prove it worked, has now created a much slimmer suit that he hopes will soon be protecting Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan and U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

He has spent two years and $15,000 in the lab out back of his house in North Bay, designing and building a practical, lightweight and affordable shell to stave off bullets, explosives, knives and clubs. He calls it the Trojan and describes it as the "first ballistic, full exoskeleton body suit of armour."

Using the hard-learned lessons of his Project Grizzly experience -- a 20-year odyssey that included a National Film Board documentary, an appearance on CNN and personal bankruptcy -- he's ready to start selling his newest idea.

Already, he says, the suit has stood up to bullets from high-powered weapons, including an elephant gun. The suit was empty during the ballistics tests, but he's more than ready to put it on and face live fire.

"I would do it in an instant," he said. "Bring it on."

Yesterday, he returned to Hamilton to show off the suit, hoping to generate some publicity that will get him the meetings he wants with military and police outfitters.

On Saturday, he plans to wear it to Nathan Phillips Square in downtown Toronto and wait for the reporters. It shouldn't take long to create a stir.

Hurtubise, 43, wore his suit -- helmet and all -- on the four-hour drive down south, partly as a way of making sure it would be comfortable enough in the field. Even sitting on his armoured butt cheeks, he said he was fine.

As he drove his black pickup in his black getup, other drivers gawked and honked. Just south of Huntsville, he was delighted to be pulled over and gave an apprehensive OPP officer a close-up look at the suit.

Once he established that he could see just fine in his helmet and that the guns attached to his magnetic holsters were just props, Hurtubise was free to continue his trip.

The whole suit -- which draws design inspiration from Star Wars, RoboCop, Batman and video games -- is made from high-impact plastic lined with ceramic bullet protection over ballistic foam.

Its many features include compartments for emergency morphine and salt, a knife and emergency light. Built into the forearms are a small recording device, a pepper-spray gun and a detachable transponder that can be swallowed in case of trouble.

Dangling between the legs, that would be a clock.

In the helmet, there's a solar-powered fresh-air system and a drinking tube attached to a canteen in the small of the back. A laser pointer mounted in the middle of the forehead is ready to point to snipers, while LED lights frame the face.

The whole suit comes in at 18 kilograms. It covers everything but the fingertips and the major joints, and could be mass-produced for about $2,000, Hurtubise says.

He said he hopes to earn enough of a living from the suit so he can keep on inventing, but the real reason he did this, he says, is "for the boys."
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Immortal songs.. (31 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 07:50 CST, 9 January 2007 - iMsg
Back in 1977 Dane disco king Tommy Seebach got funky and primal with this classic Shadows' tune, "Apache," and some buckskin-sporting vixens.;q=apache

and who can forget this finnish mega hit!

The choreography is just so groundbreaking!
Love them :D
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catz!! (11 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 16:34 CST, 9 November 2006 - iMsg

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some funny/cool videos ^^ (1 comment)
Posted by Shaddap @ 12:22 CST, 9 January 2006 - iMsg
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If I were a carpenter, and you were a.. (23 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 17:26 CST, 29 December 2005 - iMsg
ah..sopranos. I just finished watching it all over again. It's in my oppinion by far the best show ever. Just fabulous. The only reason i ever got to watch it though, was that one of our uhm..what do you call that, "free national channels", broadcasted the first and second season, then for some reason decided not to send the rest, as they also did with family guy =/. Anyways, i was wondering, how many other places have seen the show? I suppose the UK also have had it, (Zimmerman ^^), but who else? And does nobody else like it?
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Merry Christmas (17 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 19:04 CST, 16 December 2005 - iMsg
Fast christmas update \o/

something that might be useful to others. In the past two month i have been sitting in front of my pc more than usual, (World of Warcraft ^^), and it has taken its toll. My eyes were constantly running, dry and i could see a lot of veins in the eyeball, when i looked into the mirror. I also became increasingly short-sighted, which happens when you dont use your eyes to watch things more than two feet away. I really dont want to use glasses like som geek, so i did some googling to see what you can do to reverse the effekt. First though, if you start to use glasses - or even worse - contact linses, then it's going to be very hard for your eyes to adapt to not using glasses anymore, so dont go there unless you plan to use them forever. Anyways, i found a discussion about it on another board, and a member had started on some eye exercises, and he went from -2.75 to -2, though he was positive you could get it a lot lower as he didnt follow the 15 mins of daily exercise he ought to do. I also started to do these exercises and it has helped me too, though i havent done them for a long time :O

