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Rating: 7.8 (29 votes)
Before I post the editors (Semperphy) description, I recon you all download this movie, wether you like UT or not, these frags, are simply INSANE!
Like carmac once spoke about his xsu:gold , "It's simple with this movie, good frags, good editing and good music. Only this movie was made 3 years later, about the "Last Generation" UT99 players  , and that pays off by watching the frags!
I wish you all a lot of fun, and open mouths when watching this!
Now the editors description:
There are double, triple and very far airrockets, 9 frag headshot sprees in duel, crazy aim frags, feet air rockets, rocket to feet -> air headshots. all put together with different energy pumping music, from bands like Sonic Mayhem.
I only hope that the content is shown in a way that is enjoyable and possibly exciting.
The shots are all excellent, dont hesitate to download this eventhough its big, some of these frags.. u have never seen anything like it for UT

Thanks to all that have send their incredible demos, without you, there wouldn't be this movie, and also a lot of thanks to levi\240 for hosting (again and again and again)
And again, have fun!