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is dm6 back in clan arena? (9 comments)
Posted by Jubei @ 09:38 CDT, 29 April 2013 - iMsg
Hey guys,

Been an age since i played quakelive, but last time i tried to install it to have a game wtih a friend we were unable to find a clan arena server with dm6, infact, couldnt find one with map voting at all.

Was i just unlucky or was voting removed from public servers and dm6 somehow made premium as i couldnt even select it in a bot match?

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Maintaining aspect ratio (6 comments)
Posted by Jubei @ 10:11 CDT, 18 March 2011 - iMsg
Okay guys am still trying to get this forced 4:3 ratio to work on my monitor.

I managed to force gpu to maintain aspect ratio in my ati drivers, so if i move to 800x600 i get the black bars on the side.......until i join quakelive server. Then it seems to force a centered image for the game, so its literally using 800x600 pixels in the middle of my screen and not stretching vertically to fill my monitor. Instead of black bars down the sides i end up with a whole sea of black around a tiny picture.

Anyone had a similar problem and know how to fix it?
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Why do people still use low resolutions? (142 comments)
Posted by Jubei @ 11:41 CST, 6 March 2011 - iMsg
I was just wondering why when i check all the pro configs from the various lan events they all still use 800x600 and the like...when these events all use 120hz lcd with native 1680x1050 res?

Is there something to be gained from having a stretched low resolution picture to a crisp native one i am unaware of? I always thought the reason for low res on crt was to get the 120hz, if you can have that at 1680x1050 why not?

Its a serious question just wondering if there is a reason behind it.
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Using a 16:10 widescreen, equivalent fov (16 comments)
Posted by Jubei @ 19:50 CDT, 9 October 2010 - iMsg
Hey guys, probably been asked a lot but i actually cant find anything specific to quakelive only quake3 and my understanding is that scaling was changed for quakelive.

If i am using native res of 1680x1050 and i want to have the same sort of view as fov 100 on a 4:3 would i still use fov 100? I guess i just mean vertical scaling as i would obviously get more view to the sides which is surely only an advantage. Or do i need to raise/lower the fov by some given amount?
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FOV in relation to Aspect Ratio (11 comments)
Posted by Jubei @ 07:15 CST, 2 November 2009 - iMsg
Just another question that has been bugging me lately.

With QL supporting proper 16:10 resolutions rather than just stretching a smaller resolution to fit the screen, how does that affect fov?

Aka if you are used to 4:3 screens with 110 fov, is 110 fov on a 1680x1050 resolution the same or would you need to increase the fov to get the same effect (or decrease)?

Anybody have the tech info on this?
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Game crashing (not responding) (2 comments)
Posted by Jubei @ 17:44 CDT, 31 October 2009 - iMsg
Hey guys,

My GTX died on me a few days back and i bought a radeon 5850 as a replacement for it. The problem is that now when i play quakelive it just crashes, i cant finish a game the time before it crashes appears to be random.

I can just be running along and then it freezes and the sound just repeats until the screen goes grey/white and i get the not responding message. Doesnt matter whether i use firefox or internet explorer they both do the same.

Am playing in 1680x1050 rez fullscreen which wasnt an issue before.

Any ideas how to sort it? Have already reinstalled gfx/monitors/ql after formatting computer, running win7 x64
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Black President Bush (14 comments)
Posted by Jubei @ 17:08 CST, 21 November 2005 - iMsg
Okay if you aint seen this movie it will crease you up, its a sketch from the Dave Chapelle show.

Watch me!

Well worth 5 minutes of your time, gauranteed to lighten your mood :)
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Retro gaming movie (3 comments)
Posted by Jubei @ 18:58 CST, 14 November 2005 - iMsg
If you did not already see my post on the forums, i strongly recommend you watching the following movie:

Watch me!

It really brings back memories, especially 3:30 onwards, that game was so amazing :)
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Fatal1ty -vs- team 3d (15 comments)
Posted by Jubei @ 12:12 CST, 4 December 2003 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 5 (3 votes)
Gametype: Team Game
Map: q3dm7 - Temple of Retribution
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: Fatal1ty
Version info: 1.30
How to play back Q3 demos

Fatal1ty versus 3 members of team 3d. Quite an old demo judging by the filename but i aint seen it on this site and like.....its fatal1ty ;)

source cyberfight

Update: Unfortunately this file is no longer available on ESR.
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