There are two books they recommended (one danish though :P), but the english version was called "Improve Your Vision Without Glasses Or Contact Lenses" and it was written by an employe from the US Air Force, where his job was to maintain the trained pilots sight. It has a short program that takes about a month to perform.

I also bought some eyedrops at the drugstore which are quite nice and have taken care of the dry eyes, and visible veins.

All that sitting down also gives you an awful posture, so to fix that i found some yoga excercises and its very easy to spot the difference after a few times. It gives me the same feeling of having a straigt posture in a natural way, as when you have just done 200 meters of breaststroke. Great way to stress out too ^^
aaand, i got myself a powerball to fix my poor wrists, they have endured way too much wanking and gaming in this life. I try to use it for 10 mins each day, but it takes a bit of will to do it soo..

oh, and check out this guy :D
148 kg, 2,13 meters, 42 fights, 31 wins on knockout. Going to fight some american for some titel (probably heavyweight in english) tomorrow. Just crazy looking guy, his face looks like it can chrush concrete..
Would love to see this guy fight Bob Sabb

also got the logitch G1,bought it at (they take visa unlike the german shops, and ship out :P). There was no driver cd with it, so i tried to download the setpoint drivers to the G7, and it autodetected the G1, so others with might want to try that too
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Need new music, psychedelic, trance, goa (69 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 19:59 CST, 7 November 2005 - iMsg
Cleaned it up a bit, kept the dance and clubsounds though in case someone was looking for something new (like dads? ^^). But as topic says, i need some new psychedelic and trance, so your top 10 would be nice ;>

Psychedelic, Goa
1. 1200 Mics - Mescaline (6:32)
2. Astral Projection - Ambient galaxy (Disco Valley Mix) (10:15)
3. Astral Projection - Axis Vo.99 (7:23)
4. Astral Projection - Butterfly Trip (8:40)
5. Astral Projection - Let There Be Light (8:53)
6. Astral Projection - Mahadeva (9:26)
7. Astral projection - Nilaya (6:43)
8. Astral Projection - People Can Fly (9:54)
9. Atmos - Klein Aber Doctor (9:23)
10. Atmos - So Nice You Name It Twice... (9:56)
11. Atmos - The Only Process (9:43)
12. Bratex - Poseidon (6:50)
13. Dali - Colours (Astrix Remix) (6:36)
14. Faithless - God is a Dj (Astral Projection remix) (9:46)
15. GMS - Houston we have a Problem (9:46)
16. GMS - Juice (6:28)
17. GMS - Spliffpolitics (5:54)
18. Infected Mushroom - Bust a Move (8:23)
19. Infected Mushroom - I Wish (Skazi Remix) (8:00)
20. Infected Mushroom - Mush Mushi (7:39)
21. Juno Reactor - Conga Fury (8:06)
22. Juno Reactor - Pistolero (6:15)
23. MFG - Shape The Future (6:24)
24. Neuromotor - Funky Bisto (7:50)
25. Neuromotor - joystyk (6:53)
26. Rinkadink - Pirate Signal (6:25)
27. Rocky And Intelabeam - My Mind (7:05)
28. Skazi - Satisfaction (6:44)
29. Skazi - XTC (8:16)
30. Sub6 Vs Intelbeam - Methaminimal [Sub6 Mix] (6:53)
31. Sun Control Species - Bush Fire (7:59)
32. Sun Control Species - Nameless Blameless (9:14)
33. Sun Control Species - One Size Fits All (6:28)

