*Last update: 22:39 GMT, 4th Nov 2005*

***(LAST) UPDATE****

Sorry Raven...u suxx!
Everyone plz try this nice fast fps map pack:


here is a screen on the low fps location with this nice fps map pack on my system:


1280x1024 : all on ! everytime over 60 fps!
Thanks Raven & Activison... its not a hardware, driver or slow pc issue...
NO, You both suxx!
Thanks to the map maker + the community and you all for reply to my posting!!!

thanks to raven & activision....FOR NOTHING!

2-3 Weeks of testing, searching etc. AND ITS YOUR FAULT RAVEN!
THANKS for no reply ot something else.



got with my system very hard frame drops in the most of the mplayer maps. its unplayable.

got high fps (+60fps) all the way, but on some places on the mplayer maps ive got frames about 35 fps. its total unplayable than. its like 2-3 fps when i look around.

my system:
winxp sp2
-p4 3 ghz @ 3,2 ht
-ati x850xt 256 mb tested withcat 5.9 (omega), 5.10 & beta 5.10a
-2 gig ram (no failures @ memtest)
-asus p4p800 motherboard (latest bios + chipsetdrivers)
-creative audigy 2 zs
all latest drivers
got tests with lower res, low quality, sound on/off, speedcfgs (lego quake) etc. but make no difference.
drive defrag and many other things.
testet on a other hd, virt.mem on/off, running clean without
AV,Firewall, other prgs. but nothing works.
-tried to run the pc only with the cpu, 1x512 mb ram & xp boot hd = nothing :(

3 total days (still counting) of testing but nothing works. :(

it wasnt on all maps, but the most and "open range" maps like the the fragging yard.
here 2 pics:

the "low fps" place:

if i go 2 steps forwards the frame is at cap (60). dont know why the frames going on this place under 35 (any res).

like here:

1st Activision Support Response:


Thank you for contacting Activision’s Technical Support. I'm sorry to hear about your problem.
I will try as best as I can to help you. Could you please attach a diagnostic report generated
by your computer so that we can further help you.
1) Go to the Start menu and select Run.
2) In the Run window type "dxdiag" without the quotes and hit OK
3) Run ALL the tests for video and sound
4) When you are done with the tests, click the "Save all information" button.
5) Save the text file that is generated by dxdiag.
6) Attach the dxdiag.txt through the webpage forms with the provided link.

You will ALWAYS have better fps indoors than outdoors, because it has a much smaller area to
draw. It's actually very common."

->(fps drops still there)

It looks for me, that the D3 Engine cannot handle some effects or many players right. or something is really broken in the code.
or some maps got some effects on it, that doesnt work right.
it could be some maps arent "close" on some places. its like the player looks through the whole map.
dont know.

Plz test your System with the Q4CTF Map: RELATIVITY

3 Pics:


2nd Activision Support Response:


Your problems are a generic issue of EVERY game, indoors you will always have better fps than outdoors, it's simply a fact.

Turn the hardware acceleration for your sound card to Basic.
1) Go to the Start menu > Settings > Control Panel.
2) Double-click on the Sound and Audio Devices icon.
3) Select the Audio tab.
4) Click on the Advanced Properties button in the Playback section.
5) Click on the Performance tab.
6) Reduce the Hardware acceleration to Basic, the 2nd notch from the left.
7) Click Apply and then OK 2 more times. Run the game now. Don't forget to turn the acceleration back up to restore the high-end features for your sound card when using other applications.

Turn your sound settings to Default rather than EAX."

-> (it fixed nothing on my system)

if u want to post direct to raven, try this link:

***UPDATE #2 ***

Try this TIP from Strider

"If you do devmap mp/q4ctf4 and go to one of the low fps places then enter r_singlelight 0 in the console the framerate becomes stable. Use r_singlelight -1 to enable the lights again."

-(does not work for me) :(

-trying the old but official & latest Creative Audigy2 ZS instead of the Beta Driver
-testing again with the latest offic. Ati Catalyst 5.10 instead of the 5.10a (beta) release
-I replaced my old DVD Rom with a new One.

= no new news :(

Im waiting for the new Omega Driver Release ; the last release today
wasnt build on the latest infs files.

Response from Activision:

1."On the Main Menu click System, Settings, then look at Video Quality. What does it say?"

i quoted them 2 questions before my whole text, a dxdiag.txt + a link to this posting...

2."The old Creative drivers have issues with Quake 4, you will want the latest drivers that were
release last month. As for your performace problem, is 35fps the low fps that you are having a
problem with? That is a very playable fps, I am not going to be able to assist you with
tweaking your system to get the most fps possible."


ok thats it....

i waiting for a patch for this week or ill get my copy to ebay or in my trash.

try to contact them, if u want:



Ati Users try the new Ati Omega Drivers: www.omegadrivers.net
they work much smoother for me as the original Catalyst.

the frame drops are already there but not so hard as before.
give them a try.
(dont forget to clean the old driver with a tool like www.drivercleaner.net )

This Custom Map ist a good example how it could be:

works great and without stutters & frame drops for me.
C´mon Raven take look!

One week is over since release....
still no comment from raven software about this problem.
n1 !

Potz gives us this reply:

"lo guys i got a nice pc like u lot and was baffled with that bad fps drops, then i found a nice setting to change it all :>


put it on 9 or 10 cos mine was on 0
hope it helps"

-(does not change anything on my system) but with "11" its unplayable dark but the frame drops are gone!


No news or reply from Raven Software.

New Custom Drivers for Nvidia Cards : http://www.dna-drivers.com/
maybe it helps....