1. Antiloop - In my Mind (3:27)
2. Armin van Buuren - Communication Part II (9:32)
3. Blank and Jones - Desire (4strings Remix) (4:56)
4. Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space (8:16)
5. Delirium - Innocente (7:14)
6. DJ C.A. - The Orion (Dave Joy Remix) (5:23)
7. Tiesto - Adagio for Strings (3:39)
8. Don Diablo - Acceleration (Svenson And Giel (7:38)
9. Ferry Corsten - Rock your body, rock (4:21)
10. Miss Shiva - Dreams 2002 (Cosmic Gate Remix) (6:03)
11. Neuromotor - Funky Bisto (7:50)
12. Neuromotor - joystyk (6:53)
13. Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go (ft.Asher D) (4:13)
14. Paul van Dyk - For An Angel (7:45)
15. Portamento Players - Thai Tale (4:13)
16. Push - Strange World (2000 Remake) (3:41)
17. Sylver - Je Ne Sais Pas (4:05)
18. The Crow - What You're Looking (Überdruck Mix) (3:22)
19. Tilt - New Day (David West Mix) (10:26)

Dance, Clubsounds
1. Alex M. vs. Marc van Damme - Hava Nagila (Deepforces Remix) (3:33)
2. Alex M Vs Marc Van Damme - Hava Nagila (Original Mix) (5:51)
3. Alex M vs. Marc Van Damme - Technodisco (Rob Mayth Remix) (6:24)
4. Alex M vs. Marc Van Damme - Technodisco (7:31)
5. Alex Megane - Hurricane (Cascada Remix) (5:42)
6. Axel Konrad - H.E.A.R.T.-Beat [Schrittmacher Mix] (2:42)
7. Axel Konrad - R.U.F.F. Cuts [Extended] (3:02)
8. Barcode Brothers - It's A Fine Day (Extended) (6:52)
9. Barthezz - On The Move (8:08)
10. Beam & Yanou - On Y Va (3:45)
11. Beam vs. Cyrus - Lifestyle (3:55)
12. Beam vs. Cyrus - Thunder in paradise (Video Mix (3:18)
13. Cascada - Everytime We Touch (Orig. Radio Mix) (3:18)
14. Deep Spirit - Lonely (Chris Cute Radio Edit) (3:23)
15. DJ Balloon - Pussy Lover (mix one) (6:40)
16. Balloon - Technorocker Extended Version (5:45)
17. Dj Dean - Play It Hard (Club Mix) (4:43)
18. DJ Encore ft. Engelina - I See Right Through To You (3:50)
19. DJ Encore ft. Engelina - Walking In The Sky (3:31)
20. DJ Quicksilver - Ameno (3:28)
21. Drunkenmonkey - Calabria (2:45)
22. Erika - I Don't Know (4:00)
23. Floorfilla - Jump India (3:51)
24. Groove Coverage - Holy Virgin (3:48)
25. Ian Van Dahl - Will I (Radio Edit) (3:39)
26. In Grid - Tu Es Foutu (3:37)
27. Infernal - Sorti De L'Enfer (Radio Ed) (3:47)
28. Jan Wayne - Because the Night (Radio Edit) (3:33)
29. Kate Ryan - Desenchantee (3:37)
30. Lasgo - Something (Extended Mix) (5:57)
31. Lautsprecher - Omnibus [Original Mix] (6:55)
32. Moby - Bittersweet Symphony (Remix) (3:25)
33. Rocco - Spaceman 2004 (3:17)
34. Safri Duo - All The People In The World (3:41)
35. Snap - Rythm is a Dancer (3:38)
36. Special D - Come With Me (3:51)
37. Uniting Nations - Out Of Touch (6:02)
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Frances (11 comments)
Posted by Shaddap @ 18:27 CDT, 7 September 2004 - iMsg
Some Fancy pics of Frances..hope you like them